How Should One Integrate What Is Learnt At The Dergah To Their Life At Home?


Question: How Should One Integrate What Is Learnt At The Dergah To Their Life At Home?

murid osmanli dergah

That is a million dollar cheat question: how do you integrate what is learnt at the Dergah to your life at home? It’s like, you are asking me, ‘how do I digest the food that I have eaten during dinner?’

We are saying to you, digest it. Whatever way that it fits to you, digest it. First, know what you have learnt at the Dergah. What did you learn? Discipline, some measures of discipline, correct? Yea, if you are not discipline, I’m going to wash you up. Okay, what do you learn? Do things with life. Attend to worship with life, with eagerness, to be ready, like soldiers ready for the order. Simple things. Is that too difficult to integrate into your life at home? Time enters, say ‘Astarghfirullah, time enters, it’s time. I wasn’t thinking of that.’ Look forward to the prayer. Come and pray with eagerness. Simple example. What else did you learn in the Dergah? To try to live simple. Sleeping on the floor. Who slept on the floor? Prophet (asws) used to sleep on the floor, Sahaba e-Kiram they slept on the floor. Awliya Allah, they sleep on the floor. You sleep on the nice, luxury, memory foam beds. Okay, we are not telling everyone to throw it all out and everyone to sleep on the concrete, but maybe once in a while, it’s good to just stretch out on the floor. It’s pretty comfortable, you know. In fact it is recommended by a lot of people, a lot of chiropractors and Doctors, to sleep on the floor once in a while. Because the bed, whatever they are using, so many times it’s unhealthy for you. It’s lumpy, it’s this, it’s that. So, you can integrate that into your life. These are pragmatic things. These are practical things.

What did you learn at the Dergah? You sit and you learn at the Dergah through the Sohbets, that you are not one individual trying to live this life best as you can. What did you learn at the Dergah? That you are a part of a huge plan that Allah has planned,  from pre-eternity, that you have a place in this world, Judgement Day and Post-eternity. So your life; nine to five, fighting with husband, wife, children, money, no money, this, that, becomes very small. Because you say, ‘what are all these things in the light of what Allah has planned?’

What else did you learn at the dergah? Millions of things. Remember. Think. If you do that, you are going to gain a lot. Think. Because Allah swt is saying in so many ayats, ‘Think. This is for man of thinking. Why don’t you think? You must think.’ So think, what did I learn? This is what we are talking about before. If you don’t think, if you don’t consider, if you don’t look, it becomes valueless. It becomes habit, habitual. Because it becomes a routine. You keep doing it and you keep doing it. You are not thinking.

A routine is, you don’t think, correct? Robotic. You just do. ‘Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar…Assalamualaikum warahmatullah…assalamu…’ That’s it. But once you start thinking, even in the Namaz, you are thinking and you are standing there, you are thinking, ‘I’m standing here now. I’m standing in the presence of Allah.’ That already puts you in  a different space. And when you take your hands and you say, ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ you are  throwing away the dunya behind you and you are putting your hands here, standing there, and you are saying ‘AlhamdulillahirRabbil Alamin.’ You start thinking and when you make the ruku’ you start thinking, when you make the sejdah, you start thinking, you are making the tahiyat, giving salams to the Prophets and to the Ibadullahi Saliheen, who is that? Yourself. You start thinking.

Then you come away from the prayer completely changed. Completely pure. Clean. Because you have washed  yourself and you are opening up the mercy. Every prayer it is different. Every prayer, different blessings coming to you. And you are opening that up. You are not closing it by just making a robotic actions, that’s the time it becomes valueless. The most valuable thing will become the most valueless thing if you decide to just take it and put it away and not look at it. Million dollar thing, I’m giving simple example, you have it in front of you, you are always seeing it. You are always looking at it and you are saying there must be something new, ‘oh I didn’t see this before. How nice…oh there’s something, there’s something…’ what happens if we take it away it’s gone. It’s a million dollars but it means nothing now because it’s not in front of you.

So, you should think. Think about what you gain at the Dergah and learn how to put. See what is in my house, what is in my home, what is in my lifestyle. Put it in. InsyaAllah, may it be easy for you.
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Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)  OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York, 2014



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