The Beauty And Sanctity Of The Holy Month Of Rajab


All praises are due to our Lord, Allah swt,  the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. All praises are due to our Lord, Allah swt who created man and blew into him, His Holy breath. All praises are due to Allah Almighty who has created the days and the nights. All praises are due to Allah swt who before creating anything, He created the light of the Holy Prophet (asws). All peace, all blessings, all salawats upon he who is a light from the light of Allah, Rasulullah (asws).

All peace and blessings be upon the first in creation in the last Prophet. All peace and blessings upon that One who led all the Prophets in prayer at Al Quds. All peace and blessings upon he for whose sake, Allah swt created all of creations. All peace and blessings upon he whom Allah swt is calling, most kind and most merciful. All peace and blessings upon the most honoured one in Divine presence, Sayidinna Muhammad (sws).

month of rajab


Ayuhal Mukminoon, O Believers. We have passed one week in this Holy month of Rajab. We should ask ourselves the question, ‘How have we spent this last seven days?’ We should ask ourselves how we are spending the Holy days of Allah, the days of His Holy month. How are we spending the days of the month that Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘it is a tremendous month.’ This month is the month for us to turn back. This month is the month for us to beg for forgiveness from Allah swt. This month is the month for us to plant the seed for the month of Ramazan.

This is the month that we have to ask Allah swt to turn our bad deeds into good ones. Because Allah swt is giving in this month, He is constantly granting in this month. He is constantly forgiving, and through this month we can be save from the wrong actions, the wrong intentions that we have filled our record with. We find in a Hadiths that Hazreti Tsauban is saying that he passed through a graveyard with the Holy Prophet (asws), and the Prophet began to cry. Hazreti Tsauban said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, my mother and my father and myself be your ransom, why are you crying? Has a revelation come down to you?’

He replied, ‘Ya Tsauban, those who lie here, the dead who occupy this cemetery are suffering the torment of the grave. It is because of this, it is because of their condition that I cry.’ He then continued, ‘if they had spent any of the days of the month of Rajab fasting, and had worship Allah at night, they would have been spared this punishment.’

This is the time to free ourselves from the punishment of the grave, by standing in the night and asking Allah swt to show His mercy to us, to forgive our sins. This is the time to gain the pleasure of Allah, by putting down our egos and fasting as much as we are able to. And Allah swt is granting, unimaginable rewards for those who fast in the month of Rajab. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in a hadith e-Sharif, ‘in a garden in Paradise, there is a river, call Rajab, whiter than milk, and sweeter than honey. If someone has fasted for one day during the month of Rajab, Allah will let him quench his thirst by drinking from that river.’ May we drink from that river as a jama’at with our Sheykh. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.

27 Rajab-4

And we are just passing now through one of the holiest times, not just of this time, but the whole year, we are passing now through the Holy night of Raghaib, the night of wishes. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in a hadiths e-Sharif, ‘None of you should neglect the first Friday in Rajab. Because it is the night that the Malaikat, the Angels, call the night of wishes.’ This is because by the time the first third of the night has passed,  there will not be a single Angel, still at large, still around in the Heavens. Nor is there any region of the earth that they are around. They will all be gathered together in the Ka’abah and the area immediately surrounding it. Allah swt will condescend to notice that they have assembled there, and He will say, ‘O My Angels, ask Me for whatever you wish.’

Their response to this will be, ‘O our Lord, the request we wish to make will is that You grant forgiveness for those who faithfully keep the fast in Rajab.’ And Allah swt will tell them, ‘That, I have already done.’

What is the reason that this night is so Holy?

Because this is the night that the light of the Holy Prophet (asws) sayyidil awalin wal akhirin,was passed from his father to his mother. Are we understanding the significance? Holy Prophet (asws) is saying that he was the first in creation. He said that he was a Prophet when Adam (a.s) is between water and clay. And that light of the Holy Prophet (asws) was pass to Hz Adam. And Hz Adam, our father, he could see that light and he was happy when he saw it. And that light was then passed down to the best of generations. That light was with Nuh (a.s) when he was in the ship. That light was with Ibrahim (a.s) when he was saved from the fire. And that light was passed down from generations to generations, from the most noble of the nobility, until it reached to the father of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sayidinna Abdullah. And that light, in this time, in the night of Raghaib, was passed to the mother of the Holy Prophet, Hz Amina Hatun.

So it was in this night, that the reason of creation, the Mercy of the Universes, His light began to enter into this physical world. Understand the Holiness of this night. Understand the Holiness of this time, and Allah swt is sending blessings upon those who honor this night and this day. If we make the intention to honor this night out of love for the Holy Prophet (asws) and out of the desire to gain the pleasure of our Lord, Allah swt, then insyaAllah, He will accept our intention.

These days and nights are granted to us as an opportunity, as a chance. And as Shahi Mardan Hazreti Ali, (Karram Allahu Wajhahu) is saying, ‘to lose an opportunity, will result in grief and sorrow.’ If we waste this Holy days and Holy nights, it is a great shame to us. If we waste this Holy days and Holy nights, if we do not honor this Holy days and Holy nights, how can we think that we will be honored by Allah?

The day, in this country that they are calling memorial day, is coming next Monday. So many people are going to take time off and are planning how to make barbeque, how to make picnic, how to show honor to that day. But are we making that much planning, giving that much care to the days of Allah? Are we understanding that, yes, in only nineteen days, it will be Mi’raj? Are we understanding that in only thirty-seven days, it will be the Bera’at night?Are we understanding that in only fifty-three days, it is Ramazan? We must understand, and we must prepare ourselves. If we waste these days, we will be in regret. And as Sheykh Effendi is saying,  the fire of regret, the fire of regret it is worse than the fire of Jahannam.

Holy Prophet (asws), he is Bashir and Nazir. He is giving us good news and warning. And in this Hadiths he is saying, ‘Rajab is one of the sacred months and it’s days are inscribed on the sixth gate of Heaven.’ So if a man fasted during one day of this month and if he has kept his fast completely clean through obedient devotion to Allah, the Heavenly Gate will have the ability to speak. And the day itself will also have the ability to speak, and the two of them will say on the Day of Judgement, “Ya Rabbi, forgive him.” But if has failed to make his fast  complete through obedient devotion to Allah, then they will make no such prayer for him to be forgiven. They will say, or he will be told by some other voice, ‘Your nafs has betrayed you.’

May Allah swt make us from those ones who are forgiven and not those who are betrayed by our nafs. Ya Rabbi, let us to be amongst those who are running after keeping the Holiness of the month. Ya Rabbi, count us amongst those ones who are honouring the Laylatul  Raghaib. Ya Rabbi, for the sake of this Holy month, for the sake of the Sharullah, forgive our sins. Ya Rabbi, let us come closer to you in this month. Ya Rabbi, strengthen our Jama’at in this month. Ya Rabbal Alamin, give long live, healthy live, strong live to the Sultanul Awliya, Sheykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, in this month. Ya Rabbi, raise the station of the SahibulSaif in this month.

month of rajab

Wasallatu ala Sayidinna Muhammadi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)             OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

May 17, 2013

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