Prepare Ourselves To Be Tested, The Flood of Fire Is About To Happen,



Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin wasalatu wa salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa Sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa Rasuluhu Salallahu Alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi.

Khulafail rashidin mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik. khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala  tahqeeq. umara il mu’mineen. Hazreti Abu Bakr wa  Umar wa Uthman wa Ali. Wa ala baqiyati wa Sahabai wa tabieen, Ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.  Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun, ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh. inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wal-lathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashraf al-Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen, Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, the Lord of the Universes. All praises are due to Allah, who is the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the Master of the Day of Judgment. All praises are due to Allah who has created Bani Adam in Ahsani Taqwim, the Most Perfect Form. All praises are due to Allah who has sent Sayyidina Rasulallah (AS) as the Rahmatalil Alameen.

And may all peace and blessings be upon the Owner of the Maqam al-Mahmud, the Intercessor of the Day of Judgment, the Helper of the Helpless, the Most Noble in Creation, the Imam of the Two Sanctuaries, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS), and upon his noble family and blessed companions, especially upon the Rightly Guided Khalifas, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq, Hz. Umar el-Faruq, Hz. Osman el-Ghani, and Hz. Ali el-Murtaza, and all those who follow them until the Last Day.

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O Believers! Welcome to you in this Holy Day of Jummah, in the Holy Month of Allah, Shahru Rajab. Allahumma Barik Lana fi Rajab wa Shaban, wa Ballighna Ramadan. Amin.

jumuah prayer

O Believers! We have reached to the 12th Day of this Holy Month. Almost half of this month is gone from us—what have we done with our time? How have we used our time? Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Mankind will remain standing on the Day of Resurrection until he is asked about four things: his life and how he spent it, his youth and how he used it up, his property and how he acquired it and managed it and his knowledge and how he used it. And Hz. Hasan ibn Ali (ra) is saying, ‘Opportunity is something which is quick to disappear and very late to return.’

O Believers! This opportunity of Rajab, it is a great opportunity. It is an opportunity for us to plant seeds that we can take care of during Shaban, that will give fruit during Ramadan, that will benefit us for the entire year. We must take care not to waste our time in these holy days and nights that we are passing through- we must make it different, we must keep it holy. Because we are going to be asked about it on the Judgment Day.

And as Hz. Hasan is saying, this opportunity, this month of Rajab, we are going to turn left and right and find it has passed us; and we do not have any guarantee that we will reach to the next Rajab. O Believers! Put the proper value to these days and nights, so that we are not regretful in the next life.

Allah (swt) is saying in Surah Mulk : BismillahirRahmanirRahim that He created Death and Life that He may try which of you is best in deed. And in Surah Muhammad He is saying: BismillahirRahmanirRahim And We shall try you until We test those among you who strive their utmost and persevere in patience; and We shall test your record. And Allah (swt) is also saying: Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, ‘We believe,’ and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in his Hadith Sherif: Whenever Allah wills good for a person, He makes him to go through difficulties. And in another Hadith Sherif he is saying (asws): The most in their suffering among the people are the Prophets, then the best, then the (next) best. One is tested in accordance with his faith. If his faith is firm, his tests are hard, and if his faith is weak, his test is light.

test and trials

O Believers! What are these Ayat-i-Kerime, what are these Hadith-i-Sherif saying to us? What is the message that is coming to us? For an intelligent man, he must understand that these verses of the Quran and these sayings of Holy Prophet (asws) are pointing to one truth: Allah (swt) has created mankind to be tested; and those who claim to be believers, they are going to be tested. And the tests that come from Allah (swt), they are a blessing to a man- As Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, Allah (swt) tests a person when he wants good for that person; in other words, Allah (swt) is testing those ones whom he loves.

So if we are claiming to be believers, then we should prepare ourselves to be tested. And how do we prepare for this test? By looking and learning from the lives and experiences of those who were tested before us. And Allah (swt) is so Merciful, and is giving us so much help, that He has sent the Quran-i-Kerim as a history book of those Beloved to Him that were tested. But today’s 21st Century Muslims, they don’t look at the history part of the Quran. In these times, Muslims are looking to the Quran only to twist and change its words to justify their wrong lifestyles. But that Holy Quran, it is a history book too, and it is giving the stories of those who came before so we can look at how they were tested, and how they passed their tests. And Allah (swt) is saying in the Holy Quran: Narrate unto them the history, so that maybe they will make tafakkur, maybe they will reflect.

O Believers! 25 Prophets are mentioned openly in the Holy Quran. And all 25 of their histories are there for us to learn from. Do not fall into the tricks and traps of 21st century thinking. The Holy Quran is not allegory or fairy tales- it is real! It is history! Adam (as) was really in Paradise and came down. Nuh (as) was really on the Ship and had to pass through the Flood. Ibrahim (as) really was thrown into the fire of Nimrud, and that fire really became a garden. Musa (as) in reality, he really split the sea with his cane through Allah’s permission. And Isa (as) really raised men from the dead and was raised to the Paradises. This is real. This is more than real. This is more than real than the lives that you and I we are living, because those incidents happened by those who were living, dying, and breathing for Allah (swt).

So we should look at the tests that they went through, and we should sit, and we should understand. We should try to put ourselves in that situation and ask ourselves sincerely, if I was put in that situation, would I pass that test?

In this Month of Rajab, Nuh (as) and the believers, they entered into the Ship. And they were on the waters until the Day of Ashura, when Allah (swt) caused them to land. O Believers! Do you know what Nuh (as) went through? Nuh (as), he was a prophet coming right after Adam (as). Nuh (as)’s father was Lamik, whose father was Idris (as), whose father was Shith (as), whose father was Adam (as) who was created directly by Allah (swt). And still, the people of Nuh (as) were disobedient. And Allah (swt) sent Nuh (as) as a prophet to his people. And Nuh (as) called his people to Sirat al-Mustaqim. As our Sheykh is telling us the story of Nuh (as) saying: He went back to them thousands and thousands of times. Hundreds of years. Not one year, not fifty years, not a hundred years, but six hundred, seven hundred years non-stop going back and forth to them and asking them, `Turn back to your Lord. Leave this egoistic lifestyle. Turn to your Lord.’ They said, `Who are you to tell us? What is it that you are going to tell us? We are going to live as we like. We are going to do just like the people in Ahir Zaman.’ There are something opened to them. They have seen. `They do as they like. We are going to do as we like. You are not going to tell us what to do.’ They cursed at him, they beat him, they threw him away. He went back to them, back to them, because Nuh (as) was seeing what’s waiting for them if they don’t come back. They didn’t listen. And finally he was fed up with them. He opened his hand once saying, `Ya Rabbi, do not leave one of them on the face of the earth who is disobedient to You.’ Just one Dua. Right away response came to him, `I accept it. Prepare the ship.

Last safety to those ones. Call them to come here. Those who are coming in, that is the safety to them.’ He prepared the ship. They didn’t listen again. He was saying, `O children of Adam, I know what I did. I know what I asked and I know what’s coming to you. Don’t be heedless. Come around. There’s nothing I can do anymore.’ They said, ‘You lost your mind. The world is so beautiful. You lost your mind. You went on top of the mountain and built a ship. How stupid man you are!’ His own children, his own wife, disobedient to him. He is crying for them. But they are not caring. Their ego is wild until the last order came to him. ‘No more calling. Whoever came to the ship, shut the door now.’ He is screaming to his own son, ‘Come in!’ Allah said, ‘Leave that one out too. He is your son but he is Our servant. We have created that one. He became from the unbelievers. Leave that one out.’ He shut the doors. The whole mankind finished on the face of the earth except those ones who found safety in that ship.

O Believers! That is a test. To be rejected by your nation for 950 years. To be building that huge ship, and for all of mankind to ridicule you and call you crazy. For your son, for your wife, to reject you. For you to know and see the punishment that is coming for all of creation, and for them not to wake up. But Nuh (as) passed his test. Because Allah (swt) is praising him in Holy Quran, saying: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. O descendants of those We carried [in the ship] with Noah. Indeed, he was a grateful servant. And in another Ayat Allah (swt) is saying: BismillahirRahmanirRahim (In the days of old), Noah cried to Us, and We are the best to hear prayer. And We delivered him and his people from the Great Calamity, And made his descendents to endure (on this earth); And We left (this blessing) for him among generations to come in later times: “Peace and salutation to Noah among the nations!

O Believers! That test of Nuh (as), it is coming again to this world. Allah (swt) informed the Holy Prophet (asws) that the punishment is going to come again in the Ahir Zaman. As our Sheykh is saying: Holy Prophet (asws) said: I asked Allah (swt), Ya Rabbi, do not punish my nation the same way that you have punished through the flood of Nuh (as). And Allah (swt) promised me saying to me, ‘I am not punishing your nation that way. But your nation is going to be so disobedient when you are physically removed from them, they will turn back to their unbelief ways of lifestyle. They are going to run after the Yahudi and the Christians step by step. And they are going to invent a fire. They are going to burn themselves with that fire. The flood of fire is going to happen to them.’

That flood of fire is about to happen. Those who are seeing are screaming and crying saying, ‘Come back. Turn around. Whatever you are, leave your egoistic way of lifestyle. Go to Sejdah, ask forgiveness. You may find safety. There is no other safety. The flood of fire is about to happen.’ Mankind is running still wild just like the people of Nuh (as) and this is going to take the whole globe. The whole world is going to sink in it. No safety. Safety only comes with those people that they are protected and they are holding tightly to the Prophet (asws). So the Prophet (asws) is saying to us, ‘Safety at that time is my Ahl-il Bayt. Run to them. Be around them. They are like the ship of Nuh (as). You are going to find safety. There is no other safety.’

O Believers! We must wake up, and understand that a test is going to come to us. If we want to be called believers, we are going to be tested like the believers were tested. We did not even speak about the tests of our Holy Prophet (asws), who had the most severe tests. But the test is going to come to us. And the question is whether or not we are going to pass the test. And those who passed the test, they passed only by sticking tightly and not deviating from the way of those ones that were sent to them as Guides by Allah (swt). O Believers! We have a Guide. We have a grandson of Holy Prophet (asws) in front of us. He is our Ship of Nuh. Do not let go of him; otherwise, when the test comes, when the flood comes, we are going to be burnt and washed away.

O Believers! Allah (swt) is speaking to us, to our situation that we are in, in the Holy Quran saying: BismillahirRahmanirRahim And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: “They are dead.” No, they are living, although you perceive (it) not. Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return: They are those on whom blessings from Allah will descend, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.

O Believers. In this Holy Month, in these Holy Days, make sincere intention to be among those that live, that die, that breathe for the sake of Allah (swt), for the sake of his Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of their Friends, for the sake of our Sheykh. That time, insha’Allah, we will pass the tests, and we will be in safety. Amin.

we are for our sheykh

Jummah Khutbah by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

12 Rajab 1436H

May 1, 2015

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