Isra and Miraj: Fix that relationship with Allah, then everything else can be fixed


miraj - hoja

If you manage to escape tonight, and to come to the top of the mountain, just to say ‘Allah,’ for the purpose of remembering Allah, then congratulations to you. In these days it is ma’rifat enough, because so many, majority of not only muslims but the mankind, they have lost the direction in this 21st century. Especially nights like this. Not only they are treating it like a normal night but you will find so many, they are not doing wrong things on other days and other nights, on nights like this they are doing it. You will find in nights like this maybe the sheytan is working overtime. Of course it is. Why is that?

Didn’t Holy Prophet (asws) say, ‘if you are going to take one step in the way of Allah, be careful, because there will be 70 sheytan standing in your way, to block you.’ If you are running for the sake of Allah, to know that sheytan will be standing right in front of you, to try to sabotage you. In other days, sheytan is letting you free but in Holy days, nights, like this, you are going to find them working overtime.

We are in the Holy months. Sheytan are not so powerful in these holy months. Once sheytan leaves, something takes over his roles, his place. Because sheytan is saying, ‘I’m going to go, and I’m going to train you so well, so good that when I’m not there physically,  you are going to represent me.’ You see, it works in the evil side way too, isn’t it? It’s never going to be a vacuum.  One goes, another one is going to represent. So sheytan has already trained our ego so good in other months. So he can take a break on the Holy days and nights on those Holy months. And our ego has been trained, and it is going to kick in.

Man is not knowing himself. Man is not knowing his enemies. Man is not knowing his friends. If he doesn’t know himself, he doesn’t know his Lord, he cannot worship his Lord. Then you are not going to understand why we have been created. Why are we here on Earth? Is it just to eat and to drink and to marry? And in this case, these days, majority don’t even know how to do that properly. They don’t know how to eat properly. They don’t know how to drink properly, they don’t know how to marry properly, they don’t know how to collect the dunya properly. That’s what’s happening.

But no, Allah swt, He has created us in Ahsani Taqweem, in the most perfect form. And He has send us to be one from the ummat of His greatest, beloved one, Alaihi Salatu Wa salam, for us to live in this ahir of the ahir zaman, a special honour that is given to us, a special invitation that is given to the entire ummat to remember Allah. But in these days, muslims, they have lost their directions. They don’t even know what zikr is. They don’t know how to remember Allah too. Don’t think this has happened for hundreds of thousands of years. No. Only past couple of generations, Muslims have lost the direction. They don’t even know what zikr is. They are thinking that it is something that is so weird, so strange. But they are not understanding that this is tradition that has been going on for fourteen hundred years. What happened?

What happen is, if you are not remembering Allah, you are remembering sheytan. That’s all. Of course, people know how to go to Rock Concert, Movies. They know how to be in a group and how to behave with that group, enjoying what is being shown to them as a group. But in a group that Allah is saying, ‘if you remember Me alone, I will remember you alone. If you remember Me in a group, I will remember you in much more superior group.’ What group is this? The group of the Angels.

That Holy traditions, majority of the Muslims, they have lost. But if you tell them, ‘we should gather together for, say, Memorial day.’ ‘Of course we are going to do it.’ ‘Gather together for fourth of July.’ ‘Definitely we are going to do it.’ New style, Holy days, muslims are saying, ‘we have to go to Six Flags Amusement Park.’ Because they are saying, ‘well you see,’ this is what they are meaning to say, in Islam for fourteen hundred years is not complete, they don’t know this before, ‘we have to have fun! So now we discover six flag is better. We should spend those time paying a lot of money,’ Because those places cost a lot of money, doing Malayani, and then, to bring  your children and your women into an area where all eyes will be on them and you are going to be kicking and screaming and joking and laughing like monkeys whole day! And that is big advancement, then you are going to feel like it is a Holy day. You are really celebrating a Holy day. MashaAllah.

This is Ahir Zaman. We have come to that situation now. We are thanking Allah swt for pulling us out from that mess. Because, who are we that Allah is going to remember us? Not only is He remembering us, but He is pulling us out from that mess like what we said earlier, for us to come to the top of the mountain. What is it that is over here?

For the ego, nothing. For the ego, it’s only going to be knocked wall to wall. They don’t care who it is; young or old, men or women,  you step out of the line, you are going to get reminded, you are going to improve yourself. Doesn’t matter young or old. So many jamaats, so many groups, they don’t have this. Alhamdulillah, we are here, under the feet of our Sheykh. We are not claiming to teach, we are not claiming to know anything but we are continuing in Sheykh Effendi’s tradition and there’s so much there. It’s enough there, until Judgement Day and beyond, for us to take his sohbets, what he has spoken, to remind each other why we are here.

And Holy night like this, what are we looking for? What is it that we are looking for? If you think that you are looking for a Buraq to go to Mi’raj, you are wrong. Let me remind you also what Sheykh Effendi reminded us. When Holy Prophet (asws), he made the Isra’, the Isra’ from Mecca to Qudus,  he stop over in a few places, of course, before he went directly to Qudus. He stop in Medina, he stop in the Mountain of Tur, he stop in Isa (as) birthplace and a couple of other places then he went to Qudus. There he was greeted by 124 000 Prophets who stood up as soon as he enters and giving salawats to him. You know that salawats that we are making after every zikr? Same salawat. They stand, and know that it is the sunnat of 124 000 Prophets.


How Allah is blessing us, to take this forgotten sunnat and for us to practise it. But if you are not going to remember, if you are not going to put two and two together to remind yourself, to wake yourself up, that is just a routine. You are going to say, ‘Allahumma ….’ It’s still the same thing because there’s no feeling, there’s no reminding, there is no thinking, there is no value. But the value is there, but you are not receiving it because you are not waking up. The same thing with the prayers. You think praying, making salah is just going up and down, without understanding, without feeling anything, without knowing anything, without tasting anything?

Holy Prophet (asws), when he was on his journey from Mecca to Qudus, on both sides sheytans they were lining up all the way to Qudus, to burn the Holy Prophet (asws). MashaAllah, Astaghfirullah. Understand, everything was created for the  sake of that Prophet. Understand what  test Allah is putting there, what kind of danger is there. They were lining up, thousands of them, and Prophet (asws), he was riding on the Buraq and he was having Hz Jibril (as) with him and all the other Angels and army of Angels with him, and the sheytan they were all there waiting to burn that Prophet (asws). This is a reminder to you and to me. If the danger is facing the Holy Prophet, what about us? What is the danger that is facing us, especially when we leave the group, when we leave the association,when we leave the company of the Awliya Allah and the Saliheen. You think you are better than the Prophet? You think sheytan will not be out there to burn you, to burn your faith, to cancel everything that you have collected so hard?

Yes, they are there. But man must wake up to understand this. The safety lies in the association with those who remembers Allah. Isn’t it said, ‘Be with the Ahli Zikr.’ Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if there’s anything you want to ask, ask the Ahli Zikr.’ But those who leaves this understanding,  and they leave the association, especially nights like this, yes, then you are going to find all the way, left and right align with sheytans who is ready there to burn your faith the minute you step out. Something for us to think about.

Because Holy Prophet (asws), he went to the Mi’raj too. He went to the Isra’ he met 124000 Prophets in the Qudus, and he became an Imam to them.  He’s the Imamul Mursalin,  he’s the seal of the Prophets, that warning  came to the 124000 prophets before him,  and to their nations, ‘if My beloved were to come,’ Allah swt is saying, ‘your Prophethood is no more. You are going to follow him.’ And the Prophets, they understood the blessings that is coming, being a member of this ummat, that they are saying to their Lord, to our Lord, Allah, saying, ‘ya Rabbi,  we are willing for You to take away this Prophethood, this high honour You have given to us. Make us to be just a regular member of this ummat of the  Beloved one.’ Because they understood the blessings that is coming there.

So, in a Holy night like this, how much should we give thanks to Allah? How much should we remember our Prophet (asws)? How much should we remember our Prophet because Allah swt invited His prophet (asws) into His Divine Presence? What happened at that time? What happened in that year?

It’s similar. I was thinking today, a little bit similar to what happened to us in the past year, isn’t it? That was the year of sadness for the Prophet (asws). That was the year when his beloved uncle passed away and he had no protector. His uncle was the head of the Quraisy, protected him specially. When he passed, Abu Jahil became the head and he placed a boycott, a sanction on them, that they could not even find food to eat. They were opened to be attacked by everyone. They were living in the stony mountains and they had nothing to eat and they were eating barks and leaves and the trees and the grass, they were eating it. This is real. This is not a joke. This is real, understand what Allah swt made those ones who are following the Prophet, to go through. They were not there, those ones, wanting a Buraq. They were not there, following the Prophet, wanting this dunya. They were not there to see extraordinary things. And Allah tested them for their faith.

Think. Think for a while. These stories are not for nothing. If you have to go through it, if I have to go through it, because so many too smart ones, they are claiming to know so many things. They know, like what Sheykh Effendi says, couple of ayats, and they pray a couple of raka’ats and they are saying, ‘we can make fatwa, we know better than anyone, we know better than the Sahabis. If I were to live during the time of the Sahabis I’m going to be good too.’ They know how to judge others. But those ones, they were like you and me. They are flesh and blood too.  And what happened to them? They were under heavy test. And Prophet (asws) was just teaching them submission and patience.

And so many others who were having suspicions in their heart. So many others who were having doubts in their heart, when Holy Prophet (asws) went to the Isra and Miraj and when he came back and when the Quraisy spread that they say, ‘you see, the one that you are following is crazy.  He is saying he went to Mi’raj.  He said he went to Qudus, then he went to the Paradises and he went to the Divine Presence.’ And so many who had suspicion, so many who had doubts, they say, ‘yeah, this cannot be. This is impossible.’ But those that were tested, those who submitted, those who paid with their sweat and their blood,  they say, ‘Sameena wa ‘atana, we hear and we obey.’

Those are the ones, headed by Hz Abu Bakr As Siddiq, that when the Quraisy went to him and said, ‘your friend has gone crazy. He is saying, this…’ Hz Abu Bakr said, ‘He said this?’


‘Then I believe him. Amana wa sada’qna.’ He became a Siddiq because of that.

So many failed. So many in these times fail too. We also went through our year of sadness, didn’t we? We also, physically, we have lost the protector, haven’t we? Physically. But, Allah is not leaving us alone. Prophet (asws) is not leaving us and definitely, our Sheykh is not leaving us. Are we making Mi’raj? Huh. Are we making Isra’?

Our Sheykh (2)

Our gold is to continue this way. We are not interested in anything else. We are interested and our intention is for our Sheykh to be happy with us, for our Prophet and Allah swt to be happy with us, for us to understand why we have been send, what is the value that Allah has given to us this ahir zaman to escape from the craziness of this world, to leave a simple life, to worship. And for all our problems that we thought they were so big, we thought it’s driving us crazy, we thought that it is something that is so important, it becomes less and less and less. Why?

Like what we said before, once we fix that relationship with Allah, then everything else can be fixed. If you are not fixing with Allah swt, with His Prophet (asws), then you can have the whole world, but it’s going to bring you nothing but misery. It’s going to bring you nothing but sadness and sorrow.

And Holy Prophet (asws), in his Mi’raj,  in a night like this, at every step, at every honor, at every station, he’s asking for his nation. He’s crying for his nation. He’s crying for you and for me. Allah swt invited him and showed him to all of creations, showed him everything that is in creation and Allah is saying, ‘this is now My beloved one. Obey him. Submit to him.’ And Allah is showing him everything. Everything that was in the past, everything that is in the present and everything that is going to come and Holy Prophet (asws), when he went through the hell, and he’s crying for us, for his nation.

We should not pull ourselves out. We should look at those times and those days that we have made oppression to ourselves and we have forgotten Allah and we have done wrong things. Tonight in the night like this, to sit down  and to think, and to ask for forgiveness. And ask for us to be strong and for our faith to return, InsyaAllah, that time, it’ll be easy for us. That time, when we enter into the month of Sha’aban, we enter into the Laylatul Bara’at, we have already done so many things. So when the Bara’at night comes, we are going to get a fresh Bara’at, a good report, a good writing, and we are not leaving that to the last minute to do.

Wa MinaAllahi Taufiq

May Allah forgive me and bless you , for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of this Holy night, for the sake of our Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhamamd Nazim Adil Hakkani, may Allah bless him, grant him highest station. To our SahibulSaif, may Allah grant him a higher and higher station, may Allah increase his Rabbaniyat and may he send us his support more and more. May all the wrong ones be taken away from this path, may all the sheytan be removed from our way. May we continue our journey until we finish from this world.


 Wa Min Allahu Taufiq

 For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws).  Al-Fatiha.

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

June 6, 2013

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