We must turn around in a night like this to say, ‘astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi.’


La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Rasulullah alaihi solatullah, La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Nabiullah alaihi solatullah, La Illaha Illallah, La illaha illallah, La illaha illallah Muhamad Habibullah alaihi solatullah

live forAllah

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.
La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah-il aliyyil azim

We are asking help and support from our Sheykh to send something to us in this Holy Night that it will give benefit to us, to me, to you, to those who are listening, to those who want to make it better, their lives. Tonight in these days, it is days that you have to jump. To catch it. So, for that let’s renew our faith again saying, Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim. BismillahirRahmanirRahimMedet. Let the Sheytan to stay out of our sohbet majlis. Kick him out. Just like when he became the disobedient one, Allah Jallawa’la subhana wa ta’ala saying to angels, those angels that they were obeying him, they were going and asking knowledge from him. Allah is teaching lesson to us saying to us, ‘If you become disobedient to me, I will kick you away from the people who’s listening.’ Just like today’s people also. Electing their president, next day they are running to hang them. Hmm, they are electing, selecting, electing, selecting all these last one hundred years. So this sheytan is the enemy. He is the enemy of us, children of Adam. He is not the enemy of animals or other creatures, although that the angels they kick him out, but he cannot have access to angels. So for that, he is running after us, to fool us. To do what? To bring us to Jahannam with him.

And Allah Jallawa’la subhana wa ta’ala, He is creating reasons to forgive the children of Adam, saying, just like He’s forgiving Adam (a.s). Adam became disobedient, disobedient one. Sheytan became disobedient one. He was living in the Paradise.  Paradise is a clean place, and when he became disobedient one, Allah Jallawa’ala kick this one out because disobediency make him to become dirty one. And the dirty things cannot stay in Paradise. And he was kicked out. When Adam (a.s) became disobedient, Allah is saying to angels, ‘take this one, bring him down to dunya, to this world.’ They didn’t kick him down. Eh, imagine if they were to kick Adam (a.s) out  from Paradise, falling down from Paradise, ohhh, he will never reach to fall down to dunya. In this atmosphere, he will disappear. Angels they are taking him and bringing him down. Just like the angels, they are going to bring Isa (a.s) down now. They are preparing. They are preparing to take Isa (a.s) down.

This world has a lot of things to see. You have a lot of things to see especially. When I say this world, we reach to this time now. We are in it now. If you keep yourself clean and obedient ones, you will see those days. If not, no chance. So if you don’t know nothing, everyday you have to have one sejdah, going down saying, ‘oh my Lord, forgive me. I am Your servant.’ Just this. If you don’t have nothing, getting up morning or going night time, whatever, whenever, go down to sejdah saying, ‘Oh my Lord, I am Your servant. I’m trying to be Your servant. I’m a weak one. Please help me.’ He is accepting that too. For those who’s not doing anything, don’t think that to you, you are looking at me now, oh getting so happy thinking ‘I’m just going to pray two times a day now, we are going to pray two times a day now.’ You, you got to pray fifty-five times, not five times a day. That’s right. Original order, fifty times. When Prophet (asws) went to Miraj, Allah swt is giving to him order, to his nation, fifty times. Anyway, insyaAllah we’ll speak about this some other time. But Adam (as), the angels brought him down from Paradise to dunya. Because he became disobedient to Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

So disobedience is making the man, when we say man of course, there’s feminist group now everywhere and they want to hear women too.When we say man, in Islam we mean men and women. We don’t say men and women, male and female. When we say man, that means the men is responsible for the female. But, the world has lost its direction. Just like I say earlier, females acting like males, males acting like females. Ahir Zaman. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, ‘Open signs of the Qiyamat is when you walk in the streets, you are not going to recognise which one is male, which one is female.’ Isn’t  that what’s happening now?  Say to me that this is not happening to you. Go walk in the street and you’ll see.

Signs of  the last days, Judgement day, is when the males, they are going to be satisfied with each other. Females they are going to be satisfied with each other. Isn’t  that what’s happening now? Yes. Save yourselve from that sickness. Pull yourself away. Even if you see, don’t turn your head to look at it. They are committing the biggest sin. You are being partner of it. At least one arrow from sheytan is coming out to your heart that time. Any time when somebody is committing a sin, and you are turning to look at it, sheytan is aiming to your heart hitting to your heart. Slowly, that’s why slowly, people they are finding familiarity with that. That means you are getting fooled. Careful. Sheytan is very clever on that way. Don’t let sheytan to fool you. If you get hooked by sheytan,  Ahaah, you’ll be in big trouble later. You need to have somebody very strong to cut that rope away. And that time, you are going to scream, you are going to cry. That is what’s happening to people.


So, we have just entered to one of the Holiest month. Month of Allah Jallawa’ala subhana wa ta’ala. Shahrullah. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, ‘this month is for Me. Show more, better respect to this month. You will see My favors reaching to you more.’ Month of Rajab and the first jummah night, Ragaib night. Like tonight now, Ragaib night. Ragaib is when Allah Jalla wa’la is giving endless blessings to His servants. Endless mercy, endless forgiveness is coming in the night like this. If you have misuse the whole year, maybe this world is taking people hostage, and there are some nights in Islam that is very holy, that is accepted through the sign shown by the Prophet and the Awliya Allah. Of course, the squarehead wahabbis they are not accepting any holy nights because they think that they are very holy themselves. They are bounding to fire but they are saying: ‘we are holy ones.’

Never mind. But this night is very holy. Holy Prophet(asws) is saying that it is holy. Awliya Allah is keeping it holy. We must keep it holy. We must keep, showing differences. We should not keep it like other nights. It is because it’s a Friday night, it is holy. Because it’s Ragaib, there’s another Holiness coming. Double Holiness coming. Angels giving name to this night: Ragaib. And in a night like this, the mercy and the rahmat doors of Allah (swt) is open endlessly. The month of Rajab is for Allah Jalla wa’ala subhana wa ta’ala. If His servants is showing proper respect, they are receiving endless mercy. The month of Shaban, it is the month of Holy Prophet (asws). Allah swt designated that month saying, ‘this month, it is special for My Prophet. Keep it respected.’ The month of Ramazan, it is the month of blessing given to the Nation of Muhammad, to you, to those who call themselves believer, believing in Allah and His Prophet and believing in Judgement Day.

Yes. This life is only temporary. You can live much as you want in it. But you cannot live much as you want in it. You can only live in it much as the breath of life is given to you. When you finish that, your time is up. You must go. So in the night like this, Ragaib night, blessings, the door of rahmat is open. The month of Rajab, is the month of Allah swt that in the old days the Sheykh they were preparing their murids, reaching to certain station, and putting them in khalwat (seclusion) in that month to get the best out from them. Now, today’s people making khalwat in the bed. All day long, all night long, sleeping. Tauba astarghfirullah. Tauba Ya Rabbi. Tauba Astarghfirullah. How much we have to say, Tauba Ya Rabbi, Tauba astarghfirullah, endlessly.

Our grandfather Adam (as), he became disobedient to Allah Jalla wa’ala subhana wa ta’ala only one time. Only one time he became disobedient, he was sent out from Paradise to earth, he suffered on earth for over three hundred years, crying for forgiveness. He stood on one feet, crying, asking for forgiveness. But he was already forgiven. He was already forgiven. When he asked for forgiveness, Allah sent him down to earth saying, ‘you must be clean.’ Must be clean. We must be clean. Because it’s not Adam (as) who is the one committing the sin. It is you. We are the one who commit the sin. He was carrying our seed, behind we force him to do that. So Adam (as) became disobedient one time. How many times a day we are becoming disobedient to Allah? Count by yourself, you will know. How many times a day? You will know. If you are not living Islamic lifestyle definitely your whole life is disobediency. But the mercy is reaching again. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is keeping the door open, saying, ‘these are weak servants.’ And now the month of Rajab enter, if you’re showing proper respect to this month, He may clean you up.

So don’t sit doing nothing during this month, or continue talking too much or backbiting, or arguing or fighting. No. It’s never giving anybody anything. Never going to give anything. Only thing that it gives you is problem, trouble and fire. Nothing else. And 21st century people, they become complete enemy to each other. Sitting next to each other, but they are enemy to each other. They are ready to bite each other. Yes. They are not afraid from someone. Look what happen. Some people they are afraid of someone, and they are holding their horses. Have fear from Allah Jalla wa’ala. Allah is watching. His Prophet is watching. His angels are watching. Your angels are watching. They are recording what you’re doing. One angel on the right side. One angel on the left side.

Today’s people, the angel on the right side doesn’t have job to do anymore. Cos nothing good today’s people they are doing anymore. But the left side angel, non-stop writing. Change that for your own self. It is not a joke. It is not something that you are going to smile about it. You are in it. Watch your book. Watch your daily life. How you are living? Does it fit to the calender of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. If it’s not fitting to that calendar, you are in trouble. You are living against what He has said to you to do, so meaning you are a disobedient one. So sheytan was disobedient one. And Adam (as) was disobedient one, one time. But Adam (as) has been forgiven. So you cannot say now, ‘I can be disobedient one.’ Only sheytan continue being disobedient. Cos sheytan is a stubborn, arrogant individual.

Do you have the stubbornness in you? Yes. Get rid of it. In a night like this say, ‘ Ya Rabbi, I’m making the intention to correct myself. This anger is just driving me crazy.’ Yes. The anger is driving everybody crazy. Everyone, look at him, when he is angry, what kind of creature turns that to become. No longer human standing there. Wild beast appearing from that individual. Check the mirror when you are angry and you will see. So anger, is bringing people to fire. Say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m asking forgiveness and give me help to get rid of this anger.’ Because it’s with you. Don’t look at the reasons here and there; this one got me angry, this one got me angry. Who are you and that one is going to get you angry? You are under the control of that one? What kind of willpower that you have?


You are claiming that you are free, especially in America, everyone is saying, ‘ I am very free. I do as I like.’ Hmm, the animals they do as they like. Not human. Humans they do as Allah likes, what their Lord wants from them. Not what their ego wants. You are running to do what your ego wants you to do, soon as you finish it, look at the situation that you are in. If little bit of happiness is coming during that time, as soon as he finishes that action, ohh, the whole world is crushing on you. Sadness is coming. So that’s not happiness. So that’s not intelligence, to say, ‘I am free to do what I want.’

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is teaching us what we are suppose to be doing in this world, and how we are suppose to be doing in this world, how we are suppose to be living in this world, to prepare to get the best of this world. If we follow what He is saying to us, we’ll get the best from this world. The benefit. Because everything that Allah subhana wa ta’ala created, He put it for our service. We didn’t run to create anything. Everything has been created and put it under your service. Everything is for your service: Air, water, world, earth, sun, moon, stars, sky, sea, the mountains, the trees, the animals. Everything is for your service. Isn’t it? Yes. And who’s service are you supposed to be in? Your highnesses, you came to this world by yourself? You created this world? No. You created everything else around? No. You didn’t.

Everything has been created for you. Before you, everything has been put to the test to work before you are being sent to this world. Everything work in this world perfectly before you were sent to this world. If the oxygen level in the air, if it’s only one drop of atom less, everything will die instantly. Who’s making this adjustment? If the level inside the water, if it’s little bit more, you’ll die instantly. The air, water, if the sun, just one atom level coming closer to this dunya, everything will be burnt. Everything turns into jahannam. If this dunya moves from its orbit, moves an inch away from sun, everything will be frozen, everything will die. Who’s having this control? You? And you are going to say, ‘I do as I like.’

Huh! You’re doing as you like? Then stop the Tsunami. Stop the earthquake. Smarty, smarty, tube babies of Boston university. They are making test tube babies now. They finish everything else, now they are making tube babies. They want to make robots. They are changing the eating and living habits of the mankind today to make them to become robots. And you are following it step by step. You are falling in it step by step. Don’t. Because the only way to come out, you have to go backwards to come out now. And you are going to suffer.

So, put lifestyle into your life, lifestyle of Islam. Islam is the only safety. There is no other way. Only safety to you, to me, to whole mankind. Anyone who’s looking for safety must turn to Islam. Inna dina indalahil Islam. If you have just a little bit of chance in this world given to you  and you chose to live without Islam, Hereafter that chance is not going to be given to you. So in this world, even if you are suffering twenty-four hours a day and you have Islam, don’t complain. If you are saying the shahadat, what we say in the beginning, the whole key, the whole secret is to say the shahadat, and to live according to the shahadat and to go out with this shahadat.

So what is the value of the shahadat now? How valuable do you have to keep the shahadat? Very high. So let’s renew our faith again saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’ This is a foundation to your lifestyle. Everyday you have to remember this. Everyday you have to say this. More you say, more power comes to your heart. More power coming to your heart, more your intelligence works. Everything starts working better. That time, you don’t get old. You get younger everyday. They look at you with white beard, but its okay. Today’s people, in America, twenty years old, twenty-five years old, finish, it’s no more young. They are not even man anymore. Finish. Goodbye. Because it’s wrong lifestyle. You want safety? Turn to Islam. Those who are Muslim, those who’s giving the shahadat, their life is not better than the other ones too. Why? Because you are not living Islam. You are not putting Islam in your life. You’re just saying the shahadat. Maybe that is a safety to you in Hereafter, but its not giving too much to you in dunya. In dunya, you are suffering again . So you have to put the lifestyle of Islam into your life. You have to live according to that. If we do that, we will find safety. The rahmat coming to us from every side. If we don’t do that, every single day that is passing is becoming worse, it’s going to get worse.

Don’t get upset to me that I’m saying this. I’m not making it up. The Owner of this dunya, Owner of this world, Owner of us (is saying this). We are not free. We are own by Someone, our Creator. And that has to make you very happy. That has to make you happy to say, ‘ I have an Owner. I’m not alone. I have an Owner that owns everything. And if I am getting alone with that One, I am in His favor. He keeps me in His favor book.’ I see everywhere now they say, ‘put this one in favor.’ MashaAllah, are you in the favor book of Allah subhana wa ta’ala? Or His prophet?  Are you in the favor book of the Awliya Allah? Look. Look at it, where your name is? And if you are,  in order for you to be in the favor book of Allah subhana wa ta’ala, you have to be in the favor book of Holy Prophet (asws). In order for you to be in the favor book of Holy Prophet (asws), you have to be in the favor book of Awliya Allah. Because Prophet is looking to their book saying, ‘how is this servant? How’s my obedient ones? How is the obedient servant of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and my nation? And how is the disobedient ones?’

Prophet is looking. Don’t think that the Prophet is dead. No. If you don’t know the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws), don’t talk. You will be doing favor to yourself. Let those ones who know to speak and listen. Because wrong information is being given to the people, for the last one hundred years. Because of that wrong information, now we have seen that in the last one hundred years the Muslims, they went out of the road of Islam. They are not living Islam anymore, a sign to you saying, ‘yes, they are giving wrong information.’ If it’s giving right information to you, it’s going to pull you more closer, more better to the road of Rasulullah (asws), more closer to the Sahaba-e-kiram, more closer to those ones who’s close to Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

saints of Allah

So, the month of Rajab, we just enter. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, if we don’t do nothing, those who never pray, at least everyday make two more extra prayer to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m your servant.’ Those who’s praying, saying, ‘I’m making another two extra prayer on the behalf of those ones who’s not praying.’ Those who’s keeping their obligations, they should sit and to ask forgiveness for themselves and for the behalf of other’s who is doing wrong that they are their love ones. So  there’s things to do for everybody. Nobody can say, ‘ahh…I do as I like.’ No. We are servant. The duty of a servant is to hear and obey. We must hear our Lord and we must obey. That Lord, what does He want from us? What are we going to hear? Are we going to hear something that is going to put us in trouble? No. He’s telling us what kind of creature He has created and what is good for that system. That’s what He’s saying to us, and to get the best of it, the best of this dunya, the best life of this dunya and how to prepare to go out of from this world as of good servant, how to enter to the grave and not to have fear from the grave.

Yes. The grave is waiting for your. Grave is waiting for us. You have fear, you are running away but you cannot run away. Everyday you are running towards to your grave. Everyday, people are running towards to their graves. One more day they are getting closer to their graves and they are making more trouble to themselves everyday too. And they are fighting with each other, destroying each other. From individual, now to the government. Top speed. Pull yourself away from that. If you save yourself, help will reach to you. If the whole world becomes disobedient, if you are an obedient one, a special rahmat is going to come to you. Allah doesn’t forget you. Allah doesn’t forget any creature that He has created. He’s not forgetting the ants that He has created. He’s not forgetting all the animals that He has created. There’s uncountless kinds of creatures living in the oceans, in the sea, He’s not forgetting them. Uncountless creatures they are living in the mountains, He’s not forgetting them. Unountless creatures living under the earth, He’s not forgetting them. The man that He has created in ahsani-taqweem, the most perfect, you think He’s going to forget you?

He didn’t. But you forget Allah. You are not remembering Him. You are not remembering Him. You disconnect yourself from that One. If you cut the wiring coming to that light, no light is going to be here. That’s what man did. They cut that wire that is coming from his Lord to him. And he’s in darkness now. He’s not seeing light. Because he’s in darkness, he’s looking everywhere, it is in darkness. The light has to come from inside out and has to give everywhere, then you’ll see opening.

So turn around insyaAllah. We must turn around in a night like this to say, ‘astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi. Astarghfirullah, astarghfirullahal adzim wa atubu ilai. We are weak servant. We did wrong. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi. We are asking forgiveness for our ownselves. For our own families, for our own love ones. We are asking forgiveness for the sake of this night, for the love of the Prophet (asws), for the love of those ones that you love Ya Rabbi, for their sake, we are asking safety and help for this difficult days that is waiting for us, for our ownself, and for our families.’

Wa minAllahu taufiq. Bihurmatil habib Bihurmatil Fatiha. 

This much should be enough for me. I don’t know if it’s enough for you but it’s enough for me. If I don’t speak to myself for one week, what I just speak, is enough for me listening to myself. I am putting the recording and rewinding. I say this word, let me see if I am living according to that. That time I’ll be okay. If you want, try it. It’s a free trial. Free. We are not asking money. Free trial. That’s what they say, free trial. Take it and apply to your life, to see if it’s working. If it’s working for you, we have more to give to you for free. Come. More you have, more we have to give to you. Come. Endlessly. Never ending. Who’s saying? Me? I don’t know anything. I have no knowledge to speak this. But they are saying, ‘open this door, take it and give it to them. Huh! When you have customers to give, the more customers you have, more we give to you.’ So, it’s never ending. Don’t think that, ‘oh, it’s going to be fifty people, a hundred people, hundred and fifty, one thousand, one million it’s going to end.’ More is going to come.

Not like us, Allah is not like us. He is Kerim. He is is not stingy. My name is Kerim. Allah is Kerim. So He is giving. He is Kerim. He is giving to the ones who’s asking for it. but He is also giving to the ones who’s not asking for it. Allah, Allah. And you are insisting not to make sejdah to that Lord? Even animals they do sejdah. Animals they remember their Lord, day and night, twenty-four hours a day. Early in the morning get up and listen to the mountains, what the mountain they are saying. Who they are speaking to? There’s nobody there. There’s no cameras here to take that recording. Non-stop, everyday. Doesn’t matter. Symphony orchestra out there now going on. Do you hear it? Night time, all these creatures, they are talking, they are addressing to their Lord, from their own language. The man who has been created in Ahsani Taqweem, he’s eating each other, like wolves.

So, turn around. Stop being arrogant and proud ones. The end of the proudness and the end of the arrogant and angry people, you know what they do? Because they are so proud, sheytan fools them saying, ‘put the rope around your neck and hang yourself.’ That’s what proud people they do. They hang themselves. Some they hang themselves physically. Some they hang themselves spiritually. Don’t hang yourself. Instead of being so proud, your head so high up like this, say, ‘I’m a weak servant. Let me just go down.’ Soon as your head goes down on sejdah, rahmat starts raining on you. Allah is saying, subhana wa ta’ala, ‘This is my servant. He’s making sejdah to me with his head and his spirit.’ Not only thinking that you are going to come to prayer just like a robot or parrot. No. when you go to sejdah, go to sejdah with your head, with your spirit together saying, ‘I am your servant Ya Rabbi. I am weak one. But I am Your servant. You cannot do nothing with me. You cannot get rid of me. I am your servant.’ Allah likes it. Say, ‘I am doing all this wrong, please forgive me. I’m going to come back to You There’s no other way. If I run away from you, sheytan is going to fool me.’ Say it. Help will reach to you.


 Waminallahu Taufiq. Al- Fatiha.

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (qs) Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs), Osmanli Dergahi NY

June 2, 2011

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