May we become beloved to those who are beloved to Allah swt



Tariqatuna Sohbet wa Khayru fil Jamiat. Our Tarikat, it is based on association. Goodness comes to the association. Where there is an association, there is blessings. And where there is blessing, there is Rahmat and there is Mohabbat. We are asking Allah swt to always make us to be those ones who are in the hearts of the Awliya Allah.

It is very easy to love the Awliya Allah. Only the Sheytan and the Awliya of Sheytan, those friends of Sheytan and Sheytanic people, they don’t love the Awliya Allah. Who are the Awliya Allah? They are the waris, they are the inheritors of the Prophet. Who hates the Prophets? Who don’t love the Prophets? Only Sheytan. It is easy to love those ones who are beloved to Allah swt, but it is not so easy to be beloved by them. So the question is: How to make ourselves to be beloved to them? That is the question. And the answer is not so easy. It is easy to listen. It is easy to understand.

Alhamdulillah. We are thanking our Lord Allah swt for keeping us in the jamaat of our Sheykh, the one who is most beloved to Allah swt. And  every day, as murids, we must make the intention, the intention that is alive: how we are going to run to make our Sheykh to be pleased with us, to make our Prophet to be pleased with us, to make Allah swt to be pleased with us. How today we can run so that we become beloved to them. Because to be beloved by them, it is a highest station. If you love them, it’s normal. Don’t think it is anything special to love those ones who are beloved to Allah. But run to make them to love you. That requires a little bit more work.

The Sahaba e-Kiram are our guides. Their whole lives is dedicated to serve the Prophet (asws), and in that service, Prophet (asws) loves them. Allah swt of course He is loving everyone in a general way. If He doesn’t love us, for the sake of His Prophet (asws), He will not even send down a drop of rain. He will not even give us air to breath.  Especially today’s mankind, that is doing everything and is still doing everything to destroy each other and to destroy those ones that are beloved to Allah swt. Individuals and governments, communities and organisations, young and old, man and woman, running to destroy those who are beloved to Allah swt. Either by actions, or by words. Either by ideologies or by behavior.

Today, we wake up, the day has finished in some parts of the world. In another parts of the world, the day is finishing, and in another parts of the world, the day is just starting. And we need to actively ask ourselves: How are we going to live today? How are we going to live today for the sake of our Lord, Allah swt? How are we going to try within our means to please Him, to carry out His orders, to run away from those things and actions and thoughts and people whom He has forbidden?  And run to those actions and people whom He has blessed.

We just finished the Zikr. Alhamdulillah. How blessed we are. How blessed we are that Allah swt has allowed us to remember Him.  How blessed we are that Allah swt, out of these billions of people in this world, that He has blessed us to be able to remember Him easily with comfort, with satisfactions, in the best of conditions. Because the conditions of the rest of the world is not as easy or blessed  as we think it is. The man who becomes ungrateful, the man who does not  recognise the love that Allah swt is sending to him, that man is a Kafir. As our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi al-Rabbani said, ‘the one who does return Allah’s love, the one who is ungrateful, the one who does not remember, the one who does not say ‘Thank you,’ that one is an unbeliever.’ But if you wake up and you are sincerely thanking Allah swt for everything that He has given you, and thanking Him for what He has not given you, that one you may find him very near and dear to Allah. Because the Awliya Allah, they don’t ask. They especially, they don’t ask for themselves. They have forbidden it for themselves. So many, it has been made forbidden for  them to ask even for their families or for their close ones. They ask for their ummat. They ask for their community. They ask generally for everyone.

We are thankful because we are remembering Allah. Once you make the Zikr, that’s the time that you are back in your balanced world. If you don’t make Zikr, doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing, you don’t make Zikr, you don’t remember Allah, you are sick. You are sick in the head. You are sick in your actions. Because you are not remembering Allah. If you don’t remember Allah, who are you going to remember? Your ego. Sheytan. You may be doing religious things, but you are doing these religious things without remembering Allah, it becomes the worst thing. So many people are doing things in the name of Islam, but they are not remembering Allah. They are remembering only their ego.

You remember Allah, yes that time you are going to be balanced with this world. You are going to be one with  nature. They are saying, ‘we are being one with Nature. One with nature.’ You want to be one with nature? Don’t sit like a proud person. Remember Allah. make Zikr. Because all of nature is remembering Allah. The Zikr of the wave, it is different. The Zikr of the Sun, it is different. The Zikr  of the air, the Zikr of the earth…you want to remember Allah? You have been created to be the one who is representing Allah swt. Our Zikr is the highest Zikr. But mankind, when they don’t remember Allah, mankind when they don’t become that which they have been created for, they fall to the lowest of the low. They fall below the level of animals, then not even the animal world will recognise to be part of them. They say, ‘no.’

heart zikr Allah

So you want to be one with nature? Remember Allah. Sit somewhere. Because the Zikr of Allah is everywhere.  But it is only man that is in ghaflet. We are thanking Allah swt for pulling us out from that ghaflet station, to be in the company of  our Sheykh. But understand, every step that you go in this way,  every step, there is going to be test. There’s going to be challenge. The test and challenges, they are not to push you back. It is to bring you higher and closer and nearer. To give you more understanding. To give you more wisdom. To give you more light. Don’t fall from that. Don’t look at those test and fall and fail from them. These words first for me, and for anyone who is listening. It is a big opportunity now, big chance for us to be able to come closer to our Lord, Allah swt and to be able to come close to the real reason of our creation. May we become beloved to those who are beloved to Allah swt.

We must know what it is that we want. What is it that we want? What is it that we want in this life? What is it that we want from the Afterlife? As people who are those who are walking in the way of the friends of Allah, I’m not going to say as Sufis, shame, this kind of Sufis we are. I’m not going to say as people of Tasawwuf, we are very far away from those words. Big words. We are saying, we are walking in the way of those who are the friends of Allah. We are trying to. What is our purpose? What is our purpose in this world? What is it that we want? And what is our purpose in the next life? Something to think about.

If you ask me, our purpose, my purpose is to be running to serve my Sheykh. Not to be even next to him. Because so many, I’ve seen, they are next to our Sheykh, they don’t want to serve him. Later they run away from him. So many who just want to be with him. I say , ‘why?’ They cannot answer.‘We just feel good to be with him.’

Sometimes I ask people, ‘what are you asking for?’

They say, ‘Allah.’

And I say, ‘what do you want with Allah?’

‘I just want to be with Him.’

I say, ‘why you want to be with Allah? what is the reason?’

‘I don’t know. I just want to be with Him.’

Everyone has their own way. I’m not going to say what is right and what is wrong. There are many ways to Allah as there are breath of man, some Awliya Allah they are saying. But I’m not running to be next to my Sheykh. My intention is to serve him. Because, I understand how weak and dirty a creature I am. I don’t deserve to be next to him. Those of you who have known me, you know that I feel very uncomfortable next to him also. So many times he is a friend of Allah, but there are so many ways to go close to someone without being physically close to someone. So, if it eases him, if it pleases him, certain works if I were to do make him to be a little bit more comfortable, a bit more easy, then if I run to do that, I feel more comfortable and it works better for me. Otherwise, it’s just a high that people are just going to get.

Those closest to the Prophet (asws), they weren’t just being with him, were they? Those ones who are closest to the Prophet (asws), always he is our role model and the Sahaba e-Kiram they are role models too. They didn’t just want to be next to the Prophet (asws) because they feel good. The closest ones to him are the ones who gave up everything, were the ones who sacrifice everything, were the ones who run to serve him in everything, the ones who gave up from everything. InsyaAllah may our service be accepted no matter how small or dirty it is and may Allah swt forgive me and bless you.

And we are saying to the whole world to watch out and to take care and to be careful because what is going to happen in the future, in the near future, in the days ahead is not going to be easy. At times it may look like it’s going to get easier, but it’s going to become worse. That time if you don’t have faith and connections to the friends of Allah, the winds may blow you any direction and you may lose your faith. Dunya and Ahirat. As you like, this words are for me and for you, those who are listening. Those who don’t like it, leave it.

Hoja hidden treasure


Sohbet after Zikr by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

February 26, 2015

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