When someone else is slandering us and we know it is not right, do we have to tell our Sheykh or do we have to keep silent?


Question: When someone else is slandering us and we know it is not right, do we have to tell our Sheykh or do we have to keep silent?

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The Sheykh will always know that he is being slandered. The Sheykh will always know that his people at the Dergah is going to be slandered. Our Sheykh has been slandered all his life. It’s not a big surprise and it’s not a big news and it’s not a new news. Some of the murids that are coming, it’s heartbreaking yes, to hear someone speaking like that. When it breaks your heart so much like that, if you want to speak to the Sheykh and say,’this is what’s happening, I feel so upset, I feel so angry,’ then you may speak and we’ll tell you don’t worry. We are pretty happy with that.

One time, someone was slandering me, I want to go and give that one a tray of dates. In fact I did, to someone else. That one doesn’t understand nothing. I said, okay. Because it is exactly what Hazreti Hasan al-Basri did. Somebody was slandering him, he said, ‘that one is slandering me?’ and he told one kid, he said, ‘bring him one tray of dates.’ He said, ‘thank you. This is my present to you.’ Why? Because you’ve just taken away all our sins and you’ve just given me all your amals and ibadat. All your blessings that you have taken, you are giving it to me. So we are pretty happy when someone is slandering us.  We are not that much sad.

When someone is slandering our Sheykh, of course we get upset. But our Sheykh is able to then control it. You understand? I’m not saying that oh so many people they are so weak and they are so tolerant masyaAllah. When someone slanders their Sheykh they say, ‘no, it’s okay. It’s okay.’ It’s not okay. You don’t have a heart? You love something and someone is insulting that thing that you love, and nothing is moving?  We are not saying to fight back. We are not saying to have any violent reaction towards him. But are you human or not? You are. That someone that you love, you only want good things for them. Not bad things. When someone is saying wrong things, you’re just going to sit and say, ‘no, it’s okay’?

It’s not okay. You cannot like something that is wrong. You have to encourage good and forbid something evil. Isn’t that a basis of our religion? Amri bil maruf, to encourage something good and to forbid evil. Someone who is slandering your Sheykh, is that good or is that evil? You cannot correct with your hand, correct with your tongue. You cannot correct with your tongue, if you see something wrong, at least in your heart and that is the lowest level of faith. We see something that’s happening to our Sheykh, slandering, we don’t like it, with our hearts at least we say, we don’t like this. Understand? Not everyone has the permission to correct with their tongue or with their hands. We should not be doing that too.

But for us, if somebody slanders me personally, I’m pretty happy. But if someone is touching to our Sheykh or touching to those ones that are around me, that time, whatever power that is given to me, permission, I may stand up and we will do something. You understand? So, this much is enough. InsyaAllah. SelamAleykum.

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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Shaykh AbdulKerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (qs)
13 Rajab 1436H
May 2, 2015


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