Are you seeing Abu Jahil in yourself?


You are one of the luckiest one, LUCKIEST ONE. Are you understanding the value? Are you knowing the value that you are giving the Shahadat? Are you understanding the value of Shahadat? Are you understanding the value of your Sheykh? Are you understanding the value of Islam? If you do, you cannot be this arrogant. You cannot be this stubborn. Impossible, your heart must move! You become like a stone, nothing is moving.

Do you know how many times Holy Prophet (asws) went to the doorstep of Abu Jahil? Do you know how many times he went, he was crying for him, saying to him, ‘Ya Abu Jahil, turn around.’ And do you know how much he (Abu Jahili) was insulting the Prophet? Until the Order came to him, “leave him.” Abu Jahil is not in good place right now. He is never going to be. Prophet (asws) went to him back and forth, hundreds of times.

Denying the Prophet, denying Allah, denying everything. Abu Jahil, he did so many things. One thing he did, One day he was fill with hatred, and he said to his people, “In front of my house, open a big hole. Put a cover on it.” And his slaves covered it. Then he said, “now, one of you, go and call Muhammad. Say to him, ‘Abu Jahil, he is very sick. And he is asking you to come.’” And knowingly, Abu Jahil said, “I know he is going to come. When he hears that I’m sick, no matter what I did to him. He’s going to come, I know.”

And they went, and they told Prophet, and the Prophet said, “Abu Jahil call me?” They said, “yes.” “Then I’ll come.” Prophet (asws) forgot everything that he did against to him. He was walking towards to Abu Jahil. He open his heart. He open his heart completely. Thinking that this could be the one chance for Abu Jahil, that he is going to find safety. Because ‘he called me.’ He was going with big hope to him. Not expecting something from him. Expecting that he will accept the shahadat and he will find safety.

When Prophet (asws) arrived, Abu Jahil was sitting right behind his window. Watching that Holy Prophet was coming. Watching in a sneaky way, that Prophet was coming and not seeing him.

Abu Jahil

Abu Jahil was watching that ambush area and saying “Now he is falling.” He instructed his people who were hiding in the surrounding area, “as soon as he fall inside, this is what you are going to do, and I’m going to come out.”

Holy Prophet (asws) came and step by step, he came to the area. He lifted up his feet. When he put his feet down, he was definitely going to fall into the hole. But he kept his feet up. And he turned around, he put his feet back more again, he turn around and he started walking back. He didn’t move one step ahead, Abu Jahil look at it, he got so upset and said, “last minute he knew. Just there, he turned around.”

He run out and scream to his people, saying “run after him! Catch him!” He forgot about the hole. He run and fell into the hole. When he fell into the hole, he  forgot about the Prophet. He called out to his people saying, “I’m here, come help me!” And they came, and they started helping him. But the little hole is getting deeper. They threw a rope to the hole and lowered it down to reach him. The rope went down deeper and deeper, but  it never reached to Abu Jahil. He understood again. He said to them, “Go run to Muhammad. If he is not coming here, I will never come out from this hole forever.”

And they ran to Prophet (asws) again. This time saying “Ya Rasullullah, this was what happened.” Prophet (asws)  said, “he asked for me? Then I’ll go back to him.”

He went to him, saying, “Ya Abu Jahil,”

Looking up,  Abu Jahil said, “You came here for me?”

“Yes”, Prophet (asws) said.

He said “then give me your hand.”

Prophet (asws) put his hand down, and Abu Jahil pulled his hand, and Prophet (sws) pulled him out. Abu Jahil then turned around and said to him, “You are a big magician! You made all the ropes they have to reach its end, but they were not reaching to me. You are a big magician!”

In the earlier incident, Jibril alayhi salam came, saying to Prophet “Ya Rasullullah, Allah is ordering you not to put one more step down, because they had prepared ambush for you. Turn around.” So Prophet (asws) turned around. However Abu Jahil himself has fallen into that hole. But even Abu Jahil realized that when he is in trouble, without Prophet (asws) he cannot come out from that hell. After Prophet (asws) pulled him out from that hell, he turned around and rise up against Prophet (asws) again, and again, and again, and again. This continued until it came to the Badr war, and he has been finished in the Badr war.

Prophet (asws) gave order to dumped their bodies (bodies of the enemies who was killed in the Badr war) inside the well, and they did. These people they were the most wealthy, most honored people of Mecca. It was very bad to dump their bodies there. And Holy Prophet (asws) came, looking into the well, and said, “Now do you listen? Now did you see? Now you understand? Allah has completed His Promise to me. Does he complete His Promise to you? Now do you understand? But it is too late for you now.” And Umar (ra) looking and saying, “Ya Rasullullah, aren’t they dead?” Prophet (asws) looking at him and saying “Ya Umar, you cannot hear me better than they are hearing me. Except one thing, they cannot go back and forth arguing with me. They are just there, silently they are there and suffering. Suffering starts for them right now.”

Before we are falling into that, wake up. If you are not seeing yourself, your ego as worse than the ego of Abu Jahil. If you are not seeing your ego as worse than Firaun, worse than Nimrud, if you are not seeing your ego as worse than shaytan, you are a proud person. Fire is going to burn you.

Waminallahu Taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (qs) Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs), Osmanli Dergahi NY

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