Does Allah welcome all people? How do you become part of the community or worship with people if you don’t share the cultures of Islam?


Question: Does Allah welcome all people? How do you become part of the community or worship with people if you don’t share the cultures of Islam?


 Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Does Allah welcome all people? Allah swt is the Creator of all people, of everything. And Allah swt, especially, He has created mankind in the most perfect form. He has created us in the most perfect form, and He has sent us to this world and this world that we are living in right now, it is not Paradise. It is not the most perfect place. This is what is called, the lowest of the low, Asfala Safileen.

And in this lowest of the low, the mankind who is created in the most perfect form, they get lost. If they are following their ego, they are created in the most perfect form by Allah who creates and loves and welcomes everyone, but if he follows his ego in this existence that is called the lowest of the low, that one will be away from his Lord, will not be in that circle. Because Allah has said, ‘don’t follow your ego.’ If that one is following his sheytan, evil ones, if he’s following this dunya, if he’s following his desires although he is created in the most perfect form, he’s not functioning in the way that his perfection is supposed to be functioning. You understand?

That camera over there, it’s created factory perfect, we may say. There is a booklet there that says how you are going to treat it, how you are going to work it and how you are going to maintain it. If you are not going to take care and use that piece of equipment according to the manual from the manufacturers, if you start abusing it, if you use it for wrong reasons, if you drop it, if you do things that is not supposed  to be done, what’s going to happen to that now? That camera now, not only it’s not going to work properly, but you may damage it and it’s not achieving its full potential and it’s going to become a waste. How about this equipment (human body) that Allah has created?

Allah has created everyone now in perfection. But when we are following our ego, the dunya, the sheytan and our desires, that perfection now it is lost. But Allah did not leave us alone in this lowest of the low. He sends hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets and millions of His friends to us. He brought down hundred and four books. He gave us a heart, a conscience. All this is for what? To bring us back to His circle. To welcome us back.

Now you are going to say, ‘does Allah love that one who is not perfect? Does Allah love the one who is committing wrong actions?’ Allah does not love that wrong actions. We should not love that wrong actions. Because that wrong actions now is bringing that one to be far away from his Lord. Anything that is going to bring his Lord far away, and it’s going to put a barricade there, should we love it?  Should we love the fire that is destroying us and putting us away from our loved ones?

So now, the way back to the welcome circle, and He has shown us, it is through this Holy people and Holy books and His Holy ways. It is not through ways that anyone thinks that it is. Because, people may say there are so many ways to Allah. It is the saying of the Awliya Allah that there are as many ways to Allah as there are breath to man. There are so many ways to reach to the mountain, they are saying, but we must understand the ones who is saying these words they are following the ways of the Prophet. The ways up to the mountain, it is through the ways of the Prophets. Because the Prophets they are being sent by Allah, and Allah is saying: Follow these ones. If your heart is true, if your heart is right and you are really sincere, I will cause you to meet them or their representatives or those ones who are My friends and you are going to go.  You think that you are walking and you are reaching to the top of the mountain, you may. But as Mawlana Rumi is saying, ‘the one who has no guide, a journey of one year, may take him ten years. A journey that is short may take him a very long time.’

Without a guide, you want to climb up that mountain physically, try. You don’t know the way up there, you just have a desire, you don’t have a proper equipment, you don’t have a map, you don’t have supplies, you don’t know what to bring, you don’t know how to dress, you think that your journey up there is going to be the same as someone who is following a guide? who has been there thousands of times, and knows what is the best way for you, not for him, for you, what is the easiest way for you to reach to the top?

So, first we have to understand now that if your sincerity is coming from that place where you want to change and you want to become better and you want to follow the ways of the Prophet and to follow the ways of the Sheykhs, then there are certain things that you must change.  ‘Why I have to change?’ ‘Why I have to give up anything?’ Eh, your whole life is change. Our whole life is giving up something to become something else. You don’t want to give up anything, don’t. But you know what? very soon, for sure you are going to give up everything. You’re even going to give up your life to enter into another life. So change, it is part of our lives. Change it is part of the spiritual life. If you are not going to change, then you are not ready to be transformed. Then you are still going to be, like what the Awliya Allah is saying: a worm, a caterpillar that is just going to be crawling here and there, where your destiny is to become a butterfly. You say, ‘I don’t want to. I don’t want to change. I like it. Why I have to change? Why I have to become this thing, to be in khalwat?’ You know the chrysalis? It becomes that, it is in khalwat. Then you get transformed from that coffin that you are entering into, that looks as if you are dead and that creature that comes out, it is completely different from what it used to be.

change the condition

So, if you don’t want to change, you have the right not to, here. But that is not being very intelligent. Because the whole life and even the whole afterlife, is about changing and becoming better and better. Like what Mawlana Rumi is saying, ‘I was a mineral, I was in the station of the mineral, then I became a vegetable.  And from the vegetable, I became an animal,’ I’m paraphrasing to make everyone to understand easy, ‘and from the animal I became a man. Why am I complaining about change, when my destiny is to become greater than that.’ So what is your destiny? If your destiny is to change, to become again that Insan e-Kamil, that station that Allah is opening an invitation to everyone and that station of insan e-kamil is what He created us as. Because we are created in what? Ahsani Taqweem. In the most perfect form.

When we talk about the cultures of Islam now, the cultures of the Prophet and the cultures of the Awliya Allah or the friends of Allah, this is the way that is not to deny your reality. It is to bring you to your higher reality. Because now, they will make you to understand, it is not just a difference of culture. When you wear the salwar, it is not just changing from say a jeans or a pants into another kind of wear, into another kind of trousers kind. It is more than that. It is to change now, from a piece of garment, from  a piece of clothes that has a different meaning, different intention, different reasons, to something else that has a higher reason. If you are looking at it as just switching, it doesn’t make sense. But if you are looking at it as transforming, and trying to understand, why is this? why are we wearing turbans? why are we wearing hyderias? why are we wearing Islamic clothes? that for fourteen hundred years, those who love Islam, who loves the Prophet, who loves the way, they are going to embrace this exterior culture together with the interior culture, the spirituality that they have.  They don’t say, ‘I still want to wear the way I want to wear. I want to wear my tight blue jeans, and I want to be saying ‘Allah.’  You said, ‘we can do that.’ Of course you can do that. You can do anything that you want. But now, is that something that Allah swt, His Prophet and His friends they prefer. Because they don’t do anything without any reasons.

Maybe you don’t know the reason. Maybe you are not going to understand the reason. Maybe you say, it is not time for me yet. That is completely something else. But there is a reason why we are wearing salwar. There is a reason why we are wearing the Turban. This is not just a culture. This is something that is coming from Divine Order that comes with perfection and comes with blessings to make us to transform.

Oh, I remember going to a place and one of our brothers is wearing a turban and this person coming up and said, ‘Allah doesn’t look at what kind of hat you are wearing.’ He is calling himself a Sufi, he is not wearing anything and seeing someone who is wearing a Turban and say, ‘Allah doesn’t care which kind of hat you are wearing.’ Number One, he doesn’t speak for Allah. Is he a Prophet? No. Is he a Saint? Definitely not. Because every saint and every Prophet, they wear turbans and they understand what is the secret in that. Are there people who wear turban for a different reasons? For wrong reasons? Of course there are. But just because somebody drinks water that is dirty and he gets sick, you don’t tell that person don’t ever drink water anymore, finish.

So now, if we are seekers, there are those who have found what they sort for. These are the friends of Allah. This is our Sheykh. He has found it and he is sharing that with us. If we are still looking for something, we haven’t found it, if we are taking a guide it is good for us now whatever that that guide is saying, to understand, to ask questions, sincerely try to embrace it as much as you can. But nothing that we are doing here, it is arbitrary, it is without any reasons. And everything is supposed to help your spirituality.

InsyaAllah, first the hearts have to be together. If the hearts are together, then that time what should it matter to you if you are wearing jeans or you are wearing salwar. If you are sincerely saying, ‘my hearts is with Allah, and those ones who are worshipping to Allah and I believe,’ then what would it matter to you what we are wearing. That time you see a group they are saying today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday, you are going to say today is Wednesday too. You are going to lose something from it? No you are not going to. But if you insist and say, ‘no. today is Thursday. It’s not Wednesday,’ then instead of your burdens being taken away from you, you may have more. InsyaAllah, may Allah make it easy. SelamAleykum.

obey your rightly guided leader

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Shaykh AbdulKerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (qs)
13 Rajab 1436H
May 2, 2015

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