A Glimpse Of Paradise On Earth


SE and hoja

With the association, your belief changes to become better. Your intention changes to become better. And your actions must become better. Your service must become better. Your tomorrow must be better than today and your today is better than yesterday, through sohbet. Those who don’t want sohbet, they are going to be stuck. Stuck. Those who don’t want sohbet, they must get sohbet from somewhere else, right?  Because this Tarikat, this way is based on association. You are running away from sohbet, so you must be getting sohbet from somewhere else. Where are you getting it from?

If you are a murid and you don’t attend the sohbet of our Sheykh or whoever that he has appointed, then you must be listening to your own sohbet. Since when you were listening to your own sohbet? Or you attend to the sohbet, the association of the ego, or the dunya. So sohbet, it is important.

So many will say, ‘oh well, same old sohbet I’m listening to. Never changing.’ Of course, because you are blind. How many thousand, million times we are reciting ‘La illaha ilallah’? You are going to say, ‘well, same old ‘La illaha ilallah’ I am reciting. Same old Allah I am reciting. Same old Namaz I’m doing. Why I have to do it again?’ So that sohbet, according to the Jamaat, it is what is necessary for them to take, for anyone who is listening and for the one who is speaking, to take it and to put it in their lives. So the sohbet, it is important. And what is sohbet?

Sohbet is a direct order from Alllah swt. Because Allah swt is saying what? ‘Be with the Saliheen. It is an order. It is not recommendation. It is not suggestions. He is giving an order, ‘Be with the Saliheen.’ And if you are with the Saliheen, if you are in sohbet, you must change. If you are not changing, something is wrong with you. Don’t say something is wrong with the sohbet. Maybe same thing we can say over and over again. It’s necessary for you. So now, you are with the Saliheen, you are with the righteous ones. You are attending the association of the friends of Allah. The friends of Allah, the Awliya Allah, who are they associating with? You? Me? Who they are associating with? Allah. (Hoja points up) Don’t think now, because I’m pointing there, Allah is up there.  No, I’m not meaning that. They are in association with Allah. And if we are in association with them, they will bring us, especially if we are ready, into that Divine Court. But we have to be ready. You think just because you attend with the Saliheen, with your eyes closed, with your ears stuffed, with your heart dead, just  because you are in association with them like that you are going to gain something? You’ll never gain anything.

Now we are talking about something that is higher than Paradise. We are talking about the Creator of the Paradise, to be with the Creator of Paradise. So somebody asked me a question. I haven’t been with Dergah for a few weeks now, we were travelling, Alhamdulillah. And I say, you must be filled with question. Thinking hard. Wanting to know. Pushing several people. And Somebody ask me a question: ‘Are there things in this world, in this dunya right now, that gives us a glimpse of Paradise, the Beauty of Paradise?’

And I’m saying, our murids are getting that everyday. Not glimpse of Paradise, in the Garden of Paradise. But if you remain blind, the man who is blind, if you bring one thousand suns in front of him, he will still be blind. He needs to open his eyes. You need to open your eyes and you need to open your heart. You need to believe. Believe. Not to go through your life just as a routine. Routine is not belief. When there is a belief, there is Ashq. It’s burning inside of you. And you are going to push yourself, to burn. You feel that it is becoming a routine. You fear that it is your ego that is sitting on you, sheytan is sitting on you, you are going to push it off, you are going to fight it. This is call Jihadul Akhbar, when you are fighting it. And when you fight it, you must have the passion. You have passion, that’s why you fight, isn’t it? How you can fight without a passion? So where is the passion now? How are you going to get that passion? Don’t say Allah. Allah is going to. Everything that is difficult for you, everything that it requires you to struggle a little bit, that time you  say, ‘Allah. Allah who make me to do it.’ MashaAllah. But anything that is easy for the ego, you say, ‘I want to do it. I’m doing it. I did it.’

So yes, our murids, Sheykh Effendi’s murids, we are in the Paradise every single day. If you are attending the Zikr, you are in a Garden of Paradise. This is a guarantee that the Holy Prophet (asws) gave us. Guarantee. Amana wa sadaqna, his words are on top of our heads. It must come true, it is true. And association, now makes us to be with the friends of Allah, not just Ahle Jannat, Ahle Paradise, but with the friends of Allah.


But your heart has to be awake. Your heart has to be thirsty. You have to look, you have to think, you have to thirst, you have to want to be in that company. If you don’t want to be in that company, you can be in front of them twenty four hours all your life, you will gain nothing. Your heart will become more and more  and more sealed  and harder and dead. Sometimes you don’t feel like it, make yourself to feel like it. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Cry. For the sake of Allah, cry.’

So now, belief, Ashq, comes with effort. If you are not willing to sacrifice your ego, the Asqh will never enter. We are not here to look for ease. And to tell you the truth, we are getting it easy. Every single one of us. Don’t say we sacrifice so much, every single one of us, we still have it easy. Do you have to worry, anyone of you? You have to worry what you are going eat tomorrow? If the food is going to come or not? You are worrying if your clothes are still going to be on your back? You are worrying if the roof is still going to be over your head? You are worrying about your health? Don’t worry. Run in the way of Allah, everything is going to work. But you must run. It’s going to be a little bit difficult, this is what it means, you have to overcome the difficulties.

So now, glimpses of Paradise, we have it everyday. We are with the Ahle Jannat. We are with the friends of Allah. Serve them. Serve our Sheykh. Then that time, you will find a  role. Something useful. Not just to be with them. Not just to be in their association but you will be more useful. Because now, you are not just going to sit back and relax. Always you are going to say, ‘I’m the servant to this one.’ Because they are teaching us how to become servant to Allah.

We just came back from some association a few days ago, you cannot believe. We were looking. We are running from one end of this continent, it is not a country it is a continent, to the other end, and we are saying, the Muslims in this country, they are in very big trouble. Because their ego is through the roof. Their arrogance is  through the roof. Knowledge, zero. Zero knowledge. But just proudness, and the arrogance and the stubbornness. Some said, ‘No! nobody is a servant of Prophet.We are servant only to Allah.’ But you forgot, just some years ago, your entire people were slaves to kafir. Isn’t it? You  don’t want to be a servant to those whom Allah loves? Allah will make you a servant to those that He does not love. There is no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ or nothing. You don’t want to be a servant, you don’t want to serve, you don’t want to love, you don’t want to obey those ones that Allah loves, then He is going to make you to serve those ones that He doesn’t love. And this exactly has happen to this ummat. You don’t want to serve the Khalifah? You are going to serve tyrants. And we have been under the tyranny for over a hundred years.

Like this or like that, a hundred years. Two days ago, March 3rd, we are remembering the dismantling of the Khilafat. A very black day in the History of Islam, in the History of this Ummat. A very sad day. A day that is filled with the anger of Allah, continuously falling to the ummat from that day until today, but how many Muslims are remembering, and shaking and asking Allah for forgiveness? That we don’t have a Khilafat. That we don’t have protection. That Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘three days , there is no Khalifah, there is no Islam.’ That’s exactly what it is. There is no mercy. No Mercy anymore in this world.

So how are you going to be ahle Jannat that time? How are you going to be? Ahle Jannat, they have mercy in their heart. Ahle Jannat, they don’t have anger or jealousy or stubbornness. All the characteristics of the sheytan, they don’t have. We have. Be with them. That time you will learn something. That time you will learn how to be in Paradise before you reach Paradise. Before you reach to your destination, you have to be ready. You have to be prepared. So that when you reach your destination, you will know what to do, correct? Everybody is running for Jannat, do you know how to even sit like an ahle Jannat? Do you know how to even talk like an ahle Jannat?  Do you know how to be with each other. Everyone is fighting. Everyone is finding things, bringing out things, not forgiving, but not remembering that Allah is also watching us. Whatever someone has done to us and what we have done to other people, we have done worse to Allah.

So I can give you simple answer to say, ‘ah, Jannat. Look at the peacock feather. It is coming from Jannat.’ The peacock is coming from Jannat, which so many people now, I don’t know why they get so jealous, go take one whole peacock tail and put it on top of your head. Why are you getting so jealous? We take just one peacock. Because it is the tradition of Yavuz Sultan Selim Cennet Mekan, the first Khalifah of the Ottoman Empire. To say, he is the what? The Khadam of the Rasulullah (asws). We are not worth to be the khadam of the Rasulullah. We are so filled with dirtiness. But at least, we can be the servant of those who love them. We can be the servant of our Sheykh. But if anybody wants to make a fitnah and a slander, they are slandering and they are saying, ‘this is majusi,’ and they are saying that we are fire worshiper. I said, ‘Alhamdulillah.’ Because if they say our Sheykh is Abu Jahil and they say that we are fire worshipers, its good. Following in that sunnat. They call our Sheykh Abu Jahil.  What is Abu Jahil? He is a mushrik right? So definitely they are going to call me something worse.

More people are being busy with what is not their concern. More they are slandering and making a fitnah, more our burdens they are taking away. So I feel very easy when people are saying things like that. We have a lot of burdens. They should carry. So we should be busy with ourselves. We should be busy with what concerns us. Otherwise we will be crushed with the burdens of this whole world on our shoulders. We cannot even carry our own burdens.

So, InsyaAllah ar-Rahman those that their hearts are open, and all of you had that  experience, even for a split second. So many of you do not have it for a split second, you had it for years. And maybe after a while you start to get tired. Sheytan starts to say,’what are you doing here?’  You listen to sheytan, understand that sheytan end is not Jannat. Don’t attend the sohbet of sheytan and your ego. Be in the sohbet, in the association of the friends of Allah. We are here in the sohbet of our Sheykh. May Allah forgive me and bless you, InsyaAllah. These are very dark days that are ahead. And darker days are going to come. If you don’t collect light, you are going to be in complete darkness when that time comes, and you are going to be lost. You want to get light, go to the people of light. Otherwise by yourself, you are burning. Like a candle, you are burning, you are giving light to yourself and to others  but its burning, its finishing and that’s it.  Plug yourself in with those ones. You will never finish InsyaAllah. But plug yourself in. So many of you have taken the plug out. Be careful.

giving beyat to our Sheykh

 Wa minaAllahu Taufiq al-Fatiha.

Sohbet after Zikr by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

March 5, 2015




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