Be with the Jamaat. Be with the Main Body. Be in the association of Rahman


 Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Be in Association

We are asking our Sheykh, InsyaAllah, to send us something that is going to bring benefit for us in these days. Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at. This Tarikat is based on Association. And the goodness comes from the association. You like it or not, everyone is in an association. Either you are going to be in the association of Rahman or you are going to be in the association of sheytan. But nobody, in reality is alone. Because in reality, only Allah is alone. Even when you think that you are alone by yourself physically, and if you separate yourself from the Jamaat, you have your ego with you to keep you company. Still making association with your ego and you’ll be having so many sheytan with you also to have an association with them. But you are never alone.

So the believer must know what kind of association he needs and what is that association giving. The believer believes. “O Believer, believe.” This is an ayat. Ayatul Kerima, “O you who believe! Believe.” Do not take your belief for a thing that you’ve done one time and that’s it. Your belief grows. Your belief, it may die. And your belief, it may change. The responsibilities of believers now is to make our belief to stay and to grow, and to stop to protect it, to protect the Iman. To protect the Iman.  And how is the Iman going to be protected in these days? How is your faith going to be protected from your ego, from sheytan, from this dunya, from your desires? Through association. Your Iman is going to be protected through the association. Through the association of Allah. Through the association of the Prophet (asws).  Through the association of the Awliya Allah.

If you are not associating with this kind of association, that time you can say, ‘I’m reading Quran 24hrs. I’m praying 24hrs. I’m reading Holy Books, spiritual books, Sohbets I’m reading 24hrs,’ but you are not in association, it’s not going to give you anything. Because association is not reading. Association is not just sitting and listening too. Association is active. You are going to sit, you are going to listen, you are going to listen with your heart. You are going to watch yourself listening. You are going to understand. You are going to digest. You are going to put it in your life and you are going to look, how your life is changing or not according to that sohbet. This is what is going to protect our faith. Otherwise our faith will easily be shredded, will be broken.

How is the faith, how is the Iman going to be broken? How can your faith lessen? When you stop believing. Isn’t it? Isn’t that how your faith is going to lessen? When you stop believing? When  there is no fire of belief or passion or love in your heart. That’s when your heart becomes dead. When you stop believing. And why do you stop believing? Now we need to ask, ‘why we stop believing?’

What is the reason that you stop believing? It’s easy to find reasons from outside. It’s easy. But it’s always the inside that is the first thing to make something to happen. It is not from the outside. Something happened from the inside. And what is it that is inside that is stopping you from believing? It is your ego. Nothing else. Ego is saying, ‘this is not giving me anything. I know better.’ Ego is saying, ‘I have my own way.’ Ego is saying, ‘I don’t want to be like the rest. They are following like sheep.’ Ego is saying, ‘I am an exception. I am special. I am not like the rest. I am not part of the Jamaat. I am not part of the association.’ So the beliefs now start to get chipped away. That time, run to do something, you may run to build this whole world, you may say you are running to build this whole world for the sake of Allah, but if there is no belief there, what is the use?

You think you are doing something? We think we are doing something? There were thousands of cities. Cities, not one house, couple of houses, couple of village, couple of towns. But we are talking about cities, Kingdoms, thousands, established in the name of Allah. But they have been destroyed. And they have been forgotten. It’s not standing. There were whole Empires that may have begun for the sake of Allah, but somewhere along the way, they lose the direction and they say, ‘I don’t want to belong anymore. It’s not giving me anything. I want to do something else.  Something different. I don’t want to be with the main body. I don’t want to be with the Jamaat.’

What is Holy Prophet (asws) saying about this?  He is giving us a direct order, he says: be with the Jamaat. Be with the main body. You will never go wrong that way. By yourself, even if you think you are very very correct, and you may see certain things that are not too good, by yourself you will go to that wrong way very quickly. But be with the main body. And Allah is giving an order, ‘Be in Jamaat.’  So the ego is standing in the way. The ego is saying, ‘I don’t belong.’ ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t belong.’ ‘I try, but I don’t belong.’ What do you think Holy associations are? Pizza? You try some pizza, some pizza you like and some pizza you don’t like? What is it? Gum? A soda, that you are trying?

If you don’t like, if there is something wrong that you see in a Holy association, there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with the Holy association. Because what is the association standing for? If you understand what it’s standing for, just based on that principle alone, you are going to say: This is enough for me. But the man excludes himself when he’s seeing himself exceptional. None of us are. Not me and not you. And we are here in the association of our Sheykh and we hope to die in this association. InsyaAllah. And whatever that is going to happen with this Jamaat, we hope to belong to this jamaat. Up or down, doesn’t matter. Because now, if you have faith, you are going to say that faith is enough for me. But Alhamdulillah, Sheykh Effendi’s association is not only faith. There’s other things. There’s so much treasures that is coming through every association. But for a blind man, he is going to deny the sun. For the blind man, he is going to say, ‘why do I need a light when it’s daylight outside?’ You are understanding? But he is not understanding that there is a sun. He is not believing that there is a sun.

May Allah protect us from the tricks of our ego. May Allah wake up those ones, put their heads back and for them to step on their ego, their arrogance, for their own good. You being here or not being here, is not giving anything to this association. Don’t think you are doing me a favour by sitting and listening. Don’t think you are doing me a favour by being here. You are doing yourself a favour. Because Sheykh is watching. Sheykh Effendi is watching. The Awliyas they are watching. The Angels they are watching. And Allah’s hand is on the Jamaat. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha.

our Sheykhs

Sohbet after Zikr by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz. OSMANLI DERGAHI, NEW YORK

MARCH 19, 2015

28 Jamadilawal 1436H

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