To what extend can ego and sheytan influence your action?


Question: To what extend can ego and sheytan influence your action?

shaitan setan syaitan enemy

Your ego and sheytan can influence your actions and your intentions in every seconds of your life, in every moment, if you allow it. But the influence is always there. It is not to large extend, it is to a full extend. Our duty is not to kill sheytan and the ego. Our duty is to make sheytan and the ego to be under our feet. To control it, that we will get power from that fight, from that challenge, and from that control. How do you keep this constant fight?

This is why we are with the Awliya Allah. This is why we are in Tarikat, in Sufi orders. This being with our Sheykh, just as the Sahabi e-Kiram were with their Sheykh, the Holy Prophet (asws), and the Prophet  showed and they brought those teachings now all the way back to us, to teach us how to keep this constant fight.

So, the ego and sheytan, this dunya and our nafs, they are like sicknesses that you have. This sicknesses like, say they are cancer cells, may Allah not test us with it, they are like cancer in our bodies, they are like cancer in our bodies and everyone has that potential, isn’t it? I’m not a doctor, but masyaAllah, there’s so many doctors around me, so you have those cancer cells dormant in your body. And now, they can wake up and take over your body anytime. Anytime. And your duty now is to make sure that they are under control. And it is similar now to the ego and sheytan and your desires and this dunya. They are like cancer in our spiritual body. And our job, and  our job is now, our duty is for the spirit to be able to control that. When the spirit controls them, the spirit doesn’t become weaker. It becomes much stronger. When the spirit lets them to control, the spirit becomes weak now.

Now once we do that, once we are under the teachings and under the influence of a doctor, once we are taking the medicine from the doctor, once we are listening to the doctor to say, ‘now you have to lead this kind of lifestyle, because this kind of lifestyle will help you to keep your cancer cells that are dormant, to be dormant.’ Once you listen to a Sheykh that is going to teach you the tools of your spirit and how your spirit has to fight against the ego and this dunya and your nafs and the desires and this world, now once you start doing that, what happens now? When you are under a Sheykh and the Sheykh is doing that, now that time, you will come to higher station. You will come to higher station and you are not going to get sick and it’s not going to destroy you. InsyaAllah, this much is enough.

So if you want to keep this constant fight, be with the Saliheen.  Be with the friends of Allah and be with the righteous ones. This is an order. Be with the righteous ones. Learn from them. Obey them. Serve them,  because they are serving and obeying their Lord Allah swt. We may know ourselves then when we are with them and we will know our Lord. And this fight, it will not be the same from beginning to the end. Just as when your rocket is about to take off, you put so much fuel into the rocket, when it takes off, it explode, there’s so much power and energy that it takes for it just to lift off the ground and it keeps pushing and pushing, but once it reaches to a certain stratosphere,  that the pull of the gravity is not so strong anymore, and now it’s able to just float.

So in the beginning it will be very difficult. Because you are fighting against the gravity, the pull of your ego, and you have to use a lot of energy for that. But once you started going to higher stations and higher stations is according to service as a servant. Not higher stations sitting in our rooms and having illusions and delusions, thinking we are sitting with Saints and we are talking to Prophet and we are seeing Angels. No! It is through fighting against your ego. Once you start fighting against your ego, and you are finding it now, you made progress against to your ego, then it will get a little bit easier, a little bit easier, a little bit easier, but you will be meeting other different kinds of challenges now. It’s not the pull of gravity, now you have to come to different levels of the atmosphere that you are going to meet different things on those levels. Now you have to have the challenge of those level, to move to a higher station to become free. To become free. Because only the servants of Allah, they are free. Only by being a servant to Allah are you free. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi Wabarakatu.

servant of Allah

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

20 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 10, 2015

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