Sahibul saif (3)

 Medet Ya Sultanul Awliya, medet.

Allah is testing real faith and fake faith. And the test comes like this. There has to be opposition for us to say, “We are defending the Truth.” And Allah is testing people’s real faith to see which direction they are moving. And they are choosing a side. It (the wrong side) has to be there. It was not there until the 1900s. It was there but hidden, in a very small amount because Islam was ruling officially until 1923 and really until 1908. When Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan was removed from the chair, the ruling of Islam finished. He was the last ruling Khalifah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan II (Jennat Mekan). After that one, two, three more khalifahs came but they didn’t have the power in their hand.

When the Khalifah doesn’t have the power then he is no longer ruling. Because he is not ruling, Islam is not ruling. So up till that time Islam was ruling. Topkapi Palace is where the belongings of the Holy Prophet (asws) are, his jubbahs, his teeth, his beard, his sword, all other things and what the Sahaba left to us physically, is there. And the Prophet’s (asws) flag is there. They (the Ottomans) made another one like that and early in the morning right after Fajr prayer with official ceremony every morning they were pulling the flag of Islam. The flag was open, which meant, “Islam as a government is ruling and the headquarter is here.” It was saying, “Islam’s headquarter is here and the ruling of the east and west, north and south, believers and unbelievers are under the blessing of that flag.”

The Quran was open and recitation of the Quran was continuing twenty-four hours non-stop, circling. Not from cassettes, live Hafez people were sitting over there for one hour reciting, one finishing and another one coming reciting for one hour openly, (and in this way) the Quran was circling twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours it was never stopping. Quran was being recited from the headquarters twenty-four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year for over four hundred and thirty five some years. Non-stop. Islam was Ruling. In the holy places, east and west they put holy people who were following the four mazhabs aqida, the four mazhabs way, and they were given jurisdiction according to the time and the need of the people.

So Islam was Ruling. The sword was out and the Shariat was ruling. When somebody breaks the rules and the laws of the Shariat and the Shariat is ruling, it will not be, “Oh, this is my cousin” or “This is my brother”, “That’s my mother” or “That’s my father.” No. You can buy today’s courts very easily. At that time you couldn’t because Islam was ruling. As people today say, “Allah is ruling”, (but He is ruling) through the hands of those ones that He has appointed and they were not weak like women. Today they lost the identity. Women is given different emotions, characteristics and everything is different and the man is different. Those who were ruling and representing Islam correctly, they were not even allowed to cry in public. Whatever pain comes to them they had to be standing strong. Their children were falling down, their wives were falling down, dying, this was happening, that was happening, but they were standing powerful because they knew that everything happens with the permission of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).


Today all that has changed. Islam is no longer ruling. So now when we go back watching that time and we look at this time, and we go back trying to find through the hadith of the Holy Prophet (asws) what will happen after Prophet (asws) leaves this world physically, then we are finding that Holy Prophet (asws) said, “After me there will be Khalifahs coming and ruling.” Khulafa-e Rashideen, the companions of the Holy Prophet (asws) and the best ones among the whold mankind. They came and ruled.

Right after the Khulafa-e Rashideen other Sahabis and Tabiin took over and the Kingdoms came. Now Islam is not only a spiritual teaching but it’s also a worldly ruling. In worldly ruling there has to be some government ways to rule. At that time Allah (swt) chose Islam to be ruling with the power of Kingdom, the Sultanate, the Maliks, the Sultans has to rule. Not giving votes, buying the votes, later sitting on the chair and later, “We don’t like you. Let’s throw you down and get somebody else.” Even if the Khalifah is a little bit crooked like this or like that, it doesn’t matter. Blessing was coming down because the chair was not empty. It was occupied. They ruled according to those nations. It’s not that the Khalifahs were not correct ones. They were correct ones. Allah chose them. When the nations started becoming weak and were asking to have something that they didn’t deserve and didn’t work for it but they were running to cheat here and there, Allah put a stronger one to rule them.

There was a governor in the time of Harun ar-Rashid (who was a rightly guided Khalifah) and he was sent to Iraq, today’s Iraq. He was the tyrant Hajjaj. Hajjaj. Do you know that one? History is saying that he was a tyrant one. But he was not a tyrant one. He was a strong ruler. He was not a weak one. He was a strong ruler. Khalifah chose that one and sent him to the troubled area saying, “Go to this area. This area is good for you because your sword is always out and you are ready to cut.”

When he came and he made an announcement saying, “Everyone must come to the Central Mosque because there is a khutba and everyone must hear it. Everyone must come, especially the officials who are doing something with the government.” Everyone came sitting but there were people at that time in that area who were cursing the Khalifah. As today’s Alawi idea people are cursing, (in the same way) they were cursing the Khalifah and Khalifah sent Hajjaj there saying, “Go over there and rule.” He came and he gave the khutba paper to that Imam who was representing him, saying, “Go up there and read the khutba to them.”

The Imam stood up and he said, “The Khalifah of Islam is sending his salams to you.” Everyone started boiling inside. They were upset but they were not saying anything. The Imam said, “Auzu billahi minash sheytanir rajim. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Selam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. The Khalifah is sending his salams to you.” As soon as they heard the name they were showing their anger to the Khalifah. He tried to continue but Hajjaj was looking. He said, “Stop there!” He said to them, “Look at me. The Khalifah, Khalifatullah, the one who is representing Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) on the face of the earth,’ he sat down and he put his arrows in front of him, ‘the Khalifah chose the worst poisoned arrow and he sent it to you.” He said to them, “He chose me. I am the worst poisoned one and he sent me to you.” “Now hear me good”, he said, “The Khalifah is sending his salams to you.”

Right away they started, “Aleykum selam wa rahmatullah…”.

“It must be!” he said, “You must be giving response to that.”

Taking the paper he said, “Now, the Khalifah is saying that some of your heads here have started growing, growing beyond their bodies.” He gave them the khutba and he said to them what is necessary and what they have to do. Then he took out another list and he said, “As soon as this conference here finishes, all the names that I am going to read now must come to my office.” He said, “I am not asking you. It is an order to you that in this many hours you must come into the office.” And he recited those names who were uprising and who were uprising people against the Khalifah. He said, “You must come to my office.”

He went back to his office. He said to his deputies, “When they come, let them sit over there. Look what happens and you watch too what kind of ruler came to this part of the world.” They came and he said, “You! How do you like our Khalifah?”


He said, “Walk through that door. Not a good response. Executioner! Get that head off.” Instantly. “You! What do you say?”


“You go too. You?”

“Ah, Khalifah is good.”

“You are a hypocrite. You’ve been saying this, this and this all this time and now you are saying this? Get his neck off!” All the names that he called he cut their necks off right away. Hmm. He said, “If there are any other heads that are growing beyond the bodies, they must go. And that’s why I am here, to cut those necks off.” So even that one who looks as if he was a tyrant was not that tyrant. He was ruling with the authority. He wasn’t a tyrant. He was sent to that area because that kind people needed that kind of ruler. Not a ruler with mercy. No. He said, “You are passing beyond your limits and you are cursing to the Khalifatullah? Huh? To the Khalifah of Allah you are cursing? Come here!” He said, “These heads are not necessary to be in these bodies.” He got rid of them.

There are so many stories that Hajjaj has. We are leaving it here now for people just to understand where we are entering, how Islam is and when did this weakness enter into us. We will give you another example. Call that one a tyrant too if you want: Sheykh Shamil, the Lion of the Mountains. Not lion that is the donkey kind. No. The one with authority who was taking it from the Divine Presence and using it.


When they martyred the one who was before him fighting against the Russians, they all came and they said, “O Imam, We are choosing you to be our Imam and our leader to continue this fight.”

Sheykh Shamil said to them, “Choose somebody else. Don’t choose me.”

They said, “You are the one who best fits to this.”

He said, “Maybe, but you don’t fit to the kind of orders that I am going to give to you. You don’t fit to those criteria.”

They said, “Ya Imam, we are going to give bayat to you and until we die we are not going to change.”

When all those leaders came, he said to them, “Are you all sincere with your promise?”

They said, “Yes.”

He said, “Then I am going to tell you what I need, what I want and after that you come and give me bayat under these conditions. If you give me bayat and later you change it then know that you will become my worst enemy and I will put you into the book of betrayers. It doesn’t matter then in which level of station you reach in Islam.”

They said, “Ya Imam, we accept it.”

Then he said to them, “In this fight that is going on with Russia for so many years, we are not fighting for land and we are not fighting to provide a better lifestyle for ourselves. We are fighting for the sake of Islam and because of that we are never going to sit down and be comfortable until we have our freedom from the hands of the unbelievers.”

They said, “Ya Imam, is this the condition that you are putting on us?”

He said, “Yes.”

They said, “This is what we are here for, this is why we are running to you.”

He said, “No. My tactic is different than the other ones. With what I am going to use against the Russians now, I am going to drive them crazy. And they are going to attack our villages. They are going to start killing our wives and our olderly people. They are going to destroy our villages and they are going to kill our children. We are going to move up to the mountains. Coming back we are going to protect whatever we can. If we cannot then we are going to move back up to the mountains. These villages are going to stay unprotected. Then when you are going to see that you are losing so many things, don’t come to me to change this. Then I will put you in the book as betrayers. Are you accepting this?”

They said, “We accept.”

He said, “Then give bayat.”

They all gave bayat. Sometime later when Sheykh Shamil started with his tactics, taking the secrets from the Awliya Allah and hitting left and right, the Russians were going crazy. Whatever he said was happening. They were hitting the villages now saying, “This way we may make them to become weak. Kill their children, their wives, this and that, and this way they may come down and ask for a peace treaty.” The Russians sent some envoys saying, “All you have to do is sit and make a peace treaty with us and we will stop from everything. We will help you. We will help you to build your nation again. You will be under our ruling. Nothing else.”

Some of them started becoming weak right away. They wanted to change but they said, “This is what Imam Shamil said. We cannot change. What are we going to do?” So Sheytan came to give them direction saying to them,” You don’t have to go to the Imam. Use your wives. Use your women. Send them to the Imam’s mother and the Imam’s mother is going to speak to him. So this way he will not know who is that one. Only the mother is going to say, `O my son, the Russians are asking this. Let’s make a peace treaty’, and he is not going to punish his own mother. So he will change.”

And that’s what happened. The women came (to Imam Shamil’s mother) saying, “O our mother, we would like to continue this but you know how it is happening. All our young generation is dying…” and endless stories. Weak. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) created the women that way. Weak. Right away her heart couldn’t carry anything anymore and she came to her son saying, “My son, I have to speak to you about something very important.”


“What is it my mother?”

“About the matter of the Ummat.”

“Don’t you dare speak to me about the matter of religion and the politics that we are in.”

“My son, you must listen to me. So many people are suffering and this and that.”

He said, “My mother, they poisoned you. Hmm. They poisoned you but you are going to pay the price. Since you dared coming to ask me this you are going to pay the price.”

And he said to them, “No one is going to do anything. I am entering into seclusion. When I come out then I am going to make the decision whether I will still be your Imam to see who is with me and who is not.” He entered into seclusion and no one dared coming to say to him, “What are you doing?” Hmm. He sat in seclusion for three days and three nights not eating, not drinking, meditating twenty-four hours and finally he came out. All villagers circled around waiting what the Imam is going to say.

He said, “I made my decision. My mother, although it’s not her fault so much and I know who came and poisoned her, but because she used that title being my mother and came to weaken my position, she will be punished with a hundred lashes according to the Shariat rule. And because she is my mother, I am going to intercede for her as the Imam. I am going to give her more pain than a hundred lashes.” He chose the strongest men among his people, giving them the lash saying, “I am taking the hundred on me for my mother. So now you are going to lash me a hundred times.”

Then he opened his back and said, “If I die, like Umar (radiyallahu anh) you are going to continue until the hundred is finished.” It’s because Umar (ra) did the same thing to his own son.

Everyone said, “Oh Sheykh!”

He said, “The ruling is given. My mother is going to watch from there me getting the lashes.”

He gave it to his men saying, “Hit it.”

When he hit once, he said, “It’s not like this.” Because the men was hitting him with mercy. So Imam Shamil said, “Like that.” He started hitting him hard, saying, “A hundred lashes to me like that.” And he got a hundred to himself. Then he got up and made another speech saying, “From now on if anybody attempts to do that again, it will be death penalty to those people.”

He won. He didn’t win the war maybe but he won his Akhirat. And all those people who were with him sincerely won their Akhirat too. From that time until now those people who didn’t break the laws of Islam while they were fighting for that cause, they won. Those who deviated just a little bit saying, “Well, let’s put just a little bit of foolish thing in it. The Russians are doing this to us. So we have to do the same thing”, they lost.

flag of Islam

Islam was ruling. Now Islam is not ruling. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us, “After me, the Khalifahs will come. After the Khalifahs, Kings will come. After the kings, Sultans will come. After the Sultans the time of Jababirah, the tyranny time will come. Everywhere in the east, west, north and south and in every country the tyrants are going to rule. If you live in that time, try to run away from government works.” This is what Holy Prophet (asws) is ordering. “If you are living during that time, I only give you two advices. Speak the truth and be patient. You are not going to be able to change anything.”

He (asws) said to his Sahabis, “A time will come to my nation that they are not going to be able to speak the truth and they are not going to be able to stop people from Munkar, from wrongdoings.”

So the Sahabis said, “Ya Rasulullah, what kind of believers are those people going to be?”

He said, “Worse is going to come to them. They are not going to be able to do that outside. Leave outside. They are not going to be able to do that inside, to their family members. They are not going to be able to say what is right and what is wrong. Nobody is going to listen. Everybody is going to rule as they like.”

The Sahabis were more surprised. Then Prophet (asws) closed the gap a little bit more. He said, “Worse is going to come to them.”

“What is it Ya Rasulullah?” the Sahabis asked.

He said, “They are not going to be able to speak to their own children. They are not going to be able to change their wrongdoings and wrong things. Their hands are going to be tied by the governments. They are not going to be able to change and raise their children in the way of Islam. They are not going to be able to speak to their wives. Their wives are not going to listen to them. They are going to say, `Democracy’ and they are going to say, “Feminist rights’, ‘women’s rights.'”

To all these that Prophet (asws) is saying, They said, “Ya Rasulullah, what kind of believers are they going to be?”

“You know vinegar is very strong. If you put any kinds of worms in the vinegar it will die. It will not live in it. But vinegar has its own kinds of worms that will stay in that vinegar. It will live in that vinegar.” He said, “Those of my nation in that time who are going to try to live a correct lifestyle are going to be like those worms inside the vinegar. They are going to live. And my salams to them.” He is saying from that time, “My salams and my blessings to those ones.”

Hmm. These are the times that we are in now. So many people are not understanding what is really happening in this world because they are not understanding how Islam will rule and what is the ruling system in Islam, and people are fighting and arguing (on this matter). So that’s what’s happening to the nation, that’s what’s happening to us. We left the way of the Holy Prophet (asws) and we are running, asking, trying to get medet, help from the unbelievers. And the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us, “The Jababirah time will enter.” It doesn’t matter which government anywhere. It is Jababirah. They have entered into that category. Muslim countries and non-Muslims countries. Everywhere. So the Khalifah moved from the chair and the Khalifah is not ruling now. So no more blessing is coming.

Because no more blessing is coming, now all wrong things are opening, coming to the surface. Before, the Khalifah was there, more blessing was raining and in the east, west and everywhere there was proper ruling. As I said again, you don’t have to become an Awliya Allah to understand. The one biggest mistake that the Muslim people today have is that that they don’t know the history. First, you have to check the history. Open the pages back a little bit. Turn it back. Look where the trouble started and since then if the trouble stopped.

When did it start?

sultan AbdulHamid II

Right after Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan the trouble started everywhere in the world. Non-stop, twenty-four hours a day. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, “The blood is going to move like a river on earth.” Is it happening today or not? Squareheads think that there is going to be a river running with blood like that. No. Look everywhere. Every single day. Look at Iraq. Huh? They brought democracy. Mashallah democracy. At least fifty a day die. They didn’t like Saddam but not one was dying in his time. He was getting the heads off those he didn’t like. That’s it. At least the ones who were staying away from the tyranny of Saddam were living comfortable lives. Now nobody. Now you cannot go to the mesjids. Before you know the mesjids blow up. The mosques blow up everywhere.

Huh. You are running to change things from the way of Allah and you want to put your ruling system to the world? Look. Look what else is coming behind this. And those who are helping these systems are going to be burned with that too. No safety. It doesn’t matter imam or sheykh. Run. Run. Put a little bit more fuel, help them a little bit more and look how much the fire is going to eat you up too. So what is the Holy Prophet (asws) ordering to us? He said, “If you are reaching to that time speak the truth. If it’s necessary to speak then speak the truth or keep silent. And be patient. That’s all.” Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, “If you know that you are a good one and if you know that you have a weakness don’t go in the front lines. Stay behind. There are so many other lions who are going to move to the front. When you are occupying the front then they are not going to move. They don’t fight for that. They won’t drag you back. Move back. Let the lions to go front. You are not even a cat anymore. They are not listening to you. Move back. Let the lions to stand.”

This is what happened to us, to our nation, to the nation of Muhammad (don’t think that I am saying Turkic nation, Pakistani or Arab. To the nation of Muhammad sws). This is what happened to us. We have been separated. We have been separated in so many different flags, different nationalities and that is enough for us to eat each other. Because of this baloney democracy nations inside have separated into ten, twenty, forty or fifty different parties. Fifty different parties mean it’s democracy. Democracy has so many parties. Yes. You have to have so many different divisions. Muslims? Is this Islam? Is this how Islam was ruling? Is this how Islam is supposed to be ruling?

Later everyone is saying, “Democracy is coming from Islam. Abu Bakr Siddik was elected. And Abu Bakr Siddik, Prophet’s grandsons, Muhajireen and Ansars divided. So they had different parties. It’s democracy. And they were debating.” Hasha astaghfirullah. They say that the Prophet’s (asws) grandsons were debating with Abu Bakr Siddik or the Ansar were debating with the Muhajireen. They were fighting for who is going to rule after the Prophet (aleyhi salatu wa salam). This is what they are saying. I don’t think that person or those people who are believing in that kind of thing have any knowledge of the history of Islam. Leave anything else. Or, they have the knowledge but they have a different aim. We don’t know. We are not responsible.

Everyone is responsible from what they say for themselves. We are not responsible for what they say. If you like, you follow that way. If you like, follow what we were just saying. We are not saying to you, “Follow us”. No. Follow your own intelligence, your heart and your own faith. Nothing else. No one is standing in front of you to stop you from growing. No. We want people to grow and we want people to move forward in the way of Allah. We want them to reach to higher stations. You cannot reach to higher stations when you are dismissing the teachings of the Holy Prophet (asws) and when you are dismissing the teachings of the Sahaba-e Kiram.

Yes, there were some people who elected (Abu Bakr Siddik ra). Seven people elected the Khalifah. The majority of those seven people later became Khalifahs. So they were at the same level of the Khalifah and they were just electing (not because of election-election), but they were just saying, “Because the Prophet (asws) did this to us and said (such and such), so we must choose the olderly person”, and that’s what they did at that time. They put Abu Bakr Siddik (ra). No one was going to say, no one was going to fight saying to Abu Bakr Siddik (ra), “No, no. I have to be the Khalifah.” How is it going to be said that the grandchildren of the Prophet (asws) established a party and they were debating with Abu Bakr Siddik? Who? Hasan and Husayn?

The grandchildren. Hasan and Husayn were debating against Abu Bakr Siddik? What kind of mentality is this? It must be coming from western ideologies, from western ways of teachings. So it’s not how much you know or how much you read. You may memorize the whole Quran by your heart. What is Holy Prophet (asws) saying? “In Ahir Zaman there is going to be so many Hafez. They are going to recite the Quran but the Quran is not going to enter below their throats. It’s not going to enter to their hearts. They are going to recite and they are going to make people hearts move. But the Quran is not going to help them.”

We are asking forgiveness for all things that we have said, inshaAllah ar-Rahman, we are asking Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to correct us for the wrong things that we have said and make us to follow the good things and the right things that we are saying. We are not claiming anything. We are just trying to be good servants. We are sharing this knowledge with you. Everyone is free to accept or not to accept. That’s what I am seeing and that’s how I am walking. If anybody wants to accept then welcome. We walk together on this road. If anybody doesn’t, choose any way as you like.

dragon of Islam

Wa min Allahu taufiq Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha.

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Hakkani el-Kibrisi Friday, 8 Shaban 1427 September 1, 2006 39th Street, Manhattan. New York.

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