Bahlul Dana and the Houses from Paradise

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Auzubillahi mina shaytanir rajim



Bahlul Dana is one of the Saints. He was living in the time of Harun al-Rashid, a rightly guided Khalifa, Rahmatullah Alayh. And Harun Rashid was consulting with him time to time. But time to time also there were other people, some other Sheykhs surrounding the Khalifa and they are not liking Bahlul Dana too. So they are talking back and forth saying, “He’s a majzub (crazy type).” And people in the old days when they have discovered a little bit, they were saying and they were just playing games to make people not to believe that they were Saint. Nowadays, people are running to fool others to make them to think that they are Saints, but they are actually no good for nothing. So many of them, they are not even right servants to Allah swt.

So those people (in the old days), they were running away from that. Bahlul Dana was one of them. One day, he made a small house from the matches and matchboxes. He just drew some nice design on the matchboxes like houses and he put it in the marketplace, and he was selling it. Bahlul Dana said, “I’m selling houses from Paradise! Houses from Paradise! Houses from Paradise!”

Everyone passing through, looking and saying, “Bahlul Dana went crazy again!”  One of Harun Rashid’s wives, she was in the marketplace. She stopped by, she’s looking, saying, “What is this, Ya Bahlul?”

Bahlul Dana said, “It is a house from Paradise, I’m selling it.”

“How much is this one? How much is that one?”

“This one is ten gold. This one is hundred gold. This one is thousand.”

She said, “I’m taking the best one, for thousand gold.” And she paid the money, took the boxes. She came home, put it inside a nice, beautiful glass cabinet where they display beautiful things, all those expensive antiques in it. She put it up there.

Harun Rashid came, looked at it and said, “What is this here?”

She said, “This is a house from Paradise, I bought it.”

“From who?”

“From Bahlul Dana.”

“Oh! Foolish woman! Bahlul Dana fooled you. How much did you pay for it?”

“Thousand gold.”

“See! You lost your mind!? Bahlul Dana fooled you and he took all your gold?”

She said, “It’s okay. I got fooled by Bahlul Dana. It’s okay.”

Ha ha ha. So maybe people say “You’re fooling me!” Look who’s fooling you. You get fooled by the right one, you’re the most lucky one. So Harun Rashid, Rahmatullah Alayh, he went to sleep and in his sleep that night, he’s walking around in the Paradise. Those kind of people, they go checking the Paradises to see which station their houses, their palaces are. Just like you are building a house, and the contractors are there, they’re building it, you are the owner. You are the person who owns the building, so you go and check it time to time, right? You watch it, how is the construction going. “I don’t like this part, I like this part like this.” You gave your ideas. Those people who reached to that station, they are able to go to check it also. And they can check other’s houses too. Saying, “Fix this one like this, fix this one like this. I like this kind, fix this house this way.” So it works.

Anyway, Harun Rashid he was walking around in the Paradises when he saw another special Palace that he has never seen before. He tried to enter the Palace but there were guards over there saying, “No. You cannot enter here. This is very special.”

Harun Rashid said, “Don’t you know me? I am the Khalifa. There is restriction to me?”

They said, “Yes. For this Palace there is restriction to you.”

He asked, “Whose palace is this?”

“This is your wife’s palace.”

“My wife’s palace and it is restricted to me?”


Harun Rashid said, “But she didn’t have this palace yesterday. How did it happen?”

The guards explained, “She just bought it from Bahlul Dana.”


So he woke up from the dream, ran to the marketplace right away. Bahlul Dana was looking at him, saying “Yes, Ya Khalifa?”

Harun Rashid said, “I come to buy some houses from Paradise. There are the cheap ones there.”

Bahlul Dana said, “This is one gold. For you it is thousand gold. This one is hundred thousand. This one that your wife bought for a thousand, it’s One million.”

Khalifa said, “Are you trying to fool me? Yesterday you sold it for a thousand gold. Now you want this much gold from me?”

“Of course, because she bought it without seeing. You have seen it, that’s why you come to buy it. For that, one million.”

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Wa min Allahu tawfiq.

Al Fatiha

 Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul-Kerim Al-Kibrisi Al-Rabbani (QS)



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