The Gharib Soldiers of Canakkale


What  do you think was going through the heart of the Soldiers of Canakkale, as they were fighting? What do you think was going through them?

martyrs of Canakkale

Like what we’ve said before, the Martyrs of Canakkale they were not fighting for their country. They were not fighting for their country. Don’t make no mistake. Every conflict now in this world that the Muslims are fighting, it is for their country, it is for nationalism. It is not for the Ummat. It is not for the Khilafat. It is not for the shadow of Allah on Earth. It is first for their own country. And whatever the ideology that their country is resting on, and I don’t have to tell you that most of the ideologies of Muslim countries that they are resting on, it is not Islam. If it is, it is either mixed up, like: Islamic Republic. Islam is its own system. A republic is its own system. Anyway, even if the country is saying, ‘hundred percent we are for Islam,’ you cannot be. It’s impossible. Because Islam can only be ruled by a Khalifah. And the Khalifah must rule over the Ummat.

What happened?  The Ummat say, ‘we don’t want a Khalifah!’  So they became broken up. Their heads are removed, and now the rest of their body, it’s in pain and is fighting with each other, never going to stop. No solution, until the Khilafat is restored. It’s not going to be restored by you or me. It’s not going to be restored by people who say, ‘we want Khalifah! We want Khalifah!’ marching through the streets for nothing. Allah is going to restore. It is not through our votes or our power or our military. Nothing. Allah is going to appoint. And he is going to come with the Heybet and with the power, the majestic power of the Heavens. And he will pull the support of the believers then.

So now, those soldiers and those ones who gave birth to these soldiers, their  thoughts and their intention is to live and to die for the Khilafat. For Allah’s sake. For the Prophet’s sake. Nothing else. Majority of the Muslim world doesn’t know what Canakkale is. Isn’t it? They don’t know and they don’t care! But they care so much about the war when there is, for example, partition is happening. They care. They care for the conflicts. They care for the conflicts between one country and another country. They understand and they commemorate those conflicts and those battles. One country, a muslim country, fighting against another muslim country. Isn’t it? Pakistan and Bangladesh. Still remembering.

Understand how Islam began Gharib and it ends Gharib. And how Gharib, how strange were the soldiers of Canakkale. How  strange is the reality of Khilafat. That now it become the complete strange that majority, they are not understanding, they are not believing, they are not wanting to know. If you don’t know this, you have no connection to the Heavenly sources. No connection. Because this continues.  This History, this world will continue…

outdoor 1 (2)

Canakkale, the second most important Battle in Islam, in 1400 years. The Battle of Badr is important to establish the Islam. And the Battle of Canakkale is important to continue the Islam. Muslim must remember this night. Because if they had lost the Canakkale, the West, with all its highest technology, with all its soldiers, taking also from Muslim lands. Soldiers, Muslims soldiers that they tried to push through a short straits, a very small piece of land, with all their bullets and all their technology that the Ottoman Soldiers, the Soldiers of the Khalifah, the Mehmetciks, they had nothing, they were boiling their boots. Are you understanding? You are foolish ones. Your stomach are full, that’s why your head is empty and your heart is empty! They had no food. They were taking their boots made of leather. They were boiling it and they were eating it, to protect the Islam of you and me. When are you going to come out from this ghaflet (heedlessness)!

They had no bullets. The enemies were shooting and they were taking it, and they were using it. There was one girl that was holding a position. The enemies thought that it was a whole battalion but it was only a few people and one young girl. And finally when they broke through, they  thought it was a whole battalion but they found just a few people and one young girl there. She was shooting. And they looked at her body and they found that she had over seventy–three bullet holes in her body. Is this a game? Tonight is a game? Tonight is just coming here, dressing up, eating some food, saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ and then going back? That’s how every year you are coming and you are not making progress. There’s no spirit now.

At least one night a year, to sit and to think and maybe to cry a few tears for them. That out of billions, 2 billion muslims, how many millions you think is remembering tonight and offering Fatiha for them? You think the whole Arab world is going to remember them? That they stick them back, of the Khalifah’s back, with a knife. That they betrayed.

But they (Martyrs of Canakkale) died for their Lord. For us. They are in safety. We are not in safety. So what do you think is going through their minds and in their hearts? Definitely not what you are going through right now. Because your heart and your mind is filled with dunya. Nothing else. Busy with dunya. As I’m speaking, you are busy with dunya.  How are you even going to even imagine that what they are going through? Just imagine.  How are you going to understand they are already Ahle Jannat that time. How are you going to understand that they are Ahle Zikr. That 253 000, they are 253 000 walis. That they are Saints. That so many Saints were in that war. That our GrandSheykh was there.

How many remembering Canakkale properly, is  going to understand it properly and not turning it into a  Nationalism. And not turn it into a secular understanding of what Canakkale is. How many? So we are fortunate and blessed to be in Sheykh Effendi’s association, to get all these knowledge, Ilm. And we are just squandering it away? We should not be. This is foolishness. This is wasting. Because they are watching us right now. They are watching us. They are looking at us and they are looking at our hearts, whatever your heart is busy with. Don’t say to me your heart is busy with Allah.

We are asking for forgiveness, that we cannot carry this. We cannot carry this honor of this faith. But  we are asking for them to bless us and to give us the strength to carry this. The strength is coming from nights like this, that you pull yourself a little bit tight and you put some discipline in you, and to tell your sheytan, ‘leave me alone.’ I must sit and I must listen.  I see people who don’t understand English they are sitting much better than you who understand. They don’t understand what I’m talking about but they are sitting with the manners. Why? Because  the rahmat is falling to them and they are feeling it.

May Allah make us to wake up and to understand. May Allah make us to step on our ego. May Allah make us to become obedient ones. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum.

Lokman Effendi Hz

Sohbet in Commemoration of the Martyrs of Canakkale by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz. OSMANLI DERGAHI, NEW YORK

MARCH 18, 2015



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