How can Allah (swt) have so much love for the children of Adam despite their weakness and disobedience?


Question: How can Allah (swt) have so much love for the children of Adam despite their weakness and disobedience?

Allah love

How can Allah (swt) have so much love for the children of Adam despite our disobedience and our weaknesses? BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Allah swt, He has said in the Holy Quran: “Wa Laqad Karamna Bani AdamAnd we have blessed the children of Adam.” Our Sheykh, Sultanul Awliya, said Allah is not using this to say, ‘We have blessed the Angels.’ Or ‘We have blessed the jins.’ Or the animal world. “We have blessed the children of Adam.” But who is the Children of Adam? Who are the Children of Adam? How do we come to that category of a children of Adam? How do we come to the category, to that maqam, really, of the Children of Safiullah. The Children of that one who has been created in the Paradise. The Children of that one who was carrying the light of the Prophet (asws).

Because Allah swt, is a Hidden treasure. And He created Man for His treasure to be known. He has created Insan, Hazreti Insan. Hazreti means what? The Holiness. The Holiness mankind. Don’t think that Allah swt is meaning mankind: the ones who are running to destroy, the ones who are running to put tyranny, the ones who are running to bring down the words of Allah and His Prophet. Who is Hazreti Insan? Hazreti Insan, is that one that our Sheykh, the AwliyaAllah, they have said: is that one who is Insani Kamil. The most perfect man. The most perfect man who is from the most perfect man, which is Hazreti Adam. Allah swt has created everything. He has created the Sun and the Moon, the worlds, creations, still creating, and He has also created the Arsh, the Angels, Heavens, Paradises and the Hells, and the last that He created, is mankind.

But mankind is the first that He created. The spirit is the oldest, but He has kept that hidden. He has kept that as a hidden treasure. He has created everything, finally He created the form of Adam (as), which even with just the physical form itself, it was a big mystery to the Angels who know everything, almost everything, whatever Allah is allowing them to know, they know. What is in the Heavens and the Earth, they know. But the physical form of Adam (as), they are finding that to be a big mystery. And it is this physical form that make sheytan to become sheytan and he said, ‘it is a mystery. It is a very wonderful thing. But it is still made from clay. And it is empty.’ Because he did not understand the spirit that is going to fill it up. And he did not like the reality that it is the spirit that Allah swt has created that is going to represent Allah, and that is going to occupy that maqam al-Mahmud. And because he’s been aiming for that although everything is telling him, ‘you cannot be. You cannot be the one who is representing Allah. You cannot carry that maqam.’

But Allah has created us in Ahsani Taqweem, in the most perfect form. When Allah swt has created us in the most perfect form, it is for that reason: to be representing Him. And if mankind assumes that responsibility, if mankind listens and obeys his Lord and those whom Allah swt has sent to them, then they will rise to that maqam of representing Allah swt. Those are the ones that are Insani kamil. Those are the ones who are the friends of Allah. those are the ones who are the inheritors of the Prophets, and those are the ones who are Sultans, the real Sultans.

Is that our purpose of being in Tarikat, to become Sultan? Is it our purpose then to join Tarikat, to become Awliya? No. if you still think it is your purpose, then I’m going to say that your purpose is wrong. There is still ego there. There is still ego. You ever see someone who is entering into a hospital because he has cancer, and you ask him, ‘what are you doing in the hospital?’ and he says, ‘Oh, because I want to be a doctor.’ How weird is that?

Our purpose, the purpose of our Sheykh, has taught us what is in Tarikat. Our purpose in being in Tarikat, first: yes, it is to clean ourselves. It is to purify ourselves. Then, it is to serve Allah. Never forget. Never forget this. That the description of the Holy Prophet (asws) is what?  The description of the Prophet (asws), that is his name, but his description is contained in the Kalimah. And in the kalimatul Syahadat is saying what? Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. The description of the Prophet (asws) is what? It is to be that he is a servant of Allah swt.  So, those who are in the footsteps of the Prophet (asws), they have to concentrate on that: How to serve? Then whatever that Allah swt wants to do to His servant, if He wants to say to His servant, ‘now you sit on that throne,’ you should be happy to sit. If He says, ‘now you sit on the floor,’ we should be very happy to sit. It doesn’t matter then. Because now, it is not what our will is. Our will is not to become a Sultan. Our will is not to become Awliya. Our will is not to be running after titles. Our will is to become His servant. Our will is to serve.

serve our sheykh

Yes we are weak. Yes we are very dirty, we cannot carry, but that is our will. May we greet Him with one step, at least, may we run to that. It is not to say, ‘I’m joining Tarikat because I want to be a Saint and I want to be (this and that),’ it is still ego. You still don’t know, you still don’t understand where you are, who you are, what is your station, what is your maqam.

Surahtul Yasin, Allah swt is saying what? “We have created man from a drop of dirty water.” From a drop of dirty water, but he has declared himself an open enemy. “We have created him from a drop of dirty water but he is declaring himself an open enemy.” He has declared himself to be a Namrud. He has declared himself to be a Firaun. And in our way, we are becoming that. If you are not sitting down to understand how you are a Namrud and how you are Firaun, then you still are not understanding this way. If you say, ‘what? I’m not a Namrud, I’m not a Firaun. I don’t kill anyone. I didn’t cheat anyone. I didn’t lie to anyone. I’m doing everything good.’ Then we say, ‘you still don’t understand what tazkiyah is, what purification is.

Purification is different from cleaning. Purification means you make something to be pure. For something to be pure, the smallest thing it is equal to the biggest thing. A small dirt, it is the same as a big dirt. You want to get rid of it. And you are looking now when you are in the level of purification, you are worried about the smallest things. Because the smallest thing is an indication of the biggest thing. So what is our intention now in entering into a Tarikat? It’s nothing but to serve Allah swt. To become that one that is address by Allah swt, as what?  “O My Servant.” That Allah swt is describing us, “O My servant,” in the Day of Judgement, “O My Servant, come.” Obedient servant. If you are not obeying Allah swt, then you are obeying your ego. Don’t you see? It is still in our nature to obey to something.

So Allah swt, He has created us in Ahsani Taqweem. And He has created us for the sake of that one whom He has created everything: for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). For the sake of His love you will start to understand that yes, Allah swt loves us. But Allah swt has created everything for Habibullah (asws). Now compare yourself there. So many people, they compare and they compare wrong. Like today wahabbis, they are comparing themselves and they say, ‘what? So what? Prophet is a man.  I’m also a man. Meaning: I can also be a Prophet. Why I have to put the Prophet in front of me? They have a problem?’ No. You have a problem by saying, ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah,’ then you are very close to earlier nations. You have problems with the Rasul of Allah. Same characteristics. But the believers, they have no problems with the Rasul of Allah. In fact, they say, we always want to keep the Rasul of Allah in front of us because he will lead us to Allah, to safety.

Some, in the way of Tasawwuf, in the way of the Prophet, in the way of the Saints, they are still believing: ‘Well the important thing is Me.’ ‘The Prophets they came, to bring Me the message.’ ‘There is Me and Allah.’ Then you are still following into the same trick and trap of sheytan. Once you start understanding that it is not you. That you have to matter the least. That there are others in front of you who matter more. Once you start disappearing yourself and following their will, that time you may discover your own honour. That honour is only in being a servant. Once you discover that honour, then you will discover the reality of being the children of the Bani Adam.

Allah swt has put something very special in every one of us. Something very beautiful in every one of us. But those who are destroying themselves and those who are destroying others, they have allowed the evil to overtake them. And when that happens, when the evil overtakes them, they no longer become beautiful. They no longer become precious. There is still something there but it has become overtaken, and now, if they don’t get rid of those things here in this world, then it has to be gotten rid of in the grave, or in the Hereafter. May Allah make us to be clean ones. InsyaAllah.

Allah swt, like I said before in the sohbet, it is from His love that He has created us, but we are believers and we are saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, You have given us this, we return Your love by our love. And we return it by sacrificing everything. By returning the will that You have given us, back to You.’ Those who are following that, they are following in the way of the Prophets and the Awliyas. Those who are running away from that, they may pray fifty times a day, they are not understanding the poison and the ego that is inside of them that is destroying everything. May Allah forgive me.

Hoja lokman Effendi

 SelamAleykum Warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

February 26, 2015




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