Hold on tightly to your beliefs and do not make a detour.


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Hasbinallah wa la haula quata ila billahil azim. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi Wabarakatu. Welcome to you. We have reached to a Jummah. This is a Jummah night. And the Jummah has entered from Maghrib, continuing to the next day Jummah. Understanding the Holiness that we have just entered into. Understanding  how special and how valuable this night is. That the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the one who recites salawat  to me, if you recite eighty times the salawatul sharif, the sins of eighty years in your life, it will be erased.’ ‘Increase your salawat on me,’ he  is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, ‘because it will be presented to me on this Holy day.’

So, on the Holy nights, that’s what we are doing. Remembering Allah and increasing our Salawats to the Holy Prophet (asws). And listening and trying to understand, trying to put into our lives, what it is that our Sheykh has left us, what is it that he is teaching from the treasures of the Holy Prophet  (asws).

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. We are asking Allah swt to forgive us. To wake us up in these days. To wake us up, to not make us to become the slaves to our ego. To catch our ego and to put it under out feet. Because it comes with hundreds and thousands of tricks and traps, in ways so many times that we don’t understand, that we don’t see.  Which is why you need someone to show to you. We need someone to show to us, and our Sheykh is showing that to us. Now that you have the knowledge, what are you going to do? To go back to the foolishness that we came from?

O Believers, believe. Allah swt  is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘O Believers, believe.’ And in another ayat is saying, ‘are you going to turn back to disbelief after you have believed?’  Those ayats, they are for us. They are not for those who have passed. They are for us. Everyone is reading Quran. MashaAllah. Very good. But  are you understanding it? Are you putting it in your life?

‘O you who believe. Believe.’ What are you believing? What are you believing? Everyday we are asking, ‘what am I believing today?’ Don’t say I pray five times a day, I believe.  What are you believing in? Are we believing that Allah swt is looking at us right now? Are we believing that the Holy Prophet (asws), that our Sheykh, is looking at us? Or are we going to be like those ones that the Holy Quran is saying, ‘are you going to turn back to disbelief after you believe?’ What is that disbelief? Do you know what that disbelief is?

Before we came into belief, for us now as murids, what is the belief? Our belief was when we took the hand of our Sheykh and we submit to him and we give beyat to him. And he starts to show us what belief is. He started to share his belief with us. And his belief, was given to him by the Sultanul Awliya, by the Holy Prophet (asws). He is sharing with us that. No longer we are being left on our own to try to find out what belief is. Now we have the fresh spring that comes out, that continuously gives us refreshment for our spirit. But what was that disbelief that we came from?

Everyone, I ask you now, you will remember, we remember, I remember, where we creep out from. What kind of hell hole we came from. What kind of dirtiness and what kind of mess we were in. It doesn’t matter now, you just come into Islam, or you are born into Islam. Because in these days, Islam it is a lost treasure. Islam, that you inherit, but you don’t understand the value and you lose it. That so many they did not inherit it, like Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the Ajam, even if faith is in the stars, they are going to jump to try to get it.’ So, we jump. And we got it. We have it. What is that we have to lose to get this belief? What is it that we have to put away to put aside in order to hold this belief strongly, which in these days, it is like a burning coal that is going to burn your hands. It is like a fire but you cannot drop it. You have to give it to another hand, you have to pass it from hand to hand. You cannot drop that faith. Are we thinking? Or are we like those ones that Allah swt is saying: we turn back to disbelief after we believe.

There are some who are like that. Either through ghaflat or they are letting their ego to overtake them. Or they are thinking they are fooling people. Definitely. because if it is a problem and all of us we’ve gone through problems, all of us we have our own history, we have our own past, that if we are sincerely regretful of this and if we say we want to stay in belief, not in disbelief, we are going to come forward and say to those ones who can help us: ‘this is my problem. I’m trying. I’m failing and I need help. And I’m asking you for help.’ Or are we fooling, fooling ourselves and fooling others? You can fool others but you can never fool yourself, thinking: well, no one is knowing so I can pretend. Is Allah not watching? Is His Prophet not watching? Our Sheykh is not watching? Are we not believing?

If we believe, that is enough for us to smack ourselves up and to wake up every now and again, and not to just continue in that mess. To ask for help and to step on our ego, not to continue because we have been blessed. But this rahmat can easily be taken away from us and to be given to others who will come later, who are more deserving.  Sheykh Effendi had said, years ago, years ago he had said,  and this was something that happened to him when he was driving and some murids they were following him. Take this for yourself. Say, ‘I am that murid.’ We are travelling from one state and coming back to the Dergah. Murids, they were traveling behind. Traveling behind. Finally when we were just five minutes away from the Dergah, that murid cannot be found. He got lost. And Sheykh Effendi got really upset when that murid caught up. Like I said before this, we are living in a dergah, the work  that we are doing, it is going to show what is inside. It is going to show our intentions, it is going to show our beliefs. The work that we are doing, it is not disconnected from our beliefs. It can be something simple, like fixing a light or sweeping the floor. And Sheykh Effendi said, ‘yes. There will be those who have always been with me right to the end, but right at the end, they drop off. They make a detour. They give up at the end.’ But they have been with Sheykh Effendi all this time.

We are witnessing that in our days. We witness that when Sheykh Effendi passed three years ago. We are witnessing that, Alhamdulillah, it stop happening a lot, but even one is enough. We are seeing that and we must take that as a lesson to us. But how are you going to keep following? How are we going to keep following our Sheykh if we are not understanding what our belief is? If we are not looking at what kind of jahiliyyah, what kind of disbelief, we come from. How are we going to keep following if you are taking that jahiliyyah practices and putting it in our lives while we are following our Sheykh. And hiding it, and pretending. How long are we going to continue like this? What good is that going to give? Either you are going to follow or you say, ‘this is not for me.’ And you are going to follow the way, follow your nafs. You are free to do that. Everyone is free to do that. But you will not be free from your responsibility and from the consequence that comes from that. You will never be free.

Don’t think it is that easy. Like Sheykh Effendi is saying, you go into a McDonald and you get a cup of coffee and try walking out without paying. They are going to call the cop on you. They are going to arrest you. For one lousy cup of coffee. What about every nikmat that Allah has given to us. What about the nikmat, the blessings that His Prophet, that our Sheykh has given to us? That still we are enjoying from it. These are still the good days. None of us here, we are tested. We are not tested.  We are not tested with nothing. Whatever that is given to us, we know it’s a huge blessing.

May we not be tested insyaAllah. But in those days that are going to come, it will be harder than this. And if we are not believing and holding that beliefs tightly, definitely at the end of the road, you are going to drop off.  Hold it tightly. These words are for me first and for those who want to listen. You don’t want to listen, as you like. There is no compulsion in religion. There is no forcing. But, you are going to be questioned for everything that you have done. If you think you have the right answer, that you are macho enough to continue with that kind of thinking and that kind of lifestyle, go ahead. But those around me, we are going on a different direction than them. May Allah forgive me and bless all of you. May Allah wake us up, not for us to fall back into those jahilliyah days. May we step on our ego and our arrogance and our stubbornness to understand good that is coming to us and to put it in our lives. WaminAllahu Taufiq. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya, SahibulSaif, al-Fatiha.

our Sheykh1

 After Zikr sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

19 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 9, 2015

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