Edep In Relaying Dreams


Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz replying to a question about  dreams.


Yes, it is sunnat to relay your dream in the day time, especially after Fajr. Holy Prophet (asws) used to do it. Like what our Sheykh does, after Fajr prayer he’ll ask, ‘does anyone has any dream?’ then he used to listen. This is an open hadiths. Because the dream, dreams are one fortieth part of Prophecy, as you know. And the dreams are very important especially for believers  in the Ahir Zaman. Because now, there are so much misinformation out there and so much wrong knowledge out there that now, for real knowledge to come, it has to go through very unorthodox way. You understand? It has to be secured and sealed, that there is no interference. So dreams is one of them. And the believer’s dreams is very important in these days. But there are certain conditions for that of course.

What are some of the condition? Because the dreams, before it’s being told to anyone, the dream is in suspension between the earth and the Paradise, and the Heavens. So whichever dreams that you say to a person, whatever that first person he interprets it as, whether he is interpreting or he is giving his opinion or he is saying it’s a good or a bad dream,  that is what the dream will be. You understand? And that is what it would be and that is what is going to happen.

So, maybe you have a very good dream, you tell it to someone who has no knowledge or someone who is very envious of you, then he just say to you, ‘it’s a bad dream.’ It becomes a bad dream. Which is why in the Ottoman tradition, in our tradition, in  Turkish tradition, any dream that we hear, first we say, ‘Hayirli Olsun’ – may it be good. we are not even saying it is going to be good. But we say, ‘may it,’ meaning it is not us, now we are leaving it in the hands of the Holy ones, to the Prophet, to Allah swt. As they like. So this shows some spiritual sophistication also. And those dreams, night time is not the time for mankind. Night time is the time for the other creatures that Allah swt has created. That is their time. And night time, if humans spend so much time outside, having a night life, you become more and more sheytanic. Because it is their time. That’s the time that they circle around and you are going to rub against them and they are going to be with you, they are going to mess with you, they are going to be moulded with you. Night life will kill you in so many ways; spiritually, physically, mentally, psychologically, it is going to destroy you. Nightlife.

Night time, it is for worship. Night time is not created for man to be around socialising. Only time in Islam that we actually sort of do that, it is the time of Ramazan. Only time. Where Tarawih is a big event. From the time of the Iftar to Tarawih to Qiamullail , we celebrate the whole night, only during the month of Ramazan and only for the sake of Allah swt, for worship. So meaning that night time those other ones, they are circling around and if your dream is still in suspension between the Earth and the Paradises, and they hear your dreams, and these are the jealous ones, and they are our enemies.

So many are thinking that they have knowledge of this. They have no knowledge of this. This is not the knowledge that you can get also by reading books are going to google. This is something that you have to inherit. And even if you inherit, if you are not train to handle it, they are not going to give it to you. You know, the King may have ten sons but only one is going to be King. So, these kinds of knowledge, to run after it, in these days is very dangerous and it is filled with misinformation. And if we know not to trust our friend a hundred percent, these ones have been created very sleek. Even if they help you today, who knows where the head is at tomorrow? We are not supposed to serve them, they are supposed to serve us. So, in these days that kind of knowledge, it is forbidden to even discuss and to talk about. But as a warning, a couple of times we may mention and to relay your dreams night time, they may listen and they may pervert that dream. So be careful with that.

Like it is, night time there are so many things. This is traditional knowledge. How many Muslims, how many scholars are opening this up to say? And this is necessary. But they will talk about so many, I’m not going to say nonsense or useless, I’m going to say irrelevant things. Cutting your finger nails,  don’t do it night time. Oh, but they say no, that’s just superstition; grandfather, grandmother used to say that, we know Arabic, we can read the Quran, it doesn’t  say in the Quran. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.  When we cut off our fingernail, daytime, we take it, hair, whatever that is from us, we are supposed to bury it. Not to just throw it to garbage. Not to flush down the toilet. Because these are the things, those ones, they may take and they may use it. One way we are always making fun of people who’s saying, ‘Oh black magic. I got black magic…I got black magic..’ we say, ‘eh what black magic? Everything black magic. You are not blaming yourself.’ But on the other hand, this whole world is under black magic now. Isn’t it? This whole world now. From the water that we drink to the bread that we eat.

So, more we need to run to Zikr, circle of light, to dispel, to kick out all these darkness that we may have picked up, no not may, we definitely have picked up here and there to clean ourselves. To detox ourselves. More you need to do that. InsyaAllah.

Yes, there’s different times that you are dreaming, and it has different meaning, different importance, different value. The dream that you dream at the time of Tahajjud is different. The dream that you dream after Ishraq, it is different, before Duha it is different. Asar time, it is forbidden for us to sleep. But I heard this sufi Imam giving khutbah one time, and he is talking about how he loves to sleep at Asar time, such a sweet sleep he is saying and he is telling us the dream that he had  when he slept during Asar time. It is forbidden by the Prophet(to sleep during Asar time). So, this is showing now that scholars is not knowing. Some calling themselves more spiritual people, they also don’t know. We, we don’t know anything but we have someone who knows something and that is our Sheykh. And he is the one who is giving us Irsyad. As long as we hold on tightly to him, taking whatever that is necessary, not more, not less, whatever that is necessary, we’ll be okay. That we can live our lives.

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 Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- ARKANSAS

February 13, 2015

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