The end of the first Islamic Era, the beginning of second Jahiliyyah


Question: Does the Battle of Gallipoli (çanakkale) represent the end of the first Islamic Era and the beginning of the second jahiliyyah?

Hoja Effendi Hz

The Battle of Gallipoli that happened a hundred years ago, that Alhamdulillah with Sheykh Effendi’s Himmet, we are commemorating and remembering them, it was a very big event. But understand that that battle ended in victory for us, for the Muslims. It ended in victory for the Khilafat. It ended in victory for the believers. Because they managed to stop the enemies from pushing through and destroying the Khilafat. So, that era was still continuing.

What was the end of that Islamic era? As we know it, that is the fall of the Khilafat. The first stage was when they removed, by force, by again from the inside, so many traitors from the inside including the Sheykh ul-Islam. Demanding that the Sultan step down, the Khalifah step down although the Khalifah has means and power to remain, but he says, ‘Prophet is ordering, now  is the time I have to step down to prevent complete bloodshed.’ Although he had the means and the power to stay, he stepped down. That was the first phase. Because that  was the last ruling Khalifah with complete authority that began with the Holy Prophet (asws), that began with Hazreti Abu Bakr al-Siddiq. It was the Khilafat that the Holy Prophet praise as the one that is closest to the Khulafa ar-Rasyidin  in so many ways.

The Khalifahs continued after that but they were not ruling anymore. Those other ones who came into power and decided to nationalise the country, those ones they reduced the power of the Khalifah and the Khalifah became just like a puppet, with no power. But the Khilafat system was still there. Although they promised they will never get rid of it, they wanted to turn the Khalifah into like a constitutional monarch, like they had in the western countries. But finally, what ended that phase of the Islamic Era was the abolition of the Khilafat system completely. And that brought the beginning of the second Jahiliyyah. That when that happened, the believers at that time, and we are talking about millions, maybe a billion people at that time, they believed that it was Judgement Day. It’s finished. What’s going to come after that is just hell. And what has come after that, from that time until now, has been sheer hell for the Muslims and for the whole world too.

So then, the world entered into second age of ignorance. A second Jahiliyyah. Which is worse than the first jahiliyyah. That with everything at their disposal, with knowledge and money, with technology, with manpower, we have become barbarians. That that century from the time the Khilafat ended  up till now, say 100 years, the world has never entered into such barbarity ever before. Ever in history.  That there are more people, for example, being killed, in that one century than in this thousands of years that happened before. And that is not the age of civilisation, 21st century. It is barbarism. 20th century barbarism. And that is the age of what? That the Holy Prophet (asws) said: this is the age of tyranny.  Jabbabirah. Where regimes are tyrannical. Don’t look communist, democratic, socialist, republic, Islamic republic…Tyrants are ruling. Tyrants are ruling and tyrants are influencing, and people are becoming little tyrants. From young to old, individuals, groups, nations are becoming tyrants, and they are teaching us how to live like tyrants.

This is the age that is completely ready for the appearances of dajjal. If it is ready for the appearances of dajjal, that means Muslims are not ready for Mahdi (as). Understand that. That if Mahdi (as) were to appear tomorrow, majority of the Muslims will be in very big trouble. Our responsibility: to keep ourselves clean and sincere. This is real. This is real. What is going to happen outside to distract you here and there, that is not real. Believers, must believe. Once we find the belief, then every door will be open for you to understand. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi QS, Osmanli Dergahi.

Thursday 28 Jumadil Awwal 1436

March 19, 2015

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