What can an individual murids do to strengthen the bonds of community in the OSMANLI DERGAH?


Question: What can an individual murids do to strengthen the bonds of community in the OSMANLI DERGAH?

Osmanli Jemaah

What you can do to strengthen the bond?  Be  an active, not sleeping, active, awake, member of the Jamaat. If you are an active member of that jamaat, if you are awake, if you are always looking, you know who is in front of you, who is behind you, who is on your left, who is on your right and you are reaching out and helping and connecting, that is how you strengthen the bonds. But murids are now finding fault always with the jamaat, but when we say: are you building bonds? Who are you building bonds with? Who are you helping? If I ask, every single one of you: who are you helping? You see someone is in need, whether he says it or he doesn’t, of course we don’t say, never in our tradition we say: ‘I need this.’ ‘I need this.’ No. if your heart is not working, to know what your brother or your sister needs, that you are praying and eating and worshiping for them for years, then you don’t have the rights to call yourself a member of the community. Because your heart is dead. But always finding fault with others. No sympathy. Nobody has any sympathy for me.

This is not a regular gathering. This is not a regular group of people living, a commune. We are here, under direct guidance of SahibulSaif. And things are still working, still continuing, because of his Himmet. So who are you helping?

By word, that’s too easy. By hands, who are you helping? Or you are saying, ‘nobody is helping me.’ But SubhanaAllah, no one really has the right to say that. Who are you helping? Ask yourself that question. Don’t say, ‘ohh, I help the Sheykh.’ Question is not how to build relationship with your Sheykh. It’s how to build relations with yourself. If you are really able to answer that question, then we say, good. Continue. Now, help those that you don’t like. Don’t just help those that you like. Help those that you don’t like, and don’t expect any thanks. Can you do that? Otherwise, how are you going to build a, what do you call that? ‘SilaturRahim’ – a bond of compassion. Ties of compassion. If you don’t have compassion, what is compassion? Just to do something and someone says thank you and  you are happy.  When you do something and someone is not saying thank you, you become very upset? Or you don’t do anything and someone does something to you, and you get very upset?

In a community, it is the individual that makes up a community. If you are not helping each other, you will not have a community. Then that time, very very easy for sheytan just to swipe you, because you are not bonded. You are there, but you are not bonded. So when you are not  bonded, you are not tied together, you come out a little bit, very easy then that time, the wolves will get you. Your ego will get you. Sheytan will get you. They are just whispering something, ‘psst…psst..psst..psst’ and you say, ‘you know what? You are right.’ ‘you see, didn’t I tell you….psst, psst, psst…’ whispering more. ‘you are right,’ and you start to pull yourself more and more out of that community. Now you are in the association of your ego and your  sheytan. Haven’t we seen that? So many times. Pretty soon, they leave. You turn your back on your Sheykh? Ohh, very dangerous. You can do it, but it’s very dangerous.

So InsyaAllah, may we always, to the good and the bad, what we like and what we dislike, may we always have this community. To build better relations with each other. And to be in strong connections with our Sheykh. InsyaAllah.

Whatever you are going through, be sincere. Whatever you are going through, whatever that you are doing,  simple question you are going to ask yourself Don’t talk to each other if you don’t want to. Don’t even consult with me if you don’t want to. Just ask yourself, ‘will Sheykh Effendi be happy with me right now.’ Don’t give any reasons. Don’t say, ‘oh, but because of this, I’m going to..’ No. Where you are right now, is Sheykh Effendi happy with you or not? Don’t say, ‘oh, no, no. I’m such a terrible person.’ You see how the ego is, always trying to be sleek. ‘I’m such a terrible person. I’m never  going to be happy with me. I do nothing. Of course he is not going to be happy…’ No. don’t turn it into a philosophy. ‘what I am doing right now, is he going to be happy?’ The answer will come ringing to you loud and clear. Then you are going to ask yourself, ‘What must I do to make my Sheykh happy?’ The answer will be loud and clear too.

Because when one has faith, when the person has connection, you are never confused.  But when you lost that connection, you will always be confused. You lost the station. Not maqam, station. But like a radio station, you lost the radio station, you are getting a lot of static, you are looking back and forth. A lot of static. A lot of static. But when you have the connection,  it’s very clear.

Like it or you don’t like it, you must have that connection. Things happen for a reason. Like I said before, those around me, especially if you are coming close to me, certain things you have to change. There’s no time left. Because that is making to pull you back. It’s pulling you back. No, cut it. It has to come out. You have to see, then we can go somewhere. Correct? We cannot just sit and sit and sit and sit on it. No, it has to come out now. Because you have work to do. You don’t have too much time, for me to say, ‘oh, it’s okay you will understand one day…da, da…’ No. bring it up. Look at it. You are done, finish. Okay. Continue.

May we always be with our Sheykh, InsyaAllah.


 SelamAleykum warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

Thursday 15 Jumadil Awwal 1436

March 5, 2015

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