The Steadfast Faith And Strength Of The Syuhada of Canakkale


We are asking support from our Sheykh, the owner of the sword, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Al-Kibrisi ar-Rabbani, who is in the mountain of Qaf now and he is preparing for the big event that is going to come in this Ahir Zaman that we are preparing. Big event happened, hundred years ago, and a bigger event is going to come soon. What is that big event that happened? Why are we here tonight?



Ya Rabbi, be witness that we are remembering Your loved ones, we are remembering your beloved ones, who have given up their lives for You, for Your Khalifah, for Islam. That there may be millions or billions not remembering and not understanding and not giving value to them, Ya Rabbi, accept our weak service. With the blessing of our Sheykh that we are remembering, we are understanding and we are asking for the help of all those ones who have gone before us, giving their lives for You Ya Rabbi and for Your Prophet, giving their lives for Islam. Give us a little bit of their faith ya Rabbi. So that in the coming days we may give our lives, we may sacrifice everything for Your sake. May it be accepted, InsyaAllah. Al-Fatiha.

The Battle of Canakkale that took over 250 000 lives, Muslim lives, Mu’min, Mehmetci, small Mehmet. What does Mehmetci means? They used to call the Ottoman Soldiers Mehmetci, little Mehmet. Mehmet is the name of the Prophet (asws). The Ottomans, they have very high manners. They have Heavenly manners. Very rare they would call themselves, or they would call someone at that time the full name of the Prophet. Because that name is so Holy that when you say Muhammad (asws), you have to give Salawats to that name. That today you see so many people they have that Holy name but it’s being used in very unholy, very low kind of situation. And we are hearing people cursing each other with that name too. We see that name being put in front of stores selling pizza, selling so many things!

But the Ottomans, they have Heavenly manners. They have the edep of the ahle Jannat. Although Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘if you give one of your family member, one of your son, my name, protection is going to come to that family.’ Holy Prophet (asws) did not have one name. He had so many names: Ahmet, Mahmud, Mustafa, these are his names too. In the Delail e- Sherif alone, he has over 200 names, names and titles that are given to him. And so Mehmet is one of his names, and when we say the little Mehmet, we are referring to those ones, little ones, who are in the way of the Prophet (asws) that they are fighting in the way of the Prophet.

So the soldiers, those Mehmetci, 250 000 were martyred in the Straits of Gallipoli, of Canakkale, that our Sheykh, may Allah raise his maqam higher and higher, who is also a Syahid, as the ones before him  are syahid. May we also be granted that title at the end of our lives. He said when he visited that area, Canakkale, where the soldiers of the Khalifah were, and where the enemies were, it is not one hundred metres away. It is not fifty metres away. It’s like ten metres away. And they were fighting, and they were sacrificing themselves. Who are these Mehmetci? They are the ones, especially the Turks, the Kurds, some Cherkez, some maybe from the Balkans; they were the Khalifah’s soldiers. And they went there without too much weapons, without much ammunition, without much food or supplies, but they had faith. They had faith that you cannot find people today with that faith. They have that faith that maybe you cannot find anyone who is saying that they are fighting in the name of Islam and Allah today that they have. Because those ones, so many times they don’t have ammunition.

You see this over here, (Hoja pointing to a bayonet hanged on the Dergah’s wall). This one is a bayonet. This is a bayonet that through our brothers, Alhamdulillah, he is looking and he is trying to find something for Sheykh Effendi and it came through our hands. That is the bayonet from the time of Canakkale. It belonged to one of the Holy soldiers there. It’s being sold on eBay. And he’s looking and he’s saying, ‘I must have this for the sake of the Muslims so that we can have something physical to remind us what and who these people were.’


Those soldiers they didn’t have ammunition. So many times the sergeant told them to take that bayonet there, fix it on their rifle and just go. And the enemies that are in front of them, they are over 500,000, they are soldiers from all around the world. They are soldiers that they also took from the Muslim world, those Muslims soldiers that they were fooled by the British. And those Muslim soldiers, they came and when they discovered that they have to fight against the Khalifah, it was too late. They said, ‘we cannot fight.’

But it’s too late, they said, ‘you better fight or else we are going to kill you.’

There were some they took from India, they fooled those soldiers. They said, ‘we are going to go to Istanbul to rescue the Khalifah because the Germans, they took them.’ And those ones, they believed. I know there are some, Alhamdulillah, from the Southeast Asia part of the world; Malaysia, Singapore area, when the British were going to recruit, they rebelled, and because of that, they were executed, they were hung. They also may be counted amongst those Syahid, the Syuhada of Canakkale. They said, ‘we rather die than to go and fight against the Khalifah.’ So, what happened to the rest of the Muslims?

They betrayed the Khalifah. They turned their backs. The entire Arabistan, Arabia, they not only turned their backs and they didn’t help the Khalifah, they helped the enemies to enter through their lands, through Yemen, through every other area to try to come to Istanbul to bring the Khilafat down. Never before the world has seen such a situation where the whole world is gathering together to fight against one nation, one small area. 28 fronts, the Ottomans, they were fighting. And those enemies who came, more than half a million who came. They came with the latest technology, latest weapons, latest ammunition. Hmm, they couldn’t even take one foot of sand, of land, coming, crossing the Bhosporus coming to Istanbul to bring it down. Because the Mehmetci, they gave their lives.

They did not give their lives, understand this well, this is the words of the SahibulSaif, these are the words of Haqq, they did not give up their lives for Turkey. They did not give up their lives for Nationalism. They did not give up their lives, those men and those women, because there were so many women also involved in that war. Yes, so many women, young women, old women, grandmothers, they were involved in that war, and they went and they fight, and they get knocked down, and they said, ‘Allah.’ So many that they were buried there without kafan (shroud). And they were just buried there on that land. So all these ones, they were fighting for the Khalifah. They were fighting for Allah. They sacrificed for the Holy Prophet (asws). They sacrificed everything for Din, for Islam.

They were marching and they were going because they didn’t have any ammunition and they just marched forward. They marched, they get shot. Next one coming, they get shot, next one, next one, next one. Until they formed a wall of human to stop the enemy from coming and the enemies were terrified, saying that, ‘who are these ones? Who are these ones that are stopping us?’

At night time when there’s a ceasefire, when everything stopped, these soldiers, the Mehmetci, whatever food they have, because they know, some of the enemies over there, they don’t have food, they were throwing food into the water to feed them. The sacrifice that they gave was for Allah, for Islam.  And with Allah’s power and with His help, the enemy did not manage to cross through and to bring the Khalifah down. If they brought the Khilafat down, they would have destroyed Islam, destroyed Ahli Sunnah.

Islam cannot be destroyed. Yes, we understand that. But the Aqidah, the practices and the lifestyle, can be destroyed, as we are seeing today. And those ones who give up their lives, they didn’t give up their lives, those men and those women, they did not give up their lives for us to have a modern, moderate Islam. They did not give up their lives so that we can have Nationalism. They did not give up their lives so that the men can leave their responsibilities and not behave like a Mukmin. They did not give up their lives so that the women can take off their hijab and run around the streets and become western. That’s why they were there fighting against it, to stop all of the influence from coming!

And those ones that they are praising ‘that one’, saying that he is the one who is the hero of the Canakkale, because of him they stopped all these western people from coming, He was a bigger western then them. Eh, so you stopped the French from coming but you are becoming more French than them. And that’s what he is putting into his people. Because the enemies of the Ottoman understood, ‘we have to bring the head down. If we don’t bring the head down, especially these Turks, they are very strong and they have strong faith in them, and if we don’t bring the head down, we cannot continue with our plans. We cannot continue to take the Kurds, the Palestine. We cannot then divide these Muslim Ummah that was one, that was united, into over forty, fifty, who knows, maybe seventy different nations that we are today. Muslims speaking about unity. We had a unity. We had a unity under a Khalifah. For thirteen hundred years we have a unity. We don’t have a unity now. But they are saying, ‘we must unite with other things.’ No, you cannot. You must unite with the Khalifah.

So those ones, they sacrifice themselves. It is not for them they are sacrificing. It is for us. If they didn’t sacrifice themselves, we would not have the Islam today. Ahli Sunnah Akidah would have finished. That’s why Awliya Allah they are saying, ‘those ones, they are not Sahabis, but the station that Allah has given to them it is very close to the sahabi. It is like the Sahabi e-Kiram, but they are not Sahabi e-Kiram’, because the Battle of Canakkale, it is a very decisive battle, as the Battle of Badr is. It is very important and it decided which way Islam was going to go. In the Battle of Badr, as Sheykh Effendi said, don’t think that the Holy Prophet (asws) and the Sahabi e-Kiram when they went to Medina and when they hear the news that the Mushriks are going to come and fight then they take everything, they got so excited and they went to fight. Don’t think that way. Don’t believe that way. That is a Kafir way of believing and you are reading so many different ways, so many different books and you are believing that. It is not.

battle of badar

They knew that the Mushriks were coming. Holy Prophet (asws) did not say anything, as he did not say anything for how many years in Mecca? Ten years?  Ten years in Mecca, his followers, they were boiled in hot oil, they were ripped apart, they were tortured, they were killed. All their properties were taken away, everything was destroyed and the Muslims and the Holy Prophet (asws) did not lift up one single hand to stop them. He did not. Because Allah is ordering His Prophet (asws), teaching them submission, teaching them patience, teaching them Faith, teaching them how to sacrifice, and why to sacrifice. When they came to Medina, when they heard that the Mushriks were coming, they went and they saw Holy Prophet (asws) and they said, ‘Ya Rasulullah (asws), shouldn’t we defend ourselves now? We left everything and came here?’

Holy Prophet said ‘no, we cannot. We have not been given the order yet. I am a servant as everyone else is a servant to Allah. Allah did not give me order yet. We are not going to fight.’

‘But they are coming, Ya Rasulullah!’

‘Let them come’ he’s saying. He says ‘let them come’

‘And what happens, Ya Rasulullah, if they come and they attack us?’

‘Then we will be Syahid. ‘

Allah was testing them. Don’t think it is easy. Don’t think it is easy to say that I’m a Muslim, I’m a Mukmin, I want to live and I want to die for Allah, that it is easy.  May Allah not test us with it. But we are asking Allah to give us that faith. Because now, Holy Prophet (asws) waited and waited, according to the order of Allah. And those ones, they sat down and they submitted and they became patient and they believed and they were ready to sacrifice and they were ready to die. And when that moment came, when Prophet (asws) looked and he saw that every single one of them, they are ready to sacrifice everything, not for the sake of their mothers, not for the sake of their fathers, not for the sake of their homeland, not for the sake of their properties, not for the sake of their  lineage, not for the sake of the honour, but for the sake of Allah and His Prophet, when they were ready, then that time Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘Now, we can fight.’

And Allah give that order and says, ‘Now pull your sword and strike. But know that it is Allah that is going to take their life.  You are just going to strike.’ Don’t think they all had swords too. They didn’t have sword. So many of them, they have just sticks in their hands. So many of them, they were just carrying stones to fight, against who? The musyriks.

Again, they were outnumbered. There were 313 in the Battle of Badr. It’s not thousands. So many came to Medina. Over 700 came to Medina. What happened to the rest of the people? The rest of the people said, ‘Oh, you want to fight? Okay. We are going to get ready.’ Or some of them, not even understanding, or they are tricking themselves and they are going somewhere sneaking away, hiding, because they know the battle was going to happen and they turned their backs on the Prophet. They were the hypocrites. Because they are saying, ‘it is impossible now if we were to fight in this war we are going to win. We are going to lose. So let us hide. That time if the Muslim they lost and the enemy comes, we can say , No, we were not with them.’

Riwayat coming, Holy Prophet (asws), Sheykh Effendi is saying, they only had two horses in the Battle of Badr. Over a thousand musyriks, 313 warriors of Islam, the Lions of Islam. Yes, and they were fighting with ‘Allah! Allah! Deen! Deen!’ Just as the soldiers of Canakkale were doing that. They were not saying, ‘Turkiye, Turkiye.’ They were not saying, ‘my mother, my father.’ They were not saying, ‘my homeland.’ They were not saying, ‘my children.’ They were not saying, ‘my bank account.’ They were not saying nothing. They were saying, ‘Allah! Allah! Deen! Deen!’ And they were going out with that Zikr to give up their lives just as the warriors, as the Syuhada of Badr they were doing. That if Badr, they lost, Islam would not survive too much.

association of light

Same thing, if the enemy they came and brought down the Khilafat and the Kufr were to enter and bring down the Khilafat, we will not have this religion. So, say those who are opposed to Zikr, what do you say to this, hmm? What do you say to this?

So many that they are going to the war fighting for the sake of Allah and they are saying Allah! Allah! Allah! And with that energy, with that power, they are going and they are already not from this world, anyway. Once you get into that, how we say, once you get into that area, into that understanding, into that feeling, they lift you. And you are not from this world and you are going there and you are fighting and you are so close to Allah. You want to be with Allah. You don’t enter there to live. You enter there to die! And that’s exactly what the Syuhada of Canakkale they did. They went there to give up their lives for Allah. They don’t go there making big plans, thinking that they are going to have a ticker tape parade when they come back home. They go there to understand that they are going to give what Allah has given them; they are going to give back the lives that Allah has given them, for the honour of Islam.

In some families, they didn’t give one son. Some gave two, three, four, five. Sheykh Effendi met one lady, she was such a saintly looking lady and she said, ‘yes, I gave my sons. I have five sons and they are all martyred in that war.’ And she said, ‘if I have a hundred sons, I would send them.’ Those are the mothers of Paradise. Those are the mothers who have Paradise under their feet. They don’t have the dunya under their feet. They don’t have the dunya in their hands. They don’t have the dunya in their hearts. Those are the ones. Not today’s mothers, that they are worshipping their sons. They are worshipping their husbands. They are worshipping the success of this dunya, later, when they see that their love ones are going closer to Islam, following someone strong, they say, ‘No. I force you to obey me because Paradise is under my feet.’ Not that kind of mothers. Those kinds of mothers, they have hell under their feet and it’s burning them! Believe me.

Those mothers who give up everything for the sake of Allah and they are reminding their children about Allah and His Prophet, and His Awliya, who is not putting herself first, who is not making their children to worship them. So many mothers they make their children to worship them too. It is wrong. Allah and His Prophet (asws) is first. That time when you have that, everything will be balanced. That time you will be able to love your mother the way that it is deserved for the mother to be loved, the father to be loved, your brothers, your sisters, then everything in the world that time, when you have the love of Allah and His Prophet, impossible for you not to have love for anything else. That time you have love for everything that Allah has created. Yes. But if you don’t have love for Allah and His Prophet first, then your love is going to become fake, becomes idol worship. It is wrong. Of course, it must be.

There are some foolish ones also, I’m reading here and there, saying they belong to Tarikat and they are following.  But they are saying; Sheykh is just a title that people give. Because they love that person they just give a title, but it is wrong to love the Sheykh more than your mother or your father and the Quran is saying this. I say this one lost his mind. What happened to this one? Who is that Sheykh? You know a Sheykh? You know that one is Awliya? You know that one is a saint? Then you understand that that one is inheritor of the Prophet (asws). He is representing the Prophet. And Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to Hazreti Umar, ‘if you don’t love me more than you love yourself and everything else, you have not reached to complete faith.’ Those ones, those mothers and fathers, they love Allah and they love the Prophet more than their children, more than anything else.

So many unusual things happened in that Holy war, of course. So many miraculous events happened. A huge cloud came and it took away so many soldiers. So many unusual things happened because there are so many Awliyas that was also in that war. Our Grandsheykh was in that war. Our GrandSheykh, may Allah sanctify his secrets and raise his station higher, he had a commander that was not believing too much. When our Grandsheykh was worshipping, a bomb came and drop right next to him. He did not even move. Everywhere else was a disaster except for him. And his commander looked at him and said, ‘I don’t believe in Allah too much, but I believe in you.’ And because of that, he came closer to Allah.

So many unusual things happened. So many saints were there. These ones are Saints, passed. These ones, the Syuhada, if everyone understand what is a Syuhada, what is a Syahid, Syahid, those ones they give up their lives for the sake of Allah and Allah is saying, ‘everyone else who passed, the Angel of Death comes and takes his lives. But when a Syahid gives up his life for My sake, I come and I take his life.’ Allah Azza ja wa’ala, are coming and He takes his life. And Allah swt is giving that one such a high honour, that that martyr is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, if you grant me one wish, I wish myself to be returned back to the Earth to die for Your sake again, just so I can relive that sweetness as when You take my life. And I wish that I’ll be born back into this world, come back to this world a thousand times, so that I can die a thousand times, so that you can take my soul a thousand times.’

And those Syuhada of Canakkale, Allah swt loves them and they love Allah; men and the women that were involved and their families who gave up everything for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the Prophet, for the sake of the Khilafat. They were not saying, ‘Oh my son, you shouldn’t go out there in the cold unless you wear a jacket. I’m afraid that you are going to get cold.’ They didn’t say, ‘oh my son, be next to me. Don’t be so much with the men.’ ‘Oh my son,’ some they are saying, ‘it’s okay, you should be like women, everything you feel you must show. You cannot be cold. That’s being cold. You cannot not show your emotions.’


There was one man, he was not a man, he was a boy. He was a soldier in that war. And his name was Ali. And Ali, when he came to that war, he was very young. If you see some of the soldiers of Canakkale, they were very young. They are boys, 12, 13, they look like. And Ali, when he came, the other soldiers they were making fun of him, they were teasing him. They were teasing him a little bit, his commander also teasing him, because he puts henna on his head. And they were laughing at him. Because as you know, in Muslim culture, you put Henna, some putting Henna on their beard, henna on their fingers when they get married. So this one coming to the war, there’s Henna on his head. And they were laughing at him a little bit. So, he didn’t mind because his heart was strong.

One day, he’s knowing that the day was going to come soon that he’s going to go and he’s going to fight, and he’s left his mother in a village and he wants to write something to his mother before he’s removed from this world. He asked his friends to write the letter. This is a true story. The original letter of this story was kept in a museum. And he’s writing, ‘O my mother, SelamAleykum, I’m going to go soon and before I go, if it’s necessary to send my brother to this war, mother please send him but don’t put henna  on his head because this people here, they are laughing at me, because I have Henna on my head. But send him and, InsyaAllah, pray for me.’ And he went for the war, and he was martyred. Think now. Think. Think. Think. How much love you have for Allah and His Prophet?

Think! So many claiming, ‘I love Allah. I speak to Allah and Allah speaks to me. I speak to Prophet, Prophet speaks to me. I speak to Saint, Saint speaks to me. Whenever I say, ‘Come,’ the saints, they come. Whenever I say Medet, they just appear.’ Huh! Think now. You have sons? You have daughters? Think. I don’t think your love for Islam is that much. That your heart is not going to move if your son or your daughter is taken away to fight for the cause of Islam and they are dying for the sake of Allah. We know that too. We can see that kind of worship that people have. Stop that. Stop that. Test yourself if you have enough faith to send your sons and your daughters, to send yourself, your mothers or your fathers, to that war, to fight and to die for the sake of Allah.

So Ali, they called him, Henna Ali. So he went and he was martyred. His mother received the letter after some time and she wrote a letter back to him. And it came to his commander, but Ali was already Syahid. And his commander, his heart was broken. He couldn’t open the letter to read. Sometime later, he took the letter and decided to read it and he read the letter. The letter was from his (Ali’s ) mother to Henna Ali. The mother is saying,


SelamAleykum O my son,

May Allah grant you the highest station and give you faith to fight for the sake of Allah. If the time is coming, I will send your brother. But, let your friends and your commander know that in our village, in our tradition, we put henna on three occasions; We put Henna on a bride, when she’s going to get married to show that now, she’s going to leave her family forever and she’s going to join another new family. She’s cut off. We put henna on her. In our tradition, we also put henna on the lamb, on the ram that is going to be sacrificed. We put henna on the ram because we are going to sacrifice the ram for the sake of Allah. And we put henna on our boys who are going to go to war and to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah.

Explain to them my son, but don’t force me not to put henna on your brothers because that is our tradition.

We should think. These stories are not for nothing. These are real. These are people. These are people, Allahu Alam, what they are going to say if they see the state of the Muslims today. The situations of the Muslims today, especially in Turkey. Compare them, those boys and those girls who are fighting in that war for the sake of Allah and for the sake of Islam. Think now, did they fight and did they sacrifice their lives so that a hundred years later little boys and little girls, not only in Turkey, but everywhere else in the Muslims countries, when you see them and when you see the other kafirs, the unbelievers, you are not going to see too much different between them. Do you think they gave up their lives for that? They gave up their lives for nationalism? For a selfish, egoistic, western lifestyle?

NO, they did not!

Today, there is no Jihad. There is no jihad. Jihad, the last one, was given in the battle of Canakkale, because only a Khalifah can declare a Jihad. If there is no Khalifah, there is no Jihad. Since that time until now, No, there is no Jihad declared by a Khalifah. Now is not the time for us, for that too. We are preparing now. But we are not preparing with guns or with ammunition, or with sword. No, nothing. We are preparing, keeping ourselves clean. Not running around too much. Living a simple life, following in the footsteps of our Sheykh and the Prophet, doing zikr and worshipping, preparing ourselves, yes, for that big war, that other big war, that biggest war that is going to come. Armageddon. Preparing ourselves for that. That, when Hazreti Mahdi (as) calls the takbir, as Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if you hear the Takbir of Mahdi (as), even if you are holding a baby,’ I’m speaking to the women, understand this, women who are worshipping to their sons and to their daughters and to their children, Prophet is giving an order, ‘if you hear the takbir of Mahdi (as), even if you are holding a baby in your arm, drop the baby. Drop it.’

However you want to take it, take it. If you are saying, ‘he’s gone crazy. He’s saying drop the baby!’ You can say that too. I’m just repeating what the Holy Prophet is saying. There is so many meanings to that. But for the foolish ones who wants to misunderstand, they can misunderstand anything. But it is a big test for us. For men and for women, for that time.

In Canakkale, if we understand it, then maybe we get a little bit of an understanding of what it takes to sacrifice in the name of Allah, for Islam. Muslims today cannot even sacrifice their own comfort. They cannot. Huh! Murids today, they cannot even sacrifice a couple of hours to just come to the dergah. Isn’t it? They cannot. It’s too much. ‘What? Me? crawl over ice and snow? Why?’ But those who did, mashaAllah to you. You know yourself who you are. Those who say, ‘ I really want to go but I cannot,’ and you are not fooling yourself and making excuses for yourself, and your heart is really with us, mashaAllah. We pray for you. But you know who you are. Those who are just taking it for a ride, then, we are saying, be careful. Because Sheykh Effendi Dergah is not a cheap dergah. It is not a dergah that is without any value. If you don’t put value in it, it will be taken away from you. Definitely, and it will be given to others who are thirsty and who are starving and who are looking for the kind of light and understanding and knowledge that Sheykh Effendi is giving.

Right now as we are speaking, there’s so many in other parts of the world that they are begging us to go. We are nothing. But when Sheykh Effendi is putting something, then we have an obligation to give. There’s no permission now, so we are here. But, who knows, if the permission is given, what is going to happen. As Allah likes. May Allah swt give us a little bit more understanding, give us a little bit more of their faith, for us to put into our lives, and for us to think and for us to understand. Everyone is asking for a high station and a high level but they are not willing to sacrifice that much. Because Allah is saying, ‘you think that you are going to enter into the Paradise of My Prophets and of their companions, without going through their tests? Without us testing you?’

So, like we said, we are not asking to be tested, but we are saying, ‘ya Rabbi, grant us more strength. We know that we are weak but grant us more strength  that if that test comes, it is with Your strength Ya Rabbi that we can overcome it.’

May Allah grant them higher station, may they send their support and their help to us, may Allah raise the station of Sheykh Effendi and grant long life and a healthy life and a strong life to our Grandshyekh. May we be living and serving, when the time of Mahdi (as) comes, sincerely and may we live and may we die for that cause. Wa minAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha. 


Sohbet by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz. OSMANLI DERGAHI, NEW YORK

MARCH 18, 2013

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