Protect your faith like it is going to be stolen from you at any time



Everyone will have eyes on it and they will try to destroy it. If you have something valuable, what do you have to do? You have to protect it. Something that is valuable in Islam, you have to protect it. It’s not only in Islam, in the world. So if you have something valuable, which is your faith, you have to protect it. It is not a guarantee. We are not like those ones, ‘Oh, I’m safe. I’ve just accepted in my heart. I’m saved and his blood is going to redeem us and  we are going straight to Paradise.’ What kind of foolishness is that?

We bring the fire to Hell. There’s no fire in Hell. We bring the fire to Jahannam. Paradise is empty. We build the Paradise. So the faith that we have, has not enter into love. Faith that we have, it has to be protected. It cannot be taken for granted. That’s why we are making Zikr, because Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘O my nation, renew your Shahadat. Because your Shahadat, it gets old. It gets corrupt. It gets broken, so you have to renew it.’ That’s why we are making the Shahadat over and over again. And only sheytan is going to stop us from saying the Shahadat, from saying, “La ilaha illallah.’ And giving praises to the Prophet (asws) they are saying, ‘this is bida’at.

The whole aim of 124 000 Prophets is for mankind to say, ‘La ilaha illallah.’ So now you have to protect them. You don’t take it for granted. We are Muslims. We don’t take it for granted and say, ‘ we are Muslims, Alhamdulillah.  I’m going to go to Jannat.’ No. like I said, Jannat is empty. What are you going to bring there to Jannat? Hell is empty, you are going to bring your own fire there to Hell. So you have to protect it. Your faith, you have to protect.

We are following a Sheykh, we have a love for our Sheykh. We have to protect it. We cannot take it for granted. Anything that has value, it has to be protected. And anything that has value, you have to time and time again, you have to take a look at it and you have to test it. You have to see whether the value is still there or not, isn’t it? There has to be a gauge. Especially, like I said before, so many people say, ‘Oh, I love you Sheykh. I love you Sheykh. I love you Sheykh.’ And later they change their mind. ‘I love you Sheykh. I’m going to die for you.’ And they are still alive. And they are gone. They are no longer there. So, be careful.  Be careful what you say. Be careful what you claim. Be careful what witnesses you have around you to say, ‘yes, I’m ready to take any order.’ When the order is given, you said, ‘well, ermm, you know…I cannot….because of this, because of that.’ But you have to protect it now. If you don’t protect it, it will be harmed. If you don’t protect it, it will get corrupt. Because you take one step in the way of Allah, there are seventy thousands sheytan waiting for you.

Now, if you say, ‘I’m going to love an Awliya Allah,’ you think your ego is not going to go crazy? You think sheytan is not going to go crazy? You think the ego is not going to go crazy? You think the dunya is not going to go crazy? They are all going to go crazy. They will try very hard to stop you from having that love or keeping that love or making that love to grow. Because it’s easy to say, it’s easy to claim, but man is tied up. In the judement day, so many will come and their tongues are going to be circling around their neck. They are choke by their tongue. They are drag by their tongue. Because they say, they claim, but they don’t mean it.  They claim but there is no proof of that. They claim but they do the opposite. You say, you have witnesses, it’s even more difficult now that time.

So now, what do we take lesson from that incident? Take lesson that whatever we feel, which is good, I’m not stopping anyone from saying, ‘I love you Sheykh Effendi.’ I’m not stopping anyone to say, ‘I love Allah and I love Prophet (asws),’ but check yourself to see whether that claim is true or not. If you don’t, it’s just empty words. Then that time, you are not a believer. You become what? Someone who changes his mind, changes his heart, whenever he feels like it. There is a word for that. That is called the Munafiq. May Allah protect us from that. And yes, we are in Tarikat to make our faith a reality. Not just something that we claim. But to live, to experience that. To experience, ‘La ilaha illallah.’ Not just to say, ‘La ilaha illallah.’ To experience there is no Ilah except for Allah. You understand now?

love is sacrifice

The Shahadat is not saying, ‘Allah, La illaha.’ It says, ‘La ilaha illallah.’ In the Naksibendi way, we don’t say, ‘Allah’ first. We get rid of the Ilahs before we do that. You understand? We concentrate on the Ilahs that is false. We don’t have to concentrate on Allah. How are you going to concentrate to get rid of the Ilahs? That is what Sohbets is. That is what our Sheykh is. That is what understanding what the enemies, your enemies: the dunya, sheytan, hawa and nafs. These are the Ilahs. Anger, jealousy, stubbornness and arrogance, these are the Ilahs. What are the Ilahs? What are the Gods that you put in your heart, that you are busy with, that you are obsessed with, that  you have no time to think about your Lord? Get rid of that! ‘La Ilaha,’ then ‘Ilallah.’

So, this Tarikat is to realise and to experience the Shahadat. How are we going to do that? Not through your own way or my way or anyone’s way but through the way of the Prophet (asws). and that’s the second part of the Shahadat. If you are going to try to get  rid of your Ilahs, using any other method, it’s not accepted. You understand? So many people also they speak about the egos, correct? So many different traditions also speak about the egos, that is true. But now, the best way and the only way that is accepted in the Divine Presence, that is the most perfect way, is the way of the Prophet (asws). The most perfect Human Being and the most perfect Prophet. The most perfect example. That you take his example, then that time you will realise how to get rid or your Ilahs and you will then that time put Allah in your heart. So protect your faith.

First, understand what are the enemies, then build your defenses according to that. If you don’t understand your enemies and you are just building a fortress without understanding who the enemies are, that fortress may not be relevant to who the enemies is. You think the enemy is going to be hundred people, so you are building a fortress to protect, but the enemies is coming with ten thousand. You put a protection, protection means nothing now.

So you have to understand who you are dealing with. You have to understand that. You have to understand who you are dealing with. And we are here to understand the greatest enemy, which is our nafs, yours and mine, that Allah swt has put in us and how for us to put that nafs under out feet, to control that nafs. That is what sohbets, that is what association, that is why being with a Sheykh is important. Because you don’t know, you don’t realise. You think it is just a habit. But it is coming from your nafs, and it is a bad habit. You are stuck now. Because you are not looking at the example of the Prophet (asws), you are looking at the example of the Prophet (asws) through your own eyes. Don’t look through your own eyes. Look through the eyes of your Sheykh. That’s the time you are going to see. You use your own eyes, why you follow a Sheykh? Why you follow? We don’t want to use our own eyes. We don’t want to use our own tongue. We don’t want to use our own hand. You know where I’m going with this? Yes, you don’t want to use your own feet. You want to use the eyes and the tongue and the hands and the feet of your Sheykh, of the Prophet, of Allah.

‘Oh, Hoja is talking about Shirk.’

This is Hadiths e-Qudsi, eh! Empty heads. When you come closer to Allah swt, by what? doing things that are not obligations, He didn’t put order to you but your own spirit is saying, ‘I have to do it.’ And you are placing some restrictions on yourself, you are placing some burdens on  yourself, you are placing some strictness to yourself, because anything that is worth having, requires discipline. Anything that is valuable, you have to put strictness, you have to put discipline, you have to put heaviness, some burden in it in order to get it. Easy come, easy go. So when you do that, Allah is saying, ‘My servant then draws near to Me. When he draws near to Me, I will become his eyes that he sees. His tongues that he speaks. His hands that he touches. His feet that he walks. I will dress him with Rabbaniyat.’ He will be a Rabbani.  Then that time, if your will you have surrendered to the will of Allah, and Allah then says, ‘My will has replaced  his will,’ then that time, yes, you act with the will of Allah and things can happen. Things will happen. Understand?

This is open to everyone. But there is a price. So, we take lesson from that. Don’t’ take your faith for granted. Don’t take your love for Tarikat for granted. Don’t take this Tarikat, don’t take nothing for granted. Don’t take your Sheykh for granted. Protect it. Protect it like it will be stolen from you at anytime. And look out for the enemy within that is going to sabotage, that is going to hurt that love. That Sheykh is nice to you, everything is good, everything is fine, you are happy but once he squeeze you a little bit, because of your own fault, then your heart starts changing. He squeeze you more, that you start hating. He squeeze you more, then that time you betray?

Sheykh is not our friend. He is not a buddy. He trains you. He washes you up. He cleanses you. Alhamdulillah, we have found that Sheykh and he is with us. May Allah bless him, and bless our GrandSheykh and may they send their support to us, until we die. May Allah forgive me and bless you.

friends of Allah

 Amin. Al-Fatiha

Sohbet after Jummah by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI NY

September 5, 2014

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