Shahadat Is The Most Valuable Thing Entrusted To Mankind. Are We Valuing It?


Let’s renew our Shahadat. Say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.’


Alhamdulillah. Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin, that Allah swt has granted us with the nikmat to be able to say the Shahadat. That out of billions of people, that He has pulled us out from our own hells and He has put the words of the Shahadat in our mouth. The Shahadat of the Prophet. The Shahadat of Allah. Didn’t Allah give the Shahadat in the Quran e-Kerim? Declaring La ilaha illallah? Declaring Muhammadur Rasulullah? Yes. Are we repeating our own words? Are we repeating the words that we make up? No. These are the words that Allah swt has held high. And the power of the Shahadat, it is enough to transform a man, someone who is from the lowest station to reach to the highest station. And this Shahadat is the most important thing in our lives that we have to protect, because sheytan they are everywhere. Our ego, and the dunya and our desires, everything is just attacking to the Shahadat. Nothing else. Nothing else.

What is a Zikr? What is the Sohbet? What is Tarikat? It is to hold the Shahadat high. To give the Shahadat, the witnessing to Allah and to His Prophet (asws). Not to ourselves. Not to our ego. Not to give witness to this dunya. Not to give witness to our desires, what we want. But to give witness to what Allah and His Prophet desire. And this Shahadat, it is the most valuable thing that we have.

How are we wearing the Shahadat? How are we using the Shahadat? Are we using the Shahadat or is the Shahadat something that we are just saying like a robot?  Is the Shahadat something that we are thinking, that we are connecting to, that we are meditating about. The nikmat of the Shahadat, that out of the billions of people, we have been given this nikmat, this favour that Allah has given us to say the Shahadat, are we thinking about it?  And are we thanking our Lord Allah swt for that? Or are we taking it for granted, like people from other ways of believing, saying, ‘I believe. Very good. I go to Paradise. Hallelujah!’ Finish. Muslims are believing the same way, saying, ‘I’m saying the Shahadat, so I’m going to Jannat. Nothing else.’

The Shahadat, it is an emanet, it is a trust. We have been entrusted with faith. How are we taking that faith? How are we wearing it? How are we guarding it? How are we holding it high? If people they have things that they like, they are always thinking about it. Say, car, you bought a new car, you are obsessed about the car, or these days, dogs. You look, you find out, you research, you are attach to it. Women, say, jewellery, they like. They can’t help looking at it, playing with it, in these days even when they are making dua, they are playing with their jewellery. Their sheytan is attacking them and they are not even knowing. They are in ghaflat. They are playing, playing, playing with their jewellery. MashaAllah. That is something that is under our feet. But the Shahadat is something that we put on the throne of Allah. So how much pre occupied are we with this Shahadat?

‘Oh, what do you mean Hoja? Preoccupied? We saying it.’ So what? You are saying it, then what is the difference between our saying it and a munafiq that is saying it. Or a recorder that is saying it. Or a bird that you train to say and they are saying. If you are not understanding the value, then that time you can give a candy to a kid and you can give a jewel to a kid and the kid is going to look at both and he is going to take the candy instead of the jewel. Candy can eat. But he’s not understanding maybe the jewel can buy billions of candies. We are at that level if we are not understanding the value of the Shahadat. To treat the value of the Shahadat, something that is so cheap.

What does it mean, the Shahadat? What does it mean that we bear witness to the Oneess of Allah? Have we? Have we witness the Oneness of Allah? Have we witness, witness, the Prophet (asws)? If we have not, if we have not witness with our eyes and with the eye of our heart, if we have not experience, then that Shahadat, it is still a fake Shahadat. It is not real. It is just something that we are repeating, which, in these days people don’t like to repeat too. These days, people are looking at the Zikr and they are saying that it is a bidat. They say, ‘don’t say the name of your Lord. Don’t give praises to your Prophet. Don’t repeat your Shahadat over and over again like you are a crazy person.’ They are saying it. MashaAllah.

Billions have died for the sake of that Shahadat. To hold that Shahadat. We just finished the Canakkale. What is that Canakkale? Who are those soldiers and what did they do? Why did they give up their lives for? Yes it is for the Khilafat, and the Khilafat is holding what? The Shahadat. The Khilafat is holding up the Shahadat because the Khilafat is representing the Holy Prophet (asws) who is representing Allah swt here. The Shadow of Allah on earth. That is what the Khalifah is. So you removed that protection, what you are going to get are just millions or billions of people without the protection of that Shahadat. They may say but there is no protection that is coming. People no longer believe in the protection of the Shahadat. Because they are not being busy with the Shahadat. They are not thinking what the Shahadat is. Our Zikr, our Sohbet, it is to protect that Shahadat. Our prayer,  it is to put up another defence around that Shahadat. Our fasting another defence, our zakat another defence, our Hajj. Completing now and the Shahadat is inside, protected well. And we are looking to see the enemies coming from outside and we are looking to see the enemies from inside. And the enemy that is going to come from the inside is worse. Because the enemy come as a friend.  The enemy does not come as an enemy.

So now, the sohbet is to make people understand the enemy that is inside. The sohbet is making us to understand, once in a while to pull away from the busyness of this dunya. The busyness of all the nonsense malayani things that we are preoccupied with and to sit down and to say, what is this Shahadat? How precious it is, what is it giving me? The Shahadat has the power to transform everything. The Shahadat can grant us the power to move through time, to move through space. The Shahadat has the power for us to move all the way to Sidratul Muntaha and beyond.

So we are all saying the Shahadat. What kind of Shahadat are we giving? What kind of witnessing? If we are still busy with our ego, our Shahadat is just declaring our ego. Nothing else. May Allah swt make us, in these Holy days and these Holy nights that are coming, make us to understand and make us to value this Shahadat more. Make us to think and make us to be interested in the Shahadat.  And to make us to understand the enemies outside, what this dunya is offering that is going to destroy our Shahadat and to put a barricade and a defence between it and our Shahadat. InsyaAllah. For us, we are resting our Shahadat on our Sheykh, on his Shahadat. We are  resting, we are leaning ourselves, we are asking him to support us. That is the meaning. We are not standing on our feet. We are leaning against these friends of Allah who themselves are leaning against the Holy Prophet (asws) and the Prophet is always saying, ‘Allah is above everything.’ That time, once you lean against the strongest, you will be strong. If you try to stand up by yourself, you will fall. If you lean to the wrong ones, you will fall. May Allah make us to be strong and for us to take away all the wrong things inside and outside. InsyaAllah. For us to become better murids.

Some time have passed since our Sheykh has been veiled from this world. We have been talking about this almost every night. We have to be busy with our work, so that when he returns, it could be tomorrow, it could be tonight, it could be right now, we have something to show him for. We have something to say, ‘yes, I have been busy while you have been away. O my Sheykh, I have been doing this, this, this and this. And we are doing everything, continuing and trying to become better for your pleasure. So that you will be pleased with us. You are our goal.’ And that time we will not be wasting our time. That time it doesn’t matter how long he has been gone for, or how short. Because we are taking his work and his work is more important than anything else. May Allah forgive me and bless you. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha.


Sohbet after Zikr by Hoja Lokman Effendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz. OSMANLI DERGAHI, NEW YORK

MARCH 26, 2015

5 Jamadilakhir 1436H





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