The whole world is in a drunken station, hold on tightly to your Sheykh


Sheykh Lokman Hz

You have to be woken up continuously by those ones who have the power that Allah has given through the Prophet. They are not Prophet but Allah has given them the power. They are the inheritors of the Prophet, but even then, with all that power, no guarantee that they are going to wake up. The Nation of Nuh (as),  did they wake up? They didn’t. Right up to the last minute, did they wake up? They didn’t. They are seeing so many unusual things, they are seeing the animals coming to the ship. They are knowing what kind of special place that ship is, it’s not an ordinary ship, which one of the signs of the Ahir Zaman is: the ship of Nuh is going to be found again. They are going to find the ship of Nuh. And they already found it. They found it not yesterday, not last year, not ten years ago, they found it in the fifties. And everything is kept hidden. One of the signs of the appearances of Dajjal, the appearances of Mahdi (as) that is going to come.

So every Prophet is talking about the future, what is going to happen. Because the future is pointing to Mawla, to our Ahiret. Every Awliya Allah must talk about what’s going to happen and must prepare because they are the inheritors of the Prophet. So those ones who are the followers of Nuh (as), not followers, from his nation, followers only a handful. Out of millions at that time, only  a handful: seventy-three,  like that number that was in Karbala, seventy-three, entered into the ship. Not even his own son entered into the ship. But that Nation now, they were in drunken station. They were completely in drunken, ghaflat, heedless station. And that station of drunkenness, Awliya Allah is saying, our Awliya, our Sahib, our Master, our Key: SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani is saying, ‘it is better for a man to be drunk by the liquor because big possibility, next day he is going to wake up from that drunk station,’ isn’t it?

You ever heard someone who drinks and he doesn’t wake up, unless he dies, he doesn’t wake up from that drunk station? They always wake up and they always regret. That is enough sign now that Allah does not love that action. Because you only regret from doing the wrong actions. You never regret from doing the right actions. No matter how much they enjoy themselves, they wake up with regret. And that is the function, that is the sign of a sin: that you will have regret. We’ll talk about later, when you kill the heart and no regret enters. That is another chapter, we’ll open that later. Now, the man who is drunk from a liquor, he will wake up from that drunken station. But the man who is drunk with ghaflat, heedlessness, very difficult to wake him up because he doesn’t believe that he is drunk. The one who is drunk from an arrogant station, oh even worse. Billions are drunk in that station of arrogance now. It used to be only the Firaun and the Namrud they are proud and they are arrogant because they are controlling the world. They have a right to be. But these days 21st century mankind, 99.9% of them they are arrogant and they are proud, they are Firaun, they are Namrud, they are zalims and they have nothing to rule. They have nothing. That one who is drunk in that heedless station, it is very difficult for them to wake up.

Don’t you see what the khutbah is saying? That the Quran, a big part of it is History, teaching us what the Prophets they went through, what those ones who were obeying the Prophets they went through, what those ones who were disobeying the Prophets they went through, what was their rewards and what was their punishments. We have the opportunity, the chance, the blessings of almost seven thousand years of history for the people of Ahir Zaman to look. Not yesterday’s example. Seven thousand years. All the way from Adam (as). But we are not using them. We are not taking that as a lesson to ourselves because nowadays, mashaAllah, people they are learning Quran in heedlessness. Memorising the Quran in heedlessness. They are teaching their children to memorise the Quran in heedlessness. The children, very bad manners, very spoiled, cheating, lying, bullying others but because they are hafiz, they are being praised because they have the tongue of the Quran but they don’t have the heart. Whatever that they are doing, it is against to what the Quran is saying. So what is a hafiz now? What is the hafiz of the Quran?

So now, if you are drunk in that station, very difficult for you to wake up. Prophets were sent to wake up and majority of them, did they manage to wake up their nation? No. Sometime they would follow, later they’ll become disobedient during their lifetime, after their lifetime they become completely disobedient and they make their own religion. Isn’t that what happened? During the lifetime of the Prophet they become disobedient. Then after that they become complete disobedient. So we have all these in the Quran. But we are not taking. The Quran is disappearing. This is the meaning now of one of the signs of the Ahir Zaman too. Judgement Day is coming, the Quran is disappearing. It’s not meaning the written Quran that you are printing by the millions everyday  that it has become just like any printed book that the wahabbis they are teaching muslims to put it on the floor where you are stepping, to read the Quran lying back like you are reading a newspaper, to point your feet to the Qibla. So there is no no respect and there is no blessings coming from the Quran, the Quran disappear.

So many now memorising the Quran, I’m watching too, mashaAllah. Memorise the Quran, very good. Memorise, we are not against it. So many people are saying, ‘Oh they are against people learning fiqh.’ Memorise. Do everything that you are supposed to do. But do not be tricked by your ego in doing that. Because majority that are learning that, they become tricked by their ego. I’m seeing, they are memorising the Quran, mashaAllah, very good. Teaching children how to memorise the Quran, very early age. Okay. But then again, any child that you are going to give too much praising, it’s no good. Any child that is given so much attention by everybody, I’m not talking about love, love is different. There’s soft love, there’s tough love, there’s different kind. But I’m talking about, now the child becomes like a superstar. That is not good. The child becomes like a celebrity. You have fame, you have that kind of thing, it is no good for the kid. The kid does not know what to do with that. We have the examples in front of us. The examples of Hollywood, Bollywood, every kind of things, we know that it is no good. It destroys them.

young osmanlis

I’m watching, now they want to encourage people to learn the Quran. Really? Because I saw this show somewhere in Southeast Asia, because they like the programme what the west is having. They love that kind of programme. They like the American idol kind of programme. They like the ‘America’s got talent’ kind of thing. They like that whole thing. You understand? So they like that example, but they say, ‘let’s do it for Islam. Let’s do it Islamic way. Then that way we are going to wake up so many people to the Din.’ Really? Is that really what the reason is? You don’t have to be a genius or a Saint to understand this. All those shows are for what? All those shows are for advertisement. They are all for money. Everything on TV, if it’s not selling advertisement, they are going to throw it out no matter how good it is to society. Isn’t  it? That’s just the way the television works.

But they are saying, ‘no, no,no, no. we can use the format. It’s okay. But we are going to make it Islamic. So we are going to get little kids to come up. We are going to get three judges. Must be one or two women. Must be one judge that is very negative, one judge that is okay and one woman judge. But everyone wearing the hijab. People are coming there, they are all sitting down Islamic way. And they have little kids to come up and reciting the Quran. And presenters presenting it backstage, he is speaking, ‘SubhanaAllah, look they are reciting like this,’ just like the format. And they are saying that this is a good way. It teach people about Islam. Really? Are you being sincere? Are you crazy? You want your child to become a hafiz, to memorise the Quran, to live an Islamic lifestyle or you want them to be in the spotlight? To become a celebrity? Because all those shows is to make you to become a celebrity. Isn’t it? It’s to make you to feel that you are somebody because everyone, the whole world is clapping. One day that clapping is going to stop and you feel that you are nobody. And that’s where you become worse and worse and worse. So that happens. And now they are making this little kid reciting the Quran, and everybody, ‘oh, very good. so cute. Let’s all recite together with her.’ And they all stand up. Everybody stand up with hand motions and…what happens to Haya? What happen to modesty? What happen to manners? What happen to having the Islamic lifestyle. Is that an Islamic lifestyle? That kind of platform? It is not.

So now, the whole world is in a drunken station. They are drunk. 21st century, just like the people of Nuh (as). In fact, they people of Nuh (as), something opened up to them and they were able to see what the people of the 21st century they were doing. Sheytan opened it and they saw everything, how the people in the 21st century they are doing every crime to Allah. Every wrong actions they are doing and anyone who says anything about those wrong actions, they will be called crazy or they will be called backward or they will be called a criminal. White has become black and black has become white. And those people in the time of Nuh (as), when sheytan opened that, they said, ‘we want to be just like the people in the 21st century. You are not going to tell us anything.’ Although they see all the miracles, everything that is happening, still they refused.  Still they refused. So all those ones who are concentrating on miracles, concentrating on unusual things, concentrating on Kash, be very careful. Because all those unusual things, dajjal is going to perform. He is going to show. People in Tarikat are going to be tested heavily. And Divine knowledge coming to us that most are going to fail.

Hold on tightly to your Sheykh. What is he teaching you? Where is he bringing you to? Our Sheykh, day and night, week after week, month after month, year after year, telling us to wake up to the tricks and the traps of our ego and dajjal and the fitnah of dajjal. Majority of the Sheykhs they are not believing in this. They are not practising this, they are not saying this, they are not warning their nations because either they are together with dajjal or they have no knowledge to speak, no authority to speak. Every Prophet came to warn. But I’m seeing very few Sheykhs they are warning these days. Everyone is saying, ‘don’t worry. Don’t worry. Love. It’s filled with love. Just love each other. Make love. You’ll be find. Make love, sing happy birthday, everything will be okay. Everything is okay. Don’t worry.’ Which Prophet came, 124,000, which one came to tell their nation: ‘Don’t worry. Make love,’ which one? Prophet (asws), he warns you. Ahara Mubashara.

Ashara Mubashara, the ten, they were promised Paradise. If you look at the ten that were promised Paradise, they went through every trial, every test and they held on firmly to their Prophet. They did not speak to each other, to say, ‘don’t worry, we were promised Paradise, it’s all love man. It’s so good.’ They did not. Astarghfirullah. So, to come out from this station of ghaflet, it is a job of Prophets. And those who are the real inheritors of the Prophet, they are going to make that job to, they are going to do their job. They are going to wake people up. And you will see all around you. It doesn’t  matter which label, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, whatever, there are believers in every group and all the believers in those groups, never they say, ‘don’t worry.’  They say, ‘Be careful. Be careful and watch out. Because the very tough days they are ahead.’

We are not saying, ‘be careful. Give us all your money.’ We are not saying, ‘world is going to end, give us all your money, we want to build something.’ No. We are saying, ‘look at the system of this world, it is already Dajjalic. Move away from that. Don’t like it. Do not be part of the system.’ You understand? Of course those Sheykhs, they cannot say any wise,  otherwise, because they are part of the system. They cannot warn. Because once they start warning, their boses are going to say, ‘don’t speak! We are paying you good. You better not speak about us. Say everything is okay.’ Because that’s exactly what dajjal is going to do. He is going to say, ‘everything is okay. Everything is good. we are living in Paradise. Don’t trouble yourself. Don’t go through any difficulties. Don’t go through any test for the sake of Allah. Allah doesn’t want to burden you. It’s all Paradise. It’s all good.’

Mahdi (as) is going to come. And he is going to bring a sword that is going to divide Haqq from batil. May we always be in the way of Haqq, insyaAllah. May the sincere ones be looking for that. So this is very serious matter, what we are talking about: To wake up. Everyday that you are going through, to wake up, to understand, when you are waking up, when you go to sleep, this is the Ahir Zaman.

So the people of the 21st century, they are going to do all the wrong things that the nations of 124,000 Prophets that they are doing. 124,000 Prophets, all their nations doing wrong things, one nation, one nation, one nation, collect all the wrong things together, this ummat is doing right now. Dajjal is going to come and he is going to perform miracles, of course they are not miracles, unusual things he is going to do. He is going to have the heybet and the charisma and the attraction of Prophet. He is going to appeal to the women especially. Understand? And he will be able to do the things that the Prophets, they did. He will be able to raise the dead. And those are very heavy test for us. People in the grave, they are going to be tested. So be prepared for that test. The preparation is now. The preparation is now. If you are watching out for your own ghaflat. You will not be in ghaflat. You will not be tricked by dajjal that time.

We are doing things, Sheykh Effendi is screaming at us day and night: whatever that we are doing, don’t be in ghaflat, don’t be in ghaflat, ghaflat, ghaflat. Yes. That is preparing us to be awake when the test comes in the future. When Mahdi (as) comes, before when dajjal comes, then all those lessons, it will kicked in. Because people are expecting, oh to prepare for Mahdi, to prepare for dajjal, we have to be prepared in very big ways. We have to learn special duas, we have to make special riadahs, special spiritual exercises. Special this, special that, everything is special. Everyone wants to be special. Nobody thinks they are zero. Do you know in the military, when you enter into the military especially, more thatn 50% of the time, you spend doing what? Drill.


Think now, what we are doing right now? That is called a drill. What are they doing? They said, ‘we are here to learn how to fight the enemy, how to become a soldier,’ but all they are teaching us: Attention! Everyone must keep tight together. Everyone must walk together. Stop together. Turn right together. Turn left together. Everything, drilling, hours. Hours in a day, isn’t it? But that has nothing to do with fighting an enemy, to a man who has no intelligence. What is that drill teaching? What is the secret of that drill now? They are not even saying this in the military. They are teaching now, drilling into our minds, into our hearts, how to think, how to obey orders as one unit. One. Not to let your ego, your intelligence, your anything in front of you. You hear and you do. Hours they are conditioning you. That one voice says, ‘stop!’ you stop. You don’t say, ‘why I must stop?  Really I must stop here? Can I stop over there?’ So many people they are doing that. They cannot follow a Sheykh. Sheykh says, ‘stop,’ they said, ‘yeah you know, but you know, maybe I should go.’ I said, ‘don’t go.’ ‘But you know, it’s already….’  I said, ‘don’t go.’

They cannot because  there’s no drill. There’s no conditioning. But now, the soldier who is going through, the recruit that is going through, he may not see the connection. He says, ‘what is this got to do with holding a gun and shooting an enemy. We are just drilling, left, right, left, right, left, right, that’s all. Hours and hours and hours, for nothing. Waste of time,’ they are saying. But those one, in the military, they are the most intelligent ones, isn’t it. All the brains, go first into the military, all the budget first goes into the military. Every country is like that, isn’t it? So there is something there.

You know during the Ottoman times, the Calligrapher, you know one of his training to become a Calligrapher, you know what it is? To learn how to shoot. Not with a gun. With a bow and arrow. How to aim and to hold and to shoot. And to let go. Those with no mind will say, ‘what is this got to do with writing Khat. This is archery! This is Khat. This is calligraphy. Calligraphy is something else. Archery is something else.’ That means you don’t understand now how one thing is connecting to another. They make, in the Ottoman times, everyone who is learning calligraphy to go through archery. To make your hands to be completely obedient  to your mind. Your mind says, keep still, control, focus, move properly, and the hand listens. To see where the eyes is seeing and where the hand is, everything to move as one unit. One. Again. So that is the training. That is a drill. And if you are drilled properly, you’ll be able to go to war properly. You’ll be able to because something else takes over now. It is not your ego that is taking over, it is something else: the obedience, acting as one unit. This is the drill. Understand? If you are fighting against to your ego now, if you are fighting against ghaflat now, this is the drill. If you don’t have this, impossible you are going to be able to fight in the future. Impossible.

Now, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you are a murid who cooks or a murid who goes to the barn, a murid who built, a murid who leads prayers, a murid who cleans the bathroom, a murid that gives sohbet. Whatever your responsibility is, you watch out against the ghaflat. That is your drill. It doesn’t mean the one who gives the sohbet, he has more spirituality than the one cleaning the bathroom. It’s very good to clean the bathroom. So that is our drill. This is our drill. Those who are concentrating on that, they win. Majority they don’t like it. Majority they don’t believe in it. Our own people are not understanding it. You understand? Our own Tarikat, not understanding it. So many people calling themselves Sufis are saying, ‘yeah but you guys are still stuck in this kindergarten level of sitting properly,  speaking properly. When are you going to rise to talk about the different levels , different alams, different kash, different this, different that?’

You want that? Go to dajjal. Dajjal is going to give everything. You are going to prepare to become a soldier of Mahdi, this is our drill. Like it or not. This is what our Sheykh is offering to us. This is what he live for and this is what he passed from this world. And he is leaving us that legacy and we are continuing, insyaAllah. You and me. If you like, come. If you don’t like, go. There are so many other ones. You can sit around, stand around, singing happy birthday, eating, everything. Every time, sitting down, eating. That is not our way. insyaAllah this is what we are concentrating on. As you like. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Al Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.


After Jummah Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

12 Rajab 1436H

May 1, 2015

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