How important it is to always stay in Wudu?


Question: How important it is to always stay in Wudu? Some diseases make it difficult to stay in wudu at all time. What should a mureed do if he has such a disease?


If you have certain diseases that make it difficult for you to be in wudu, then try as much as you can. This wudu is a wudu to keep to get the blessings of the wudu. It is not the wudu to keep to perform the obligations, like prayer, for instance. So, this is a Sunnat. Because the Prophet (asws) is saying: those who perform a wudu on top of a wudu that they already have, they are putting light on top of light. So everytime that you perform a wudu, you are bathing your whole body with light. You understand? You will be known on the Judgment Day, like what the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying: there will be some who are raised up on the Judgement Day and their whole limbs will be shining. Those are the ones who always keep their wudu.

So, if you want more light to you, because where there is light, where there is Nur, the Nar cannot enter, the fire cannot enter. And sheytan will run away from you that time. So try to keep wudu at all times. If you cannot keep wudu, keep the intention. If you have certain diseases that make it difficult for you to keep the wudu, then keep the intention, and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, this is my intention. Astarghfirullah.’ There are other things that you can do. I cannot say so openly like this, to have the blessings of that because of your firm intention, without doing it. Let me give you an example: Awliya Allah, the real ones, the high level ones, not those ones who are calling themselves, they don’t even walk on the face of this earth without a wudu. They say, ‘how can we step on Allah’s earth in a state of impurity.’

Because when you have wudu, you are pure, you have taharat. They never step on this earth without having a wudu. And our Sheykh is one of those. That even when he gets up, the first thing he does is tayammum. Understand that this is for sunnat, this is not for farz, this is not to pray. This is just having the intention and for the sunnat. If he is in the bedroom, just to go to the bathroom to make a wudu, he makes the tayammum. Then he goes to the bathroom, then he takes wudu with a water. And they are very particular about this. This is a practise of all Holy people, not too long ago. This was the practise of Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan (Jennat Mekat), who kept a brick, they call that the tayammum brick, under his pillow. When he wakes up, he makes tayaummun on the brick before he makes a real wudu. Because they are saying: the friends of Allah they have the most fear and the most  modesty, in front of their Lord. And they are the most shy ones in front of their Lord.

So, how important is it? It’s very important. I’m not even mentioning what it does to your physical body, the kind of benefits it gives to your physical body. Especially wudu with a cold water. And that is sunnat, wudu with a cold water.

Wudu with a cold water, it takes away sheytan from you. You are now making a wudu, proper wudu, and you are cleaning and you are rubbing and you are activating major points in your body, to make your blood and your energy to circulate better, to become better, health wise. Your hands, your face, your ears, the back (nape), especially the back now, people are discovering how important the back, the base of your neck is, changes in temperature can affect you especially to cool it down, your feet. These are all end points of all the major meridians, energy points, energy lines in your body.

Whether  it’s Chinese or Indians or whatever it is, they know how these points are, and Allah swt has given this to this ummat, and ours is an ummat who makes a wudu. And this is one of the blessings that is given to this nation. So, continue insyaAllah, to make it. May Allah make it easier. SelamAleykum.

 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

27 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 17, 2015



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