Living For The Sake Of Allah


iblis sheytan Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

So much Sheytan is pulling people on the other side saying, ‘You are such a good person. It’s okay. You don’t have to do this. You are doing this.’

What is your priority? What have you been created for? To know Allah. To worship Allah. What you are doing is your obligations. You are not doing anything extra. You are not doing a hundred raka’at prayer everyday extra, 500 raka’at prayer extra every day. What you are doing, it is an obligation to you, as order to you and to whole mankind on the face of earth. They are accepting, they are not accepting, they are doing or they are not doing it, it’s okay. They are not doing it? It’s okay. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, ‘My rope is strong. What I put on your neck, if you can cut and get it loose, disappear and go away, go ahead. You are not doing it (the obligation prayer) on the designated time that I’m giving you order, it’s okay. Don’t do it. But I know how to make you to do. You are going to.’

No man is going to escape from their prayers. Any man, who’s going to want to enter to Paradise, they are going to finish their prayer. You are not doing it in dunya the right way, easy way, comfortable way, don’t do it. It’s okay. Look how they are going to make you to do it in the grave. Oh, so much intelligent, everyone became scholars in these days but there’s so much ignorancy. What is the whole secret? To know your Lord and to worship to your Lord. And that comes from where? Knowing yourself. Do you know yourself? Knowing yourself, you know your responsibilities. Do you know what Allah put on you? Do you know what Allah puts on you in general that He puts on whole mankind? And do you also know what He puts on you as of  individual? No.

Eh! Everyone is raising their ideas. Soon as something happens, everyone, everybody sticks their nose: ‘I think it’s this, this, this..’  You sink inside the sewer, how do you think? Come out from the sewer. Clean yourself. Enter first to the area where the human beings are standing. Not animals. Later from there, move ahead in the area that the servants of Allah is standing.  Still you have rights? No. Then you are going to move ahead where those ones they are responsible from the religion of Allah. Are you one of them? No. How are you raising your own ideas in it? Males and females: ‘I think and I think.’ You think according to your ego! So your religion is according to your ego. Not according to Allah and His Prophet.

Ahh, that’s why everybody thinks. That’s why this religion you are seeing now, mashaAllah, males don’t know what to do, females, don’t even speak about it. 21st century, put one big ‘X’ to females, majority of them. You think Prophet (asws) is saying for nothing that, ‘I passed right from the Hell and the majority of the people of Hell is from the women!’ But 21st century people, females and males bounding to Hellfire non-stop. Because the males became so weak. They became weaker than the females. Only knowing how to eat and sleep! Not carrying any responsibility. ‘Ah! I’m a good man.’  What makes you good? Such a good man, how did you become good? Good males and good females, whole world is so full with it. Six billion so good, so good that it’s pulling the anger of Allah swt 24hrs a day!

Disasters, if Allah gives one split second to this dunya, this dunya, the way that it’s spinning it’ll not keep a single one on top of it. Except the Awliya Allah. They are the ones holding it. They will throw those disobedient people away and they will disappear in that space. Eh, it’s so easy. You are stepping on the floor, if that weight (gravity) is removed from you, look what happens to you. Even if they tie you by chain you cannot stay on the earth. But ignorancy is everywhere. Full of it. Males and females. Yeah. Astarghfirullah hal Azim.

Yes, dangerous time. More dangerous. Worse is coming every single day. Worse is coming every day and the children of Adam is still continuing with the same heedlessness. Continuing. Routine life. Going back and forth, same. Never thinking to change anything. Same routine. Same robotic style. Nothing. So, Sheytan is coming to fool everybody from every side. You open the door, it’s going to fool you. Look at why you are living. Don’t wait for somebody to tell you anything. Look at yourself. What’s in yourself? You are sitting in your own houses, yes. When you enter to your own room, so many are never staying alone, opening that sheytan box. Opening that sheytan machine that is reaching everywhere. Now internet, back and forth. Sitting in their room, making fitna from their room to the other side of the world. Non-stop.

Shut down everything one day. Sit down in your room and say. There’s nobody here. Say it. Say to yourself. There’s nobody here now. Shut down your phone. Shut down everything. Shut yourself off from this world, and say to yourself, ‘oh my ego, there’s nobody around.’ Nobody is around. Except you and Allah is watching. Leave some others watching. Leave that part too completely out.  Say, ‘you and your Lord is watching now. Don’t lie to me now. What is your reason of life? What is the purpose? Why you are living?’ You will find out. You will understand. You will understand how good you are that time.

Stop fooling yourself cos you are going to enter to that situation, you are going to enter to that grave by yourself. Yes. You and yourself and your ego. But you are not going to be able to come out from there. It  will be too late. Not understanding? It will be too late. Once you give that life out, and if you didn’t complete this life, it’s too late. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, Allah is ruling. Not you, not your ego is going to rule. Not my ego. Allah is ruling on you. You like it or you don’t like it. Much as you want to say I’m doing right, as I say sit down and question yourself and find out. And there saying, ‘I am such a right man doing this. Oh my ego, say why you are doing this?’ You did this. You did this cookie, what was the reason why you did it? And why you did it? And while you were doing, what were you thinking? Did you do it for Allah’s sake? You didn’t? Put one ‘X’ to it. Finish. You are not doing things for Allah sake, for what you are doing? Dunya. Aren’t you receiving the rewards in dunya? Yes. What are you going to get in Ahirat?

solat tarawwih

MashaAllah, I open doors to everyone for dunya sake to work. For Allah sake, I have seen everybody mashaAllah, couple of people exception, everyone put their real color in it. Go. Show how much you are for Allah. Go. No you can’t. I cannot. It’s one of the farz, fifty-four farz, that the believer he walks with the intention and thinking, ‘what I can do for Allah’s sake.’ And when he’s walking in the street, ‘What did you do for Allah’s sake today?’ Yes. I’m saying and saying. Everyday I’m saying. Those who have house, put that sign right in front of your door. When you open it you see that sign, the sign is saying, ‘What did you do for Allah’s sake today?’ You live twenty-four hour. Allah grant you everything. He gave you the air. He gave you the sun. The most necessary things. You are counting it for nothing. How much did you pay for this one breath of air? How much is it?  How much is it worth? You will understand when they start squeezing you left and right. That time you will understand the meaning. That time you will understand. Are you waiting for that? That will come too. If you are waiting for that, that is going to reach to you. They are going to teach you the value of the air, what Allah has grant to you.

What you will give for this glass of water? You will understand when you are not going to find it. Those days is right in front of you, everyone. It’s waiting right in front of you. Governments they are not going crazy for nothing trying to secure the water area. Look what is going to happen. They are going to put the armies with the guns around. You are coming to take water without their permission, they will shoot you down. Yes, those days are waiting for you, for the whole world. Go, drink sea water. It’s free. You will understand the value of that water. You will understand how much you are wasting your life that time.

And, how much did you pay for the sun that is coming out? If it’s not coming out for some time, look what is going to happen to the world. These are things that people, not once a day, not once a week they say, ‘Alhamdulillah for that.’ They don’t think once a year. Believers, I’m talking to. I’m not talking to unbelievers. Some they don’t think to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, thank You for what You have given to me.’ No.

Be thankful

So you are being a thankful servant? That’s what Allah swt is saying, ‘All I need from you is to be a thankful servant. Nothing else I want from you. I give everything to you. All I’m asking from you is just to be a thankful servant.’

So, ask your ego. Say to your ego, ‘you are fooling the world that you are such a good man, such a good woman. Yes. Don’t fool me. Say how good you are?’ When you start saying to you that you did this, say, what did you do for Allah today? You live 24hrs. You’ve got the favour of Allah swt. If it’s no favour, that routine life came to you.  Well today, just thousands and a hundred thousands of people they are just diagnosed with some sickness that they are going to think about it until they die. Or they are going to go with that sickness.

It didn’t happen to you today, who says that it’s not happening tomorrow? You are not being thankful servant today for that? Big possibility that it may happen to you tomorrow. Nothing happens for no reasons. Everything is happening. Yes. And, look. What did you do for Allah today?

Many are saying, ‘Allah doesn’t need anything from me.’  Yes. Allah doesn’t. You need Allah. You need Allah, Allah doesn’t need you. But you need Allah and you need to be a thankful servant. And if you don’t find nothing, the man walking in the street, he’s seeing one stone in front of him, he is seeing it, it’s on the way, it’s not normal, he should take the stone and put it on the side for Allah’s sake. He’ll say, ‘Think. This is wrong. It shouldn’t be here. Somebody put this here. Maybe another blind man is coming behind me and he may trip on it and fall down.’ He’ll put it in the corner for Allah sake. At least do that.

Ask yourself. Such a good 21st century males and females running around saying, ‘we are such a good people.’ Look what you do. Are you living for Allah? Or you are living for your ego? You will understand that time what you are living for. You will hear why you are running around for, why you are going back and forth, running back and forth.  For whom are you doing it. You will understand that time. Are you doing it for Allah’s sake? Or you are doing it for your ego sake? You will understand that time. You will know hundred per cent why you are doing it.

Sit for ten minutes a day and question yourself. Just like that. Shut down everything and question yourself. Ten minutes a day. If you do that, you cannot be this heedless. Impossible. Something is going to move. Something is going to be put right in front of you, ‘This one is intending to change.’ But it is not happening.

We pass from this wrong action today. Okay we  are good for this. Enjoy again like crazy. Jump up and down. Tomorrow something else is waiting. Disaster, it’s another disaster waiting. You cannot escape, until you live for Allah’s sake. If you are not living for Allah’s sake, the air that you are taking in is haram to you. The water that you are drinking is haram to you because while you are drinking that water, you are not saying BismillahirRahmanirRahim. AlhamudlillahirRabil Alamin. You are not being a thankful servant for that. So that’s haram. Eating and drinking will be haram to you.

Yes, 21st century you have everything in the stores. Everything in the stores, everything. People they are eating and drinking. Its hitting them. They are becoming more sick everyday. Unusual. Why is that? You know why. Cos it’s not for Allah’s sake. If it’s for Allah’s sake, just like Hazretli Omar he will drink the whole poison and it will not bother him for nothing. You cannot even think on that now.

So if you are not doing things for Allah’s swt sake, you’re not passing your test. You can call yourself, ‘I’m such a good person. Such a good human.’ Yes. Check the Quran e-kerim. What is the description that Allah gives to a good people? What are they supposed to be doing, those ones? Not according to your ego, you’re a good one, but according to the laws of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. What kind of description He put to a good man, good children of Adam? Who’s good? Read there, you  will understand that time.

Yes. So, if you’re not living for Allah’s sake, in dunya you are good, you are earning ok, but you’re wasting your ahirat. Wasting. You’re living for dunya. So many good ones, living, yes, but they are wasting their ahirat. So you’ve got to run to do things for Allah’s sake. You’ve got to put your heart out. Something has to drive you. No driving by force. How is it going to be, dead body going to run? If you are not living for Allah, you are dead already. You’re a living dead. Run around as much as you want, it’s okay. But if you’re running  for Allah’s sake, you are living always. You’re not questioning, ‘what is in it for me. I’m going to do this, what am I going to get in return.’  Instead you are going to ask yourself, ‘what did I do that I’m having this water today? What did I do that Allah swt has granted 24 000 air in to me? How much is it?’

sake of Allah

Cursing is everywhere. Eh, little bit is going to move, mankind is cursing everyday. Yes. And in the end everything, every benefit is going to be for you again. Not for Allah. Yes. So, live as you like. Again. You are living as you like anyway, according to your ego that says to you, ‘fool yourself that you are a good one.’

They are going to catch you. You cannot escape. So many times before the angel of death comes, you will understand the reality but that time you will  find nobody to listen. Muslims become heedless and headless.  Wake up to yourself before it’s too late. You are not exception. No one is exception. Those ones who are exception are those who has more taqwa and who put themselves to their Lord, and they are living for Allah. They are exception. If you are living for Allah, you are exception. If you are not living for Allah, you are just one from those billions that may disappear instantly.

So, when you are making the jenazah prayer, say to  yourself, ‘Are you keeping your promise to Allah?’ That’s the bottom point. Don’t say, ‘Ohh! I’m such a good one and I keep my promise always.’ Not that foolish promise that you are running after this dunya. Are you keeping your promise to Allah? That you have promise to be a servant, to worship Him and to know Him, and to run after what He’s putting for you? If you didn’t do that, you just fool yourself again. And so many may fool you too. So many may say, ‘ohhh you are such a good one.’ Yes.

People today, I’m watching so many people giving work to them and how many people running after them and they are thinking that they are such a good one. MashaAllah. You don’t want to be tested. Just one test comes to you look how fast you are going to fail. So fix yourself. Correct yourself before that test is coming to you. And when you promise and you say, ‘Yes. I did today. I live for Allah. Yes I am living for Allah.’ Then prepare yourself from the bombardment of the test that is coming, the heaviness of the life that is going to come on your shoulder. Look what happens that time. Everything is coming left and right.

You have and you don’t give. It’s coming to you from every side and you don’t give. Is that how Prophet live? What he has he gives away. Ah, you have and  you don’t give. What will happen if you don’t have. You will kill to get it from others. Say, ‘I’m not going to do,’ huh! that’s the characteristic of ego. That time you will become the worst rebel. You didn’t clean yourself from that, you become the worst rebel that time. Yes.

Waminallahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

Take it or leave it. It’s for you and for me. You like it, swallow it. You don’t like it, gargle it and throw it out. I’ll take it. I’ll put double to your neck that time. Down ahead, you’re going to see. Then i’m going to give you double the pain. So you don’t like it? No. Multiply. That’s the day that is coming ahead to everyone. You like it or not. Allah is not asking us. Time is up. Time is finish for tyrants. Time is coming for everyone to become servant. There’s no other way. Not living for this dunya running after emptiness.

run for the sake of Allah

 April 8, 2011

Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.



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