Take Stock Of Our Lives In These Holy Days That Are Coming

 Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim


Hoja Effendi - Rejab

Jummah Mubarak! Last Jummah of Jumadil Thani, Jumadil Ahir. So, we finished half of the Islamic year, didn’t we? Half the year is gone. Rajab is the seventh month.  So in these six months that’s gone since Muharram, put yourself back to Muharram. Remember what we were speaking about, what kind of intention, what kind of planning that we have for the coming year. Six months have passed, we should be finished with fifty percent of those. We only have six more months to go before the whole year is finished, we are coming back.

So, to go back and to think, how have we spent the six month? Have we tried in the way of Allah? Not just to say, ‘I try in the way of Allah.’ Believer has a vision. Isn’t it?  The believer does not just say, ‘ohh, I just live for the present. I don’t think about the past. I don’t think about the future.’ Reading here and there, some people saying, ‘Believer must not think about the past, to be caught up in the past. Must not think about the future. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Just the present, he is going to be.’

There is a time and a place for everything. For us, we have to remember our past. And the past is going to help us. And we have to have a vision for the future. Believers must have a vision. And the believer’s vision, is it Haqq or Batil? Can the believers vision be tricked? Can it be a cheatful vision? Can it be a vision that is not true? Can it just be a vision that is filled with wishes but has no nothing in reality? Believer must have a vision. And Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘be careful from the vision of a believer. Because he looks with the nur of Allah.’

So what kind of vision do we have for the next six months? What kind of vision do we have that we say, ‘these are the things that I want to achieve. These are the ambition that I want,  the dreams and the plans that I want, for the sake of Allah.’ Can we say: no Prophet had a vision. Astarghfirullah. Prophecy, one can say, is all about that. That there are vision and they see a vision. What are we going to achieve now? What do we want until the end of the year? What is our vision in three months, two months, one month, tomorrow, today, what is our vision? What is our intention? That’s why the Turks, they have a tradition, in front of their houses, they put something: “What have you done today for the sake of Allah?” That clears your vision. Because in everything that we do, it must be for the sake of Allah swt. But sometimes we forget. Most time, we forget. Either because we are distracted, we get tricked by the ego, or it just become a routine. And you don’t know what you are doing and why you are doing it. But signs like that make you to wake up and to be reminded. And Allah is giving an order in so many places in the Quran: Remind them. This is a reminder. You must remember. This is what Zikr is supposed to be.

So what is our vision now? Don’t look too far ahead. So many people when we speak about vision, oh, they get very excitied. They are thinking  they are going to see things. When we say visions for the future, suddenly they jump to Mahdi (as). Don’t. Look to what is for you today. Look to what is for you tomorrow. If you are always looking for that, you are going to be ready for Mahdi (as). Yes. If you are not looking for that, you are not putting the dajjal that is inside of you to be defeated by the Mahdi. What is Mahdi? Mahdi means what? The one who guides. The Saviour. So if you are not pulling help from Mahdi (as), from those ones who are representing Mahdi (as), to defeat the dajjal, the one who makes a fitnah now, how are you ever going to be ready for that time? Do you think that time is filled with magic? It’s like so many other people they are saying. You will never be ready for any kind of war, any kind of war, if you are not trained. Nothing. Physical war, forget about it. You are not ready, you are not trained, that time even if you have the best of the equipments and the weapons, you are finished. Maybe that one who doesn’t have the best of the weapons but because they are ready, like the Sahaba e-kiram in the battle of Badr, they are ready. They didn’t have any equipment. They have no swords, no horses, no camels, no nothing. Some of them they were just carrying sticks and stones and pieces of things that is lying on the ground to go to battle. But because they are ready, their spirit is so ready, because Allah swt make His Holy Prophet  (asws) to make them to be ready for thirteen years, and that time, when the go to fight, they throw but it is Allah who strikes. They strike but it is Allah who takes their lives. And Allah that time will send Angels to help.


battle of badar


So, the Holy days they are coming. What are we aiming for? These Holy days and nights will make us to be more awake, to take stock, to take accounting. We are believers. We are trying to be. Don’t be just those ones who said, ‘Oh, Holy nights and holy days are coming, I’m just going to get as much blessings that I want.’  Blessings, blessings, blessings. Getting blessings. But what is your purpose for that? What is your hope? What is your aim? Is it just to receive the blessings? What are you going to do with the blessings? What is your aim?

The Month of Allah is coming. What is our aim? Yes, we must worship. We must do extra things. We must run. But what is our aim? If our aim is not having more control over our ego, then it’s lost. Because you can stay up all night worshiping, you can fast whole month, but all that can be burnt in one instance if you give in to your anger. If you have an ounce of arrogance, Jannat is haram for us.

So these Holy days and nights that are coming, check. Don’t fall into that foolishness to say, ‘no, no, no. I’m the worst one.’ So many people they are using that just as a cover up too. A fake way. ‘no, no, no. I’m the worst one. I know nothing. I know nothing.’ But you know when to get angry. Why you don’t say to yourself when you are angry, when you are stubborn, when you are arrogant, to say, ‘I’m nothing and I don’t know anything.’ When you are angry, you know everything, SubhanaAllah, you are the only one who has Haqq, the other one is batil. When it comes to this, when you are pushed into a corner, then you said, ‘oh I don’t know anything. Nothing that I’m knowing.’ Yeah. Because you are using that just as an excuse. Just being fake.

Holy days and nights. They are coming. We must take accounting. And if we are aware of how we were yesterday, the day before, last year, how we are today, how we want to be in one month, three months, one year down the road, that time, we have a vision. That time we are preparing for the biggest thing that is going to happen. Because every day we are training ourselves, and to watch our self. Anger. Anger burns everything. So many are getting angry. So many around me they are getting angry. For what? For little things. Some are getting angry because: ‘someone said this to me.’ Some are getting angry because: ‘someone didn’t say this to me. I’m supposed to but they didn’t say.’

Don’t you know we are living here? Anytime you feel that that anger is reaching to you, you have to step back and you have to ask yourself where is this coming from. My Sheykh is sending this to me and he is watching me.  But so many who are angry, they are never angry at themselves. They are angry at other people. Those who are angry at themselves, if it is fake anger at themselves, they say, ‘no, no, I’m very upset with myself. I hit myself. I cry. I do everything.’ But, like so many they are having, if it is really sincere you will see some changes within forty days, that one is going to be a Saint. If he is continuously hitting himself. But it doesn’t work. Don’t you see it didn’t work in two thousand years. Whipping themselves saying, ‘I’m  sorry…’ they don’t go nowhere. It’s forbidden, anyway, to hit yourself. Isn’t it? So, why is this anger? ‘Ah, this one did something to me.’ You never did something to someone? ‘Oh I never do this but they did.’ You never did something to Allah?

So, some they don’t have a problem so much with anger, but their tongue, their tongue is always flapping. Always moving. Always saying things. Saying things. Speaking what they shouldn’t be speaking. Especially if direct order is coming, don’t speak no more. Even if you see something, don’t speak. They don’t care. They start speaking. They start speaking to other people. They are saying things. They start threatening other people too.  We say, ‘what is this?’ When everything you are doing in this holy days and nights is going to be burnt too because you are not remembering anything. It’s like that one who gets a lot of treasures and he just open his door and let the thief to come to steal everything.

So we have to take account. In these days and nights. We have to ask for forgiveness. This is the month of forgiveness. We have to ask for forgiveness. Don’t ask for forgiveness in ghaflat. Understand what we did. Understand: what I have been doing, what I’m doing, what I did that is wrong. Understand that it’s wrong. Understand that this is the damage that it does, ask for forgiveness and ask for help to come out from that mess. Not just to take a tasbih and to pull it, saying, ‘astarghfirullah, astarghfirullah.’ That time maybe, our pulling the tasbih is going to give us more heaviness. This is Hazreti Rabiatul Adawiyah is saying, ‘every astarghfirullah that we are saying, we have to put another astarghfirullah.’ Because we are saying astarghfirullah in ghaflet. If we are not fighting against to our ego now, especially in these days and nights to understand what is our gauge, where were we, where are we now, if we are not doing that, it’ll be very dangerous times for us when dajjal appears. Understanding?

It doesn’t matter that time how close you are to the Sheykh, how far you are to the Sheykh. There were some that were so close to the Prophet (asws). They were eating, they were praying, they were doing everything with him, yet the ego tricked them and they went off. Isn’t it? Some even changed their religion. Because the dunya is offering. Some thinking they are following the religion. Some, they did nothing. They forgot everything. These are specific people. And these are the Sahabis. Of course those ones, they don’t have the title of Sahabis anymore. May Allah make us to keep our title of being the murids of SahibulSaif and not to throw it away. May we not turn our backs to him and to his way. insyaAllah. waminAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha.

Sheykh and murids

Sohbet after Jummah by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

27 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 17, 2015

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