Islam Has to Occupy Your Life

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Rasulullah alaihi solatullah. La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Nabiullah alaihi solatullah, La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Habibullah alaihi solatullah.

live for Allah

Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Din-I Nasihat.’ 21st century people, that’s the thing that they are not taking anymore. No nasihat. No advice and everyone is running in one direction as their ego and sheytan is showing them. And the end of the road is disaster. Look here and there how it’s okay, but it is not okay. We have reached to the end of the time. We have only limited time on this earth. Who? Children of Adam is finished.

But it’s not only the children of Adam that is coming to the end, everything that Allah swt has put into creation, there’s a limit to that and its coming to the end. Allah is saying one time that He will sent everything into non-existence again and it is only Him staying and addressing, ‘where are those lords? Where are those ones that they were declaring Lordship?’ No one is there. Then He will give order and everything will start rising again. People will find themselves in their grave ready to get up  to go to the Judgment place. Just like now that you know yourself, you are going to know exactly which day you came to the world, which day you pass from this world. Whatever you did, you are going to know. Things that you have forgotten now, you are going to remember. You will remember everything that time at the Judgment place. No escaping. No lying, no cheating. No fooling.

That’s one thing that children of Adam learnt: How to lie and cheat. Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Those who lie, is not one of us.’ The one who is lying, his faith is not there. His faith is out from his heart while he is lying. It may not go back in and he will die as of unbeliever. Are you thinking about that? Are you worrying about that? Do you know how dangerous that is?

Yes. Very dangerous. But as we are saying, the children of Adam are taking the orders of Allah swt in this 21st century very lightly. We are talking to believers not to unbeliever. The unbelievers, they are not taking anything, anyway. The believers, they are taking things very lightly. Whatever that fits to their ego they run to find ways  and to fit their egoistic understanding to the ayat of Allah swt. And making their own shariat and they are giving their own fatwa. What braveness is that? More dangerous than anything else. But as we say, the children of Adam in this 21st century has lost every value that Allah swt has grant to them.

What is Allah saying?

Wa Laqad Qaramna Bani Adam – We have given very high honor. We have honor the children of Adam.’ Such an honor He has not given to any other creatures. He has not given that honor to the Angels but He has given that honor to the children of Adam. ‘I have made them to be, My deputies,  My representatives. My Khalifas.’


Where are we?

Are we carrying that honor that Allah swt has granted to us?

or we just took it out and throw it away?

If we did that, then we are in very big trouble. Run. Ask for forgiveness and try to understand why you have been created. You don’t have too much time left. Running after and worrying after the world that has no value in the presence of Allah swt. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Allah is calling this world Carcass.’ Animals, when they are dying, they stand on the sun and started smelling and turned so bad. That’s what it is, the world.  That’s what this dunya is. Holy prophet is saying, ‘and we are giving the honor to the children of Adam, to be the Khalifah of Allah on the face of earth. And the Khalifah of Allah is grant every power too.’Allah gave that power to that Khalifah. But we are not using it. We cannot use. Why is that? Because we are busy, man is very very busy with that dirty ‘carcass’ dunya. And that honor, is being thrown away.  Make sure you don’t die like that. Make sure that you die with that honor. Otherwise, you will be kicked away from the Divine Presence. You will be sent away from there.

Allah is granting that, to be the khalifs on earth, but the children of Adam are running, spending their time with foolishness, with dirtiness. And nothing it is giving them except taking their life every day and it’s finish. So, if we don’t take nasihat, if we don’t take advice, we will not know, we will not understand the reason of our creation. And if you are not knowing, you are not understanding the reason of your creation, you are just going to fall into this foolish idea of eating and drinking and enjoy yourself.

We are not animals. Animals do not do that. Do you think the man that has been created in Ahsani taqweem, the most perfect one, and Allah Jala wa’ala just left it like that? He has no authority on that man and the man is going to do as he likes because he has given very limited willpower that Allah grants the rights? He has the rights in His hands to take that away any seconds that He wants. You are claiming that you have a power, Allah jala wa’ala can take that instantly away. So you have no power, so you have no authority on your own self. For that, we cannot make our own laws because we are creatures and He is the creator. And He sent us what is necessary for this body, to keep the best usage of this body.

You are not understanding. Everywhere you go, any equipment that you buy, anything that you buy, it comes with a booklet. From car, to telephone, to cameras, to computers, name it. Whatever you buy, it comes with a booklet. And it is showing to you, telling you, how to use it and how to take the best value from that thing and the way to use it and how to use it the best way.


So many times, this little equipment here (Sheykh Effendi pointed to the mobile phone), if you don’t look at the booklet, you are not knowing how many more things this one they are doing. It looks very small and just a couple of buttons but  they are doing so many work in it. You need to check that booklet to have the best usage of this. And you are making this. The man is making this.

You are not man made. You are not monkey made like that monkey Darwin is saying. No. You are Allah made. Allah made you and me. He has created us and He is sending the Booklet to us, saying, ‘Use this booklet and take the best out from this body.’ Use it correctly and prepare this body correctly to the grave. If you don’t prepare this body correctly to the grave, then  you get into the trouble of the grave. If you are preparing the body for dunya and akhirat to the grave, then beyond that, you are reaching to safety. If you are not using that booklet, you are not going to be able to get the best out from this body.

As we know now, even people are running saying, ‘I have to enjoy myself. I have to enjoy my life. I have to do this and I have to do that.’ And we are watching them, they are reaching to fifteen years old, start running top speed. Anything that is ban anything that is against to the laws of Allah, they are running to do. And they say, ‘I have a free will, I do as I like.’ And they do. But we are looking at those ones, before they are reaching to thirty years of age, they finished. Their body is not functioning right anymore, in anyway. If they are male, their maleness is gone too. Thirty years old, it’s no more. It’s finished. Because he used it wrong. Wrong timing and wrong places. If it’s female, same. Not knowing how to use their own body. Yes. How are you going to use it? You didn’t know before. This body is not given to you before. How are you going to know how to use it?

Yea, if you don’t check that booklet, you think that it is automatic, instinct that Allah swt put it on your body, as soon as you feel thirsty you run to drink, as soon as you feel hungry you run to eat, as soon as you feel tired, you sit down. You think that is the only thing in this body that you are going to use?

Physically, man is not using the full power that is given to the body. Spiritually, in these days, zero! Children of Adam, they are not using anything from the spiritual station. That’s why they don’t have a spiritual awakening in their body and they are running to fulfill their empty time with emptiness , with garbage, with nonsense and every single day that is passing, they are emptying it out more before reaching to thirty years old, you don’t call them men anymore. The maleness is finished, gone. Eh, once in a blue moon, it’s working, no power, finished. What happened?

They use it in the wrong places, wrong timing. It’s gone. You cannot replace it. You can go not one doctor, but one thousand doctor, before you fixed that part, another part collapses and like I said, before you reached to forty, it’s becoming retired. Retire from the world, retire from dunya, retire from everything. Retire means, it is not good for nothing. You put him in the corner and let him wait to die. That’s what it is. It is not giving out anything anymore.

There is no retirement in Islam until the day you die. If you are using correctly the body, if you are using correctly the laws of Allah swt that’s put on that body, you will not get sick too. Time to time, Allah is testing people, Allah is testing people through sickness, through this and that, that’s exception. But in reality, every night they are renewing their body. They are becoming like twenty years old again. If the man is ninety, he’ll feel like twenty years old. Full power.

So, what the children of Adam they did, claiming to know so much and running and spending their time in foolishness and making their own laws and removing the laws of Allah,  and saying, ‘we live as we like,’ that’s what we did. That’s what they did. The whole world is lock. Every place that needs responsible individual, people they cannot find anymore. Universities they cannot educate them anymore because it is not only the physical body, but it is also mentally, mankind is falling down and their IQ is going down and down and down. All that because of the halal and haram borders. Breaking the laws of Allah swt, saying, ‘I do as I like. I live as I like,’ and die as you like too. You cannot die as you like. You cannot die when you want. And so many are good for nothing now. They are begging to die, but they cannot die. Hospitals are full, houses are full with that kind of people that they are suffering, they want to die but they cannot die. Don’t give invitation to this.


Don’t forget, you are just one. You are just one servant from all these billions of people who came and past. You are just one. Don’t think that you have extra value. What is your extra value?  It is not how tall you are or how strong you are or how good you look or how rich you are. NO. How much Taqwa that you have with your Lord. Yes that makes you different. Meaning, how much are you keeping Allah’s order, how much are you running away from the forbidden action that He has forbidden to you, and how much are you running to keep the orders that He has put on us as obligation. How much are you running to keep the tradition of the Holy Prophet(asws). Or you are just becoming Wahabbi to say, ‘It is enough for me. Just go pray four raka’at is enough. I don’t have to do the sunnat.’

Even in the prayer, today’s people, they are not even keeping the sunnat in the prayer, how are they going to keep other sunnat? Just the name, saying, carrying sunnat but looking at their lifestyle, zero sunnat too. So, what are we gaining from this? Nothing. Lost every single day. Losing one more day. One more day losing from dunya. One more day getting closer to the grave. Don’t say that you are young and you still have a lot of ways to go. No. Maybe Azrail is waiting tonight for  you. Maybe your name is written on that book that this many people is going to go out from this dunya tonight, at least a hundred thousand. Until morning, at least a hundred thousand people are going to die. That’s another small amount. Do you know for sure that your name is not in that book, that you are worrying so much for dunya, you are running so much for this dunya, do you know for sure?

You don’t know. Nobody. Allah swt kept that secret. Only intelligent man is running to fulfill their time not with emptiness. It is fully filling it in the way that Allah has ordered. In the way that Holy Prophet has ordered, the way that Sahabi e-Kiram did it. The way that the Ahle-Haq, the people who keep in Siratul-Mustaqim, those are the ones that they are running to fulfill their time. They are never letting that minute to past empty. The rest is spending with nonsense. Don’t . Because the life, is given only one time to us, never going to be given to us again. And with this life, either we are going to earn our Paradise or punishment. Either we are going to enter through the door to the Paradise or we are going to enter through the door to punishment, to the fire. That is in your hand. Anything that you are doing in this world, any actions and the intention of the actions, it’s being calculated and it is coming in front of you in the day that Azrail is hitting you and  you are going out from this world, that is the beginning, first beginning time, either it is punishment or reward.

And if you are falling into the grave and you are finding safety in the grave, beyond that it’s going to be more safe opening everyday more. Judgement day is going to be more better if you are finding safety in the grave. If you are not finding safety in the grave, today you are entering into the grave, tomorrow, your trouble is going to multiply in the grave. Following day, it is going to multiply in the grave, and every single day, it’s going to give more trouble, more problem, more pain, more punishment. And if you are falling into that trouble in the grave, by the time you are coming to that judgment place, you don’t even want to think. Passing through so much difficult places, suffering, coming to the Judgment place.

day of judgem (2)

One judgement day, it is fifty thousand years.  Allahu’alam, who knows how long that person is going to wait. Suffering and beyond that, it’s going to be more suffering. So is it worth it? That’s dunya. The foolishness of this dunya. Running after this dunya. Running after making fitna and confusion. Running after making gilbat and slandering people. Is that worth it? You are earning that with this, the tongue and the halal and haram borderlines is making the man to fall into that trouble. The life is with you right now. Of course you didn’t see the grave yet and so many is not really believing. They are saying, ‘We are going to die, we are not going to feel anything.’ It’s okay. That’s how they are fooling themselves.

Yes you are going to die, and it’s not that you are not going to feel anything, you are going to feel more than what you are feeling now. Because right now, it is considered that you are sleeping, that the life that is with you now it is in your body, the children of Adam, while they are standing on top of the earth, they are considered to be sleeping. When they die, they wake up to the real world, to every reality is standing in front of that. Right now there are so many other things that is standing in front of you. But you have only limited vision and limited hearing, limited smell, limited taste. Soon as you die, all that is going to start working full power. But you are not going to be able to open your eyes to say to the others. You are not going to be able to walk because you have no more freewill. Your freewill is taken away from your hand. And the breath of life that is given for dunya, that is also finished.

You don’t need air inside your mothers stomach, but you are living there, a hundred percent. There’s a hundred percent life there. Are you denying that? Are you denying that you are in one little area surrounded by a gelatin tape and it’s all full with water, and you are living in that? Are you denying that?

Go and check. Check your internet, you’ll find. So you are living inside the water. Soon as you come out, you cannot go back in. Soon as you come out, you need to breathe the air to continue living. If that stays inside, you’ll die. Just like you cannot deny that life inside the mother’s stomach, don’t deny the life in the grave too. You are going to live there, a hundred percent with a full knowledge, you are going to know. You are going to know things that you didn’t know in dunya, you didn’t bother to learn. And don’t learn from the hard way, and that don’t forget, there will be no exception. If there is somebody who is an exception, Holy Prophet will say. But he said to his children, he said to his daughter what she had to do to find safety. He said to his wives what they have to do to find safety.

Six month after Holy Prophet pass from this world, Hazreti Fatima passed from this world too. And they bring her to the grave to bury her. It was night time. There were only some sahabi. That’s why there’s a question mark with so many people on where Hazreti Fatima’s tomb is. Everyone is putting their own idea into that too but in reality, it is right next to the Prophet.  They brought her there to bury her. They opened the grave, the grave was opened and one sahabi, he became very emotional. Prophet passed. Six month right after, his beloved daughter passed and the sahabi speaks to the earth. He says, ‘O grave.  Be careful. To know who are we putting there today. To know that you should treat that one properly. If you don’t know who that one is, I’ll tell you. That is the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet (asws). The most beloved one in Divine Presence. If you are still having problem to understand, she is the most beloved wife of Ali (ra), the sword of Allah on the face of earth. If you are still having problem to understand, she is the mother of Hasan and Hussein,’ and continuing…

Then a sound came from the face of earth, ‘O you who is addressing me, who is telling me what to do. I have already taken order from Allah Jala wa’ala swt, that I’m not taking any other orders from anyone. And my order now that I have taken from Allah is that now is not the time to separate people anymore. Doesn’t matter if it’s Prophet’s wife or Prophet’s daughter or Prophet’s son. Now is the time of good actions and the good deeds and good intentions. Whatever Fatima has sent here, that’s what she’s going to find here. You worry for yourself, cos I’ll never forget you too. Whatever  you sent, that’s’what you are going to find here too.’

And the earth is speaking on their behalf to everyone of us, ‘Don’t forget, whatever you have sent to me, good or bad; Intention is good the action is bad. Action is good intention is bad. Whatever you have sent, that’s what you are going to find. That’s how I’m going to treat you. If you sent something good and you pass your test, you will find me hosting you in the best way. If you didn’t pass your test and you didn’t sent enough here, you will find me a nightmare to you until Judgment day.

death funeral

Yes. This earth that you have just step on it, is speaking to you and to me like that. So if you think that you still have the luxury to lie and cheat, to slander, to attack other people’s right, to do whatever you think that you’ve got to do and that Allah and his Prophet is not seeing, and you just want to do, go ahead and do. But Allah is seeing. His Prophet is seeing. His Angels are seeing. So many are seeing and hearing. You can only fool your own self. We can only fool our own self. In that way we can either win great rewards if we do good things and good actions and good intentions, or we punish our own self with a great punishment.

This much should be enough for you and for me, for the people who says I want to make my life better before I enter to the grave. If it’s otherwise, I can speak until judgement day. Prophets came and gone.  Hundred twenty-four thousands Prophets came to give this news to the people. To give the warning to people. To show them, to teach them, what is going to happen to them. The ones that they accepted it and they did good things, good actions, find safety right now. The one who didn’t, they are in punishment right now. Tomorrow we will die. Same thing will happen with us. Either we receive the rewards, eternal rewards, eternal life, eternal happiness, eternal enjoyment or we receive eternal punishment.

Haqq or Batil. If you are holding the Haqq, you must run to do the orders of Allah swt. Don’t say that look at my heart, my heart is so good so I don’t need anything. Islam has to occupy your life. Your lifestyle has to be Islam. If your heart is so good, your life, your action, your lifestyle has to be Islam otherwise, it’s not enough just words saying my heart is good and I am a good man. It is not enough. If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to, you just have to wait and see. You are going to see and I am going to see. I cannot escape and you cannot escape. We are all going to enter to the grave. Yes. There is a road beyond that. The ones who know the blueprint, they have no problem with that. So many people enter to the grave, go and open their grave the next morning, you are not going to find them in the grave anymore. They found the road to go to some other place. So many enter to the grave, open ten days later, look how they are, uff, you don’t have to, don’t do it, but that end is going to come to you and to me.  Don’t’ forget.


  Al -Fatiha

Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi (QS)

Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center New York.

 January 5, 2012

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