What are rights that if we take away from others, we’ll be in trouble?


Question: What are rights that if we take away from others, we’ll be in trouble?

Hoja tugra bismillah

Every right that you take away from someone you are going to be in trouble. Allah swt is saying, “don’t come to My presence with these two things. Every sin that you make, I will forgive you. But these two sins don’t come into My presence. One is the Shirk, and the other one is taking away the rights of others. Don’t’ come to My presence with the rights of others.”

The shirk, Allah swt, we cannot put a limit to Him. We cannot put a limit to His mercy, can we? It is up to Him. He wants to punish or He wants to forgive. The shirk is between Him and you. You and Him. But Allah swt is saying, through the mouth of the Prophet (asws) in the Hadiths e-Sharif, because every hadiths, every saying of the Prophet (asws), it is from Allah. Because the ayat is saying. He is not speaking from his nafs, don’t give me that foolishness ‘oh is this sahih? Is this hasan? Is this gharib? Is this this? Is this that?…’ You don’t even know what category you are, you want to judge something else? Your words everyday is sahih? Huh? Your words everyday is hasan? Why are you judging? Fourteen hundred years, you think there is no system that is put in place by the Alims, the Ulamas and the Saliheen and the Awliya Allah to understand what is hasan and gharib and Sahih and not? Coming in with this nonsense and judging everything?

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Allah will not accept the thanks of someone until that person thanks the one who has done a favour to him.’ Meaning that everything that is coming, it is through a protocol. Something that is being done to you that is good, you cannot say a hand from Heaven, from Paradise is reaching. It’s reaching through someone. That one is being used as a tool by Allah swt. Although that one is a tool and Allah is saying, understand the delicacy of the situation, ‘if you don’t thank that person who help you, Allah will not accept your thanks.’ So understand now. From that Hadiths, it is enough to understand. If you do wrong to someone, if that person does not forgive you, Allah will not forgive. Unless the person forgives you.

And you know what? in the Day of Judgement, that is what’s going to happen. It’s going to be a chaos. It’s going to be complete confusion because everyone is complaining from others. It is not Allah that is asking for His rights, it is each other, fighting for their rights. Because they know, ‘if I don’t get my rights, I’m going to be in big trouble.’

You’re worshiping, you’re making so much zikr, you are reading so much, you are making so much ibadat, but you take away someone’s rights. How? So many ways. You are slandering and backbiting, you are taking away his rights. You are taking his honour, you are taking away his rights. You are taking his property, you are taking away his rights. You’re becoming a zalim, a tyrant to that one, you take away his rights. You break his heart, ahh finish, forget about it. In our way, it is better to break the Kaba than to break a believer’s heart. Of course. Is the Kaba the throne of Allah? Is it? It’s the house of Allah. But has the Kaba been destroyed before? Yes. Anything happened to Allah? No. but the heart of a believer is the throne of Allah. It is better to break the Kaba than to break the believer’s heart. This is not for murids. Don’t go around telling me now, ‘oh this one broke my heart. That one broke my heart.’ Because everyone’s heart is in the property of our Sahib. Finish. It is for generally, for others.

So everyone is going to fight with each other. And that one who worship so much but because he took away someone’s rights, that one will say, ‘I want his faith ya Rabbi.’ That is the Day of Judgment. Justice has to be given. You take away that one’s rights, he will ask for it on Judgment Day. You know what? certain things there is interest. Interest is forbidden, but there are certain things when you owe someone, and you don’t pay, that debt that you have, it may get heavier and heavier. Maybe there’s no interest. But that debt now becomes more and more valuable. Isn’t it?

So now, that is what’s going to happen on the Day of Judgment. If you are not paying your debt in this world, your debt will become heavier in the Judgment Day. So you take away someone’s rights, that one will have the right now on the Day of Judgment to ask for whatever that you have, that is most valuable to you, to pay, to compensate. And Allah will not forgive until he forgives you. This is how important it is. Let’s not touch the rights of our Sheykh, the rights of the Awliya Allah, the rights of the Prophet, the rights of Allah. Just with each other. Yes, if you don’t make helal those rights, you’ll be in very big trouble. But Muslims have also lost this tradition, except for a few groups here and there. The Turks they are still holding on to this tradition, taking this very seriously. Very seriously. The other groups I’m seeing, they don’t take it so seriously because they are concentrating to become Hafiz. Because they are concentrating on just reciting Quran like that but Quran is not reaching to their heart. It doesn’t get pass their throat. You understand?

This is a very important part of our religion, to make sure that you don’t come with each other’s rights on the day of Judgement. Turks, when they come visiting and when they are leaving, what do they say? Helal Olsun. Saying to each other, ‘I’m leaving now, I’m going, helal, make helal,’ meaning what? ‘Everything that I have done to you, please don’t ask for my rights on the Day of Judgement.’ They are taking the idea, not the idea, the reality that death is a serious matter and it may happen every time, because we ask that on the funeral prayer when we bury someone. The one that is going to be buried, the Imam is going to say, ‘whatever rights that he has taken from you, give it up, because it is so dangerous, it is so important.’ And the crowd, the Jamaat has to say, ‘Helal Olsun. I give up my rights from you, I will not ask.’ And they are doing it, those ones with Ottoman traditions, they are doing it, not when the person is dead only, they are doing it when they see each other when they are leaving from each other. Meaning what? ‘Forgive me.’ The person who understands that will sit down to understand what he has done to that one, to make that one to forgive him.  It’s not just a lip service. That one cannot be in ghaflat because he’s thinking of death, ‘if I die before he makes helal whatever I have taken from him, I’m going to be in big trouble.’

Yeah, they are knowing how to make prayer, ibadat and everything. Like I said, you don’t understand these rights, all the work you have done, all the ibadat it will be cancelled,  it will be taken away from you. It is nothing. Do you understand?

So, this is part of what Tariqat is supposed to teach. This is the delicacy of the situation, to be very delicate. But, Murids now, forget about delicate, their hearts are dead. They only know how to let their tongue to be used, to say anything that they want then later they say, ‘oh, I’m sorry.’ They say anything that they want then they say, ‘oh, I’m just a woman.’ They say anything they want, ‘oh, you know, I’m crazy.’ The delicacy of the situation, nobody is really understanding  it anymore. InsyaAllah, we will wake up one day to understand. SelamAleykum.

LokmanHoja (2)

 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Shaykh AbdulKerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (qs)
13 Rajab 1436H
May 2, 2015

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