The Beauty Of The Peacock Feather


Question: What is the history and importance of peacock feathers in Osmanli Dergah Sharif?


This is the Osmanli Dergahi. We are honouring and we are putting our Ottoman ancestors on top of our heads, because they are ruling the whole world from East to West, from North to South correctly. For over 700 years. Because they are putting Allah and His Prophet first. Not money, not nationalism, not politics, not power. Allah and His Prophet first.

Sultan Selim Han (Jannat Mekan) was the first Khalifa of the Ottomans. He was a Padishah, an emperor. The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, they were emperors. They were emperors with hundreds of kings under them. They were ruling kingdoms. These are not those ones who ruled just a small piece of land and were calling themselves emperors. He was ruling continents, ruling so many different kinds of people. Muslims and non-Muslims. Believers and unbelievers. And giving everyone their rights. Adalat. Adil. That is what they were holding onto very strongly. And they were making sure that no one would take the rights of the others. Because, as Seyh Effendi reminds us always of Hazreti Umar and he loves very much Hazreti Umar (RA), and Hazreti Umar was concentrating on what? Qanun, isn’t it? Law. And he was so strict on it that he was saying, “If there is a hungry wolf on the other side of the Nile in the desert that is starving during the time of Umar, I will be questioned for that on the Day of Judgment.”

So, when the Abbasid Khilafat became very weak—it had been weak for a long time anyway—the Khalifa was a prisoner in his own palace. And the Muslim empire, under the Khalifa at that time, they were all broken up and divided and there was so much conflict and confusion. And the Khalifa was not able to rule. And the new power, strong power came out. The Ottomans. Although the Seljuks before them were supporting the Abbasids. And the Seljuks before them, may Allah raise their stations and may Allah let them to give us medet and himmet inshAllah, they are the ones who are responsible to destroy the wrong aqidah in Islam. If it was not for them, the Fatimids would have taken over everyone and the Ahle Sunnat aqidah would be destroyed. Because the Fatimids, they were a very strong nation coming out at that time, ruling from Egypt, and their influence was everywhere. And the Ahle Sunnat was very weak. The crusades were happening over and over and over again.

So Sultan Selim Han, Jannat Mekan, when he went to see the Khalifa, because of the order that was given to him by the Holy Prophet (AS), to take the Khilafat. To take the sword, the jubba, and the belt of the Holy Prophet (AS). And the Khalifa at that time surrendered it to him. Because in Islam, the strongest must rule. Only the strong must rule. When he took that, he became the first Khalifa of the Ottoman Empire. And when he went to Madina to pay his respects to the Holy Prophet (AS), entering the Mesjid an-Nabawi, entering to the tomb, the Rauza-e-Sherif on his hands and his knees. Crawling. Not like today’s proud and arrogant sheytani people, entering with proudness to the Mesjid an-Nabawi. They are following the wahhabis of course. Because the wahhabis completely destroyed that mesjid. Everything there, everything around, except for the tomb. And they are still planning every year how to destroy the tomb. Don’t be surprised if you’re going to see next year that they are making plans to already destroy it.

So when Sultan Selim Han, he crawled into the tomb of the Prophet (AS), rubbing his chest on the doorway, on the dust of the Prophet, asking for the Holy Prophet (AS)’s prayers. And inside the Holy Chamber, the Holy Grave, there was a broom made from peacock feathers that was used by the khadims there to clean the tomb of the Holy Prophet (AS). I am seeing in India only they are keeping that tradition. Not too much elsewhere. You see in the tombs of the saints they have brooms made of peacock feathers. Alhamdulillah we have a broom made of peacock feathers here for our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh and we are going to take it out and use it when we build the tomb inshAllah. So Sultan Selim Han, he saw that broom and he took one feather, he broke it, and he put it on his turban. And he said, “From now on, We are the khadims of the Prophet (AS). We are the servants of the Prophet.” Ghulam Rasul.

So that is the significance of that. Because we are saying that we are the servants of the Prophet. We are the servants of those who serve him. Because we have manners. We cannot say that we serve the Prophet directly. We serve those who serve him. Alhamdulillah. And we are happy with that.

InshAllah Rahman all of these traditions, old forgotten Sunnats, they are going to be revived. But can you go and buy a peacock feather and stick it to your head? Of course you can do that. Of course. You can stick not one, you can stick ten. Like a big tail. You can do that too. It doesn’t mean anything. The important thing is the action. If you are already doing it, it doesn’t matter if you put it or not. I am doing it because it is Seyh Effendi’s sunnat. That’s all.

osmanli peacock


 Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI NY

February 20, 2015

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