True and Sincere Repentance in Raghaib


night of barat1

Raghaib, Laylatul Raghaib is the first Jummah, the first Thursday night of the month of Rajab and it is a very Holy night. That is the night  when the Holy Prophet (asws), his light was passed from his father  to his mother.

Sit down somewhere, especially the time between Asar and Maghrib, make intention that you are entering into seclusion. We are Sheykh Effendi’s Jama’at. What is important for us is not so much to sit empty and to say zikir empty. We are supposed to do it, we must do the zikir. But it is important to sit down, and we are sincerely asking Allah for forgiveness. How are we going to ask Allah swt for forgiveness sincerely?

Allah is saying, ‘Don’t come to My presence with this two sins: One is the Shirk, partnership to Me, which I may forgive you if I want.’ The other He says, ‘I will never forgive  you,’ and which one is that? When you take the rights of others. Allah is saying, ‘I will not forgive you until that one that you have wronged has forgiven you.’ So sit and understand the wrong things you have done today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year in  your life. Sit and understand the mistakes, our mistakes that we have done to Allah swt and to each other. Then find ways to clean it up. Find ways at least to say to Allah, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m weak, open the way for me to clean up this mess, because You are saying that You will not forgive me until they have forgiven me.’

Don’t think you have wronged someone now, you are just going to let it go just like that. How much zikir you do, how much Hajj you do, how much Quran that you read, unless  you go to that one and  you ask for forgiveness, it’s a big question mark Allah is going to accept it or not. Especially now, if you are going to wrong those ones who are Awliya Allah, those ones who are closed to Him, those ones who are serving Him.

We are not walis. May our service be accepted. But we should wake up to understand what are the obstacles in front of us that we put by ourselves. Don’t say other people put for us. Don’t say Allah put for us. Don’t say, ‘well, I’m like that, I cannot change. So what?’ Don’t fall into that. Don’t just sit there and said, ‘I can’t move.’ Don’t’ say, ‘Allah made me this way. I cannot change.’

You can’t move? You are not dead yet. You still know how to go to the bathroom. That means you’re still using your will, you still have your will. You are hungry, you still eat, you still sleep, you still do so many other things. So, use that will. Don’t put that will aside. Month of Rajab, put that will. Month of Shaban, put more of that will. Month of Ramazan, we are supposed to be in line with the will of Allah, we are supposed to be together with the will of our spirit, the will of the Angels. Not to eat and to drink and to be involved in animal desires and animal characteristics.

WaminaAllahu Taufiq Al-Fatiha.
Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York
Rajab 1435H

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