Why did everyone want to be part of the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (asws) and what can we do to be worthy of this?


Question: Why did everyone want to be part of the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (asws) and what can we do to be worthy of this?

Rasulullah sws adalah Hazir dan Nazir (2)

This is a very big, huge topic. If they open something, we speak. We are asking permission to speak. We are asking them to send us something, what is going to be necessary for us. To understand the specialness, the specialty, the uniqueness, the high position of the ummat of the Holy Prophet (asws), first you have to understand what is the position of the Holy Prophet (asws) next to his Lord. What is the position of the Holy Prophet (asws) next to his Lord? And what is the position of the Holy Prophet (asws) next to his Lord compared to all the other Prophets next to their Lord?

That position was only understood by the Prophets. Every single Prophet, 124 000 of them, they understood that. Which is why they are willing to give up the high station  and the honour and the value that Allah has given to them as Prophet, just to be part of the ummat of the Habibulllah. Once you start understanding the value of the Holy Prophet (asws), that he is the one whose name is next to his Lord’s name, that he is the one for whose reason Allah has created the universes. That for his sake, Allah swt has given the mercy to this world and to the other world. If we understand the closeness of that one who is called the beloved of Allah, once you start understanding, then you get a glimpse of why it is special to belong to this  ummat.

But we forget. We are very spoiled. And we forget because we are very ungrateful. Because we don’t remember. Because we are just busy with the dunya. We are not busy with Ahiret. Even if we are saying the Salawats, repeating Salawats is one thing but actually understanding and appreciating the mercy that Allah swt has shown us because of the RahmatilAlamin, the Mercy of the universes, is something else. And to be thankful for that is something else. Are we worthy of this?

I can only speak for myself. I’m not worthy of this. What can we do to be worthy of this? Run in his way. How am I going to run in his way? I’m not going to follow my own ideas. I’m going to find someone who is authorised and given permission by him, to be  representing him, to run after that one and whatever he says, then I’ll do. If he says sit, I’ll sit. If he says stand, I  stand. If he says, speak, we have to speak. If he says be quiet, we have to be quiet. And only that time you will be worthy of this. Yes, to be worthy, to understand the worth of your Prophet (asws) and the mercy that he has shown to his nation, if you don’t find one living Awliya, you will never understand him. You can read millions of books. You will never understand because it is not going to hit your heart. We are talking about matters of the spirit has to hit your heart. You are not understanding a discipline, you don’t understand edep. Definitely you will not understand this kind of knowledge. Because once you start understanding edep, you will understand what games there are in this world, what games that you are playing with yourself and what is the reality that you are looking for. What is the reality?

servanthood (2)

Our aim is to be servant. Servant to Allah swt. Eh, I just came back from somewhere, we speak couple of words, talking to be servants; servants to Allah, servants to those who love Him. Somebody got pretty upset and said, ‘No! we can never be servants to Prophet. We are only servants to Allah. We cannot be servants to the Prophet.’

And I said, ‘Yeah, you can say that. But you forget. You are a slave to the system and it’s okay. You belong to those ones who were slaves to others before. You know what? To say that we are servants, service, doing service, servants doing service to the Prophet (asws), it is an honour that we really cannot even imagine.’

What is it that we are doing, in reality?

Can we say we are serving the Prophet? Say, what we are doing? What you are doing? What you or me, we can say, ‘oh, I’m serving the Prophet (asws).’ What? You think, sitting down and playing with your tasbih and reciting Salawatul Sherif, that is serving him? That is being a servant to him? Does Allah need our praise? No. Our praise, or our amal, or our works does not make Him greater. If we don’t do it, it doesn’t make Him smaller. What about the honour that the Holy Prophet (asws) has? You think if the world give salawat to him, his station is going to raise higher? If people don’t give salawats to him, will it make his station to become lower?

No. Because Allah is giving him salawat. Because Allah and His prophets have put him in a high station. So now, we understand what is the salawat for. It’s not for the Prophet (asws). It is for us. It is for us. And he is Nabil Kerim. He is the most generous Prophet, that he says, ‘you give salutation to me one time, I give you salawat ten times.’ How you can top that? So how you can say:’I’m making salawats for the Prophet, and this is serving him.’ What else you are doing, serving him? ‘Oh, I pray.’ No, that’s not serving him. That is obligation. What else you are doing? What can you say that you are doing? You are doing all the worship, it is for you. You are making all the zikr, it is for you.

This is a question Musa (as) ask Allah swt, ‘what can I do for You?’ and he says, ‘I pray, I fast, I make the Hajj, I do all these things.’ Allah swt says, ‘all these, it has all so many benefits to protect you, to bless you, but it is for you. It is not for Me.’ Then Musa asked, ‘Ya Rabbi, what can I do for You?’ and what is Allah’s reply?  ‘Love whom I love and leave those ones that I leave.’ We can open the topic of love and how to love some other day. Because the idea of love is not like western, ‘I feel so good. I feel so nice,’ that is love. No. In Islam, love means something else.

So now, Holy Prophet (asws), everything that we are doing, saying that we are doing it for him, it is not for him, it is for us. Now, but to love whom he loves, that is an order. To love whom he loves and to leave those ones that he leaves, that is a direct order. How am I saying this? Because the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘he who obeys me, obeys Allah.’ Finish. Finish. And Allah swt said so many times in Quran e-Kerim, ‘Obey Allah and obey His Prophet.’ ‘Obey Allah and obey His Prophet.’ ‘Obey Allah and obey His Prophet.’ So many places. And Holy Prophet (asws) has said, ‘if you obey me, you obey Allah. If you disobey me, you disobey Allah.’ He didn’t stop there. Which is why, Alhamdulillah, we are Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. He says, I’m paraphrasing so everyone can understand. He says, ‘those who obey whom I appoint, that I love, the leader, there is a sign, obeys me. And whoever disobeys the leader, the one that I have appointed, I have given power, I have given permission, disobeys me.’ And if you disobey Prophet, you disobey who? Allah.

So now, subhanaAllah, there is a protocol, there is a chain. You want to obey Allah? Obey the Prophet. You want to obey the Prophet? You have to obey the leader. This is ayat : “Obey Allah, obey His Prophet and obey His rightly guided leader.” And you know what? When you have a leader in front of you, what is that leader doing? He’s taking the credit for himself? That leader there, that imam there, that Sheykh there, that Awliya Allah there, is there to protect you against your nafs and against the fire. It’s for your protection. And they are only going to be busy asking you to fear Allah. So now, you want to love the Prophet (asws), you want to obey the Prophet (asws), you want to be worthy, you have an imam, you have a leader, you have a sheykh in front of you, you have an Awliya Allah that you are following, hold on tightly and obey. But these days, because there’s so much confusion that is happening, and it’s entering into some foolish people minds and hearts , they say, ‘no, no, no. I’m not going to follow anyone. So much confusion, you know. This saying, ‘I’m Sheykh. This one say Qutub. This one say Qutub. This is higher.I only belong to Allah. Everyone is a man I don’t have to follow anyone. I only follow Allah.’

Very good. Congratulations (Hoja claps his hands). Because that kind of reasoning, you just earn yourself the title of a Khariji.  Right after the Prophet (asws) passed, and the Sahabi e-Kiram, because of the betrayal of the munafiqs and so many fitnah that is happening, there is separation here and there because of the fitnah, that some groups of so called believers, they say, ‘you know what? To heck with all of this. He’s saying he is Khalifah. He’s saying he’s Khalifah. This group and this group. No Khalifah! Only belong to Allah. Everyone is a man. I am only going to follow, I only belong to Allah.’ Very good then that time. Because you became like them. And those ones, they are completely out of the way. I don’t have to tell you what the earlier Khalifah  did to them.

So, we have to be awake enough to understand the tricks of our ego. Because this is the trick of the ego. To make us to stop to understand the value of the Prophet. And the value of what the Prophet himself loves. Who does he love? His inheritors, that in  another hadiths he is saying, ‘the Sheykhs of my nations, they are like the Prophet of the earlier nations.’ So to love them, is to love the Prophet (asws). To obey them is to obey the Prophet (asws).

Yeah, so many still are taking it easy or trying to follow your ego. I didn’t open this hadiths until now. But be very careful that time. Because I’m witnessing and I’ll be called to testify. And if you don’t wake up, and I’m praying everyday that we all wake up, I will testify because I have to. Those ones who betray, be very careful. Wake up. InsyaAllah. May Allah swt protect us from that kind of Ghaflat, from that kind of betrayal. Definitely we are not saying we are better. We all have that sickness. But we are very happy because we are following our Sheykh who is a doctor. He’s giving us the medicine. The sickness is not coming out. But we have that sickness. It’s not coming out because of the medicine of that Doctor. Stop taking the medicine, it’s going to flare up very badly and that time, you’ll be in big trouble. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha.

Our Sheykh

SelamAleykum warahmatullah

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

 Thursday 21 Jumadil Awwal 1436

March 12, 2015

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