The Power Of Sohbet



This association, it is based on sohbet. This way, it is based in the association of our Sheykh and to take what is there and to put it in our lives. What is the sohbet? What is an association? What it means to be in an association? What it means to be sitting down and listening to a sohbet? And why is just sitting down and listening to someone, why is this the way of the highest Tarikat? It seems as if it is very simple. Just to sit and to listen, isn’t it? So simple. That so many people is saying, ‘oh, Naksibendi? It’s so simple. You guys are still stuck there? Just talking about how to be good people? Just to talk about nafs? We went very high. We talk about ma’rifat. You are still  talking about edep? We talk about marifat, Hakikat.’

They like to talk about hakikat. Open sign the person does not have hakikat, the person does not have ma’rifat, if he opens his mouth to talk. And if you have, it is a wrong one. Because if you have achieved those stations you don’t talk about it. It’s like the man who is travelling, travelling, travelling and he found water. Ok. Whole world is thirsty looking for this water, he found this water. Then he came back and he says, ‘Ah, the water. How nice it is.’ They said, ‘really?’ ‘Yes. So sweet.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah. So refreshing water. You ever taste? You didn’t taste. I tasted water.’ Water, water, water. What is the point?

What did the Prophets they do? They sit around talking about ma’rifat and hakikat? That means you don’t know what the job of the Prophet, what is his mission. Naksibendi way knows. Naksibendi way is not stuck on those very high station. Naksibendi way, it is concentrating on removing the thickest veil between you and Allah. And the veil, it is not all the way at the end. The veil is all the way thick from the beginning. Because from the beginning, if you cannot fix, how you can make any progress? How you can?  Which is why they say: The end of their ways is the beginning of our way.

So the sohbet is to make us to understand what is this veil. Not by magic. Not by secret duas, so secret Salawats. No. It is just by stepping on your ego. And with stepping on your ego, that time the dunya will open to you and the secrets of Ahiret will open to you. Your ego will be your Buraq that it will take you anywhere that you want it to take because it has this energy. It has this power that only you can ride it. No one else can. That you have to ride it. Because you need that power now for certain things to open up so that you will reach to that station. We are not talking about hakikat, ma’rifat station. The murid is looking for his Murad, his aim, his goal, his identity, his reality. Only looking to that. Only by doing that you can find your reality. Then once you find it, that’s another long journey that you have to take.

The sohbet, must transform you. But like I said, it is not through secret knowledge. The sohbet must give you that power of the spirit, over the nafs. And with that power, that you voluntarily, willingly, without any force, without any persuasion, you yourself, you willingly you want to do it. Not because you are promised this or you are promised that. Not because you are promised the dunya or you are promised the ahiret. You are doing it because you want to fulfill the reason of your creation. And the Prophets they came to make the Ummat to wake up and to fulfill the reason of their creation. And if man fulfills the reason of creation, definitely he can create Paradise here on Earth. Because we came from Paradise. Man comes from Paradise. Definitely we can do it. But if you are not fulfilling the reasons of your creation, and you decide that time not to go with the spirit but with your ego, with your nafs, then you can turn the Paradise into a Hell.

InsyaAllah, our aim is to find our identity. We are talking about that earlier. Find our identity and Sheykh Effendi said so many times: we must pass from this world having that identity card and that identity card, all it has to say is ‘Servant of Allah.’ with that identity card, with that visa, we can go anywhere. If you don’t get that identity as a servant of Allah, you are in very big trouble now. Dunya and Ahiret. Don’t look that those ones who are running after their ego, they are having the best of their lives. No they are not. Everything they touch, if it sweet one time it is bitter a hundred times. They are just not showing it. That’s all. And one sweet that they take, one hundred wrong things that is happening around them and with them.

May Allah accept our service and our sohbets and our association with our Sheykh. To wake up. These are new days. And to run to fulfill our responsibility, and don’t be tricked by your ego. Anything your ego likes, run away from it. Anything that your ego dislikes, run towards it. InsyaAllah that time, you’ll have safety. Fatiha.

hoja giving sohbet

SelamAleykum warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

 Thursday 22 Jumadil Awwal 1436

March 12, 2015


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