The Importance of Silence



Hz Ali quotes on silent (2)


Who is keeping silent these days? Nothing in this world right now is designed for you to be silent, to be quiet, to be still, to be calm. Right? The Namaz is designed for us to be silent, to be quiet, to be with Allah. So many times, that’s the time when we are busiest with the dunya. Zikr and Sohbet, they are important. It teaches you. It teaches you, first your body, before you move on to silence, so many steps to that. You have to know first, why you are going to feel silent, what are the words that comes out from your mouth, why you say them. Silence, is also not just empty.  There’s a reason for that.

So many times that’s what we have to do, we have to distract. The ego is worse than that. The ego is worse than every animal. Do you reason with an animal? You give it an order. Sometimes it won’t listen to you, you have to distract. You have to do this (Hoja turning his head away from distraction), you have to do that. There’s so many tricks. That’s why we have to trick the ego. First you have to understand that. Understand what is the ego. That’s why they are training, we are training how to first keep the body still during sohbet, during Zikr.


We haven’t even entered into a Tarikat yet. I have seen so many people, they are not trying that: keep the body still. They can’t do that in prayer. Look at the majority of the Muslims now (Hoja shows the action of scratching his head, his body…) always something is happening (while they are praying). If you cannot keep still in prayer, you cannot keep still in Zikr. Zikr, always something is happening or being distracted, sleeping, not being focus. Now, it’s not being still, it is being focus. Sohbet, forget about it.

But as much as a person is forcing and catching himself, slowly things start changing. You have more control, because the calmness and the stillness comes with control. We are not Buddhist. It comes with control, meaning that when it’s moving (your body starts to move), you say, ‘No! No!’  to yourself. More you are doing that, you are stepping on it and you have more power now. But you have to know that that one is bad. That one is going around and it’s leading you to bad things. Most people don’t even know that that is a bad thing. They don’t know where they are leading. They think that it’s natural, it’s okay, what’s wrong with it?

Yes, Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq, he had a stone that he puts in his mouth, and that stone is passed from Grandsheykh to Grandsheykh. The Silent Zikir that we are supposed to make, we are supposed to put the tongue to the roof of our mouth and to be silent. Not empty silent (and then falling asleep). That’s not silent. But very active silent. That’s by yourself. Now you are going to be silent with people, what we are just talking about. Tarikat training will kick when the situation is boiling. That’ when we know what kind of value you have. A man, in the middle of situation like that and he smiles and he knows that this is sheytan that is happening, that is making it, and he steps away from them, he steps away from that confusion and he said, ‘I’m not going to participate in this,’ and he knows how to be on top of it. He wins.

Zikr is important for that training. First, physically. Then the silence, the confusion, the was-was (Hoja points to the heart). Once you start doing it in Zikr, you start doing it in sohbet. And in sohbet now, you listen, and now you are not going to listen to was-was, you are going to listen to the voices of the sohbet and what the rahmat that the sohbet comes with. You start actively thinking and listening and absorbing, ‘he is saying it like this.’ ‘He is saying it like that.’ You start to be very active, but you are very silent. Once you can do that, you’ll be able to carry it on in your daily life. Times to be silent. Then that time when you are supposed to speak, the whole world will listen, and order is given for them to listen. Don’t know how to be silent (constantly talking), nobody cares, there’s nothing that comes out of your mouth that gives any value and it’s going to turn everything upside down.

Look for silence. Yes. Look to say, ‘whatever comes from my mouth is filled with ‘BS’ anyway.’ Who’s thinking of that? Murid’s are they thinking? No. So be careful. Be careful what comes out because you know the Angels they are writing down everything. You are careful. Then later, according to your situation, they say, ‘now, don’t be silent anymore. Now you speak.’ Then that’s the time you are going to cry to and say, ‘oh, I have to speak? I was doing so well being silent. It’s so easy. Now I have to be responsible.’

What is it Sheykh Effendi is saying? Whatever happens in your heart, whatever wrong things, evil whatever, if you don’t say, you are not responsible for that. But once you start speaking, you are responsible. Say something that is going to give benefit to you and to others, or else, keep silent. Listen. very interesting to listen. Listen to what people are speaking, how they are speaking, and to learn InsyaAllah.


SelamAleykum Warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

September, 2014

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