Proper manners when visiting the Makam of Grandshaykh Abdullah Daghestani (qs) at the Osmanli Dergah


Question: What are the proper manners when visiting the Makam of Grandshaykh Abdullah Daghestani (qs) at the Osmanli Dergah?


As you know there is a Makam of Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani (qs) in the Osmanli Dergahi since its opening, that there are many signs and many miracles that happened in this Makam. And we are very blessed to be having the opportunity to visit the Makam. Visiting the Makam of the Sheykh, the Saints, if you have the proper manners, what is that word? Jholi bhar do? What is Jholi bhar do? Fill up my garments. Which means: whatever I ask for, please, don’t refuse me. Give. Be generous O generous one.

Jholi bhar do. One of our murids singing to Sheykh Effendi, Jholi bhar do: Please fill it up. How do you think that Sheykh is going to fill it up? He has everything, Allah gave him, Alhamdulillah. He is very generous. He wants to give. But how are you going to receive that? You visit any Saints, they always give. They never take. So Jholi bhar do, Fill up my bucket.

Whenever you see an Awliya Allah, definitely they have so much to give and they will never return you empty handed. But what are you coming for? How you come? You coming for jewles? Or are you coming for candy? It’s up to you now. It’s not up to them. Really. Although they are the ones who’s giving, but what are you coming for? What is your intention? What are you looking for? So many, they are looking for candy. What is candy? This dunya. So many coming to Sheykhs and Awliyas saying, ‘please pray for me. I want my daughter to get married.’ ‘I want my son to get married.’ ‘I want my daughter to have children.’ ‘I want my son to have a better job.’ ‘I want this and I want that…’ Everything is dunya. ‘I want my job to become better.’ ‘I want a better car.’ ‘I want this…’ Everything is dunya. Isn’t it?

Very rare they come to an Awliya Allah and they say, ‘please ask Allah to make it easy for me…’ I’m not going to tell you what to ask. You have to think (Hoja laughs). It’s not that difficult. This dunya is a candy. The Ahiret, it is a jewel. So now, if you are going to go to the Makam of a GrandSheykh, of a Sultanul Awliya, and if you don’t know how to empty yourself, how to be humble, how to be sincere, how to ask, how to enter, not only will you not get a candy, but  because you have snakes and scorpions inside of you that’s what you are going to leave with. You understand? They never give you snakes and scorpions. Never. They only want to give you the best. If you come empty, they can fill up. You come full, they cannot fill up.

I’ve seen people, I came back from making ziyaret of the Prophet’s (asws) beard, I’ve seen this proud, empty head Muslims standing in front of the Holy Sakal, Holy Beard of the Prophet (asws) that men have given up their lives for, they are standing there like this (Hoja folds his arm looking proud). Looking (arrogantly) and saying, ‘oh ok. Thank you. Thank you.’ You know the protocol is to come humbly as if that is the Prophet (asws). And when you kiss, it’s with the intention that you are kissing the beard. Isn’t kissing the beard a sunnat? It is. They don’t have that much brain because sheytan already played tricks on them, ‘Don’t! Don’t show respect.’  Maybe instead of getting good things, they are going to get smack because they come with that arrogance. And the arrogance can only attract the smacks. Some say to them, ‘do you want to go see the ziyaret, see the Prophet’s beard,’ and they say, ‘yeah, but I’m not going to kiss it!’ SubhanaAllah. So Proud. ‘I’m not going to kiss it! I’m not going to make a shirk!’

Yeah, you can make shirk with your own nafs eh. Declaring your own shirk. But the one who is the beloved, the one that Allah swt says, ‘don’t take off your sandals O My beloved one. My Arsh is going to be blessed.’ If the Sandal  of the Prophet is blessed, what about his beard? Huh! Foolish, senseless ones!

So you don’t know how to approach. You come with scorpions, you are going to leave with scorpions. So you want to enter into the Makam, first have your intentions, I’m not going to tell you enter with which foot. That one, you can google. There are a lot of google Sheykhs, E-Sheykhs and google Sheykhs and yahoo Sheykhs. So, you can do that.

First. Why do you want to go? So many people, they treat Sheykhs, either living or in the tombs, they are treating them like Santa Claus. ‘I want this. And I want this. And I want this.’ Of course, like I said, if you want candy, they will give you candy. If you want diamonds, they have diamonds. But majority they are stuck with candy. You think they don’t know the troubles that you are going through? Definitely, with just one dua, they can make all that trouble to disappear. But for that dua to make their troubles to disappear, if it comes from the sincere heart of a believer, everything is going to work and they will speak and everything will disappear.

Be careful. Sheykh Effendi is saying, Turkish saying, ‘be careful what you say when you are in the company of, say, Thugs,’  Be careful what you say. You walk in the streets, you know if you go out to the streets of Harlem, I live there, you have to be very careful what you speak. Correct? You have to be careful how you walk. They don’t like the way you walk, they don’t like the way you look, you don’t have to say nothing, yeah they are going to mess you up. Awliya Allah is saying, ‘in the presence of the ashkiye of the Thugs, be careful what comes out from your tongue. In the presence of the Awliya, the friends of Allah, be careful what is in your heart.’ So, you want to visit the tomb of the GrandShaykh? Check first your heart. Understand what is there, what needs to be taken out, what is it that you want to bring out. Then come humbly. Humbly. That time, even if you break protocol here and there, you don’t know what to do, it’s okay. Because to get the favour and the blessings of that Sheykh, is not just to walk in with your right foot, to kiss the threshold, to say medet and Destur and to recite Fatiha and eleven Ikhlas, to go and to kiss it again, and to pray two raka’ats. All of that, a munafiq can do too. They can.

The idea is not for a person to be next to the Holy one physically. Right now, the wahabbis sheytan, 24 hrs,  seven days a week, 365 days a year, they are next to the tomb of the Prophet (asws). Isn’t it? Do you think they are gaining anything from it? Or they are becoming more sheytan? Definitely they are becoming more sheytan. ISIS is not the only sheytan. Wahabbis have been doing that for hundreds of years. Destroying tombs. Wahabbis destroy all the tombs of, leave Saints, Ahle Bait of the Jannatul Baqi. They already destroyed it. The tomb that the Ottomans especially, they build over  his own son, the Prophet (asws) own son,  Ibrahim, they destroyed it. But if they find a relic from their own jahiliyyah, pagan past, pre-Islamic past, they take it as it is something precious and holy and they put it in their museum. So are you upset now that some guys they are blowing up things here and there?

May Allah forgive us. Know what to pray for. If you want to know what to pray for for this dunya too, listen carefully to how we pray and the duas that we make in this Naksibendi order. InsyaAllah. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

Osmanlis Visiting Maqam of GrandSheykh Abdullah Daghestani (qs)

 Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

Thursday 21 Jumadil Awwal 1436

March 12, 2015



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