The Miraj Is A Meeting Between Two Beloved Ones



What are the other places that Holy Prophet (asws) stops (on the night of Mi’raj)? Find out, because the Mi’raj is a meeting between Allah and His beloved. And when there’s a meeting between two beloved ones, it’s a private meeting, isn’t it? Somebody may ask, ‘so what do you talk about?’ You may say, ‘oh, we just talk about the weather.’ Is it correct to think, later when somebody ask you, those two they talk, what did they talk about? ‘They talk about the weather.’ Anything else? ‘No.Who said anything else? He said to me weather.’ Understanding? So is it only about the weather?

There is knowledge that the Holy Prophet (asws) he shared only to those ones whom he trust to carry his mission. Very few. Then there’s knowledge that he gave to the Sahabis, that the awam, general people, they don’t know. There’s knowledge that he gave to the general people. We are general people. We are not special. But if you are around the special people, like them (Sheykh Maulana and Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi), they may tell you certain things to make your faith to grow. Don’t think now, just because somebody say they talk about the weather, there’s all that there is. They talk about much more than that. But how is a man going to be ready to receive this kind of knowledge if they are still trapped in this dunya, if they are still busy with this dunya, busy with their desires, busy with satisfying their ego 24hrs? Never they are going to trust you to give that kind of knowledge. That’s all.

Do you think that Obama is going to trust us with secrets of National security? Why not? Isn’t he our president? Don’t we all have access to him? People are saying that about Allah and limiting everything. Why that one should be giving us? What are we going to do with that even if we know it? And are we trustworthy?

This is the way of what? The Trustworthy ones. This is the way of what? The Siddiq way. This is the way of Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. Yes. And that was also one of the names of the Prophet (asws). Al-Amin, everybody knows that he was called Al-Amin. Even before they knew that he was going to say he was a Prophet, they had no problem. Before he declares himself, everybody was calling him Al-Amin. But he also has another name: As-Siddiq. Understanding? Trustworthy. How are you going to be trustworthy? You think being trustworthy is just to have that title next to you, saying that we are Siddiqis or Rabbani? Just to have that title next to you, you are going to be? You haven’t even became a lord over your ego. Are you going to be a Lord now to this world and to other world? The person who is Rabbani, he has tremendous power. Everything must obey him that time. As Imam Rabbani, isn’t it?

Yes. So, if we are here to step on our ego, to be under a trainer, then that time the knowledge will come to you. Because you are trustworthy enough to carry it. And you are going to do something with that knowledge. Not to do nothing. These days people have knowledge just to show off to each other too. If you know all of this, what are you going to do with it? That’s the next question. Huh, you know, and what? Then what? Then what?

So Holy Prophet (asws), he made several stops before he reach to Qudus. Medina is one of them. Anyone can guess? Really, when you think about it, it’s not a secret, there are only a few places that is very Holy and very special in this way. So,  I’m not going to open up so much. Yes, where Kalimullah spoke to Allah jala wa’jala, that is one of the places. Who is Kalimullah? Hz Musa (as). Where Ruhullah, he was born. Who is Ruhullah? Hz Isa (as). He was there. Couple of other places. That’s enough now. I pull out. So he went. So these are certain knowledges that once you take interest in, it sparks something in your heart. Something beautiful, and you feel close then that time. Because, didn’t Allah swt say, through the mouth of the Prophet (asws), because everything Prophet says is coming from Allah swt, isn’t it? We are ahle Sunnat. Can we say Prophet spoke from his own ego? Hasha Astarghfirullah. Even there is an ayat for that: ‘He does not speak from his own desire.’ He said, ‘you are going to be with whom you love.’

Prophet is with us, isn’t it? Don’t we believe he’s hazir and nazir? We are ahle Sunnat. He is hazir, he is present. Because the ayat of Laqad Ja’akum is also saying that: He is inside of you. He’s amongst you. But the word itself, meaning he is inside of you and he is always warning us, guiding us, meaning he is not one after he did his work and it finished. No. AwliyaAllah, when they passed from this world, they didn’t finish either. They were like a sword inside a sheath, inside the cover, when they are alive. But when they passed from this world, when they are unveiled, it’s like a sword that is out. Then you can start using it. The Sword of Truth. If the Awliya Allah they are like that, what about the Anbiya Allah? What about the Holy Prophet (asws)?

You are going to be with that one that you love. Can we ever doubt that Holy Prophet (asws) love us? Can we doubt that? No. He is with us. But we are not with him. Because our love for him is fake. On the way to Mi’raj, those ones who are with him, they are with him. Those ones who love him, they are with him.

Tonight is Mi’raj, may Allah never separate us from our Prophet (asws). Not (saying to yourself): now I’ll be going around to see where is my Buraq? I know some of you imagining flying horses somewhere. Don’t play games like that. The Mukmin must know where his station is. We cannot get fooled by anyone, and we should not fool anyone. If you are still carrying the toilet inside of you, our station is in the toilet. Are we carrying the toilet inside of us? Are you still making dirtiness? Yes. You are not ahle Jannat yet. Because ahle Jannat, whatever they eat, it doesn’t turn into dirtiness. It turns into Musk and Attar and Rose. Awliya Allah, the high level ones, they are the same. Don’t doubt that.

When Sheykh Effendi Hz he was in Mecca, and for three days he did not eat or drink, more than that but I don’t want to, later people saying I’m exaggerating. He did not eat when he was in Mecca. He only drank. He only drank the Zam Zam water. Because, isn’t there a hadiths Holy Prophet (asws) is saying: ‘Zam Zam water is enough for you. It is also food for you.’ How many muslims really believing that? If you are believing, you are going to test it. He’s just telling us the story, he never say, Sheykh Effendi never say: I am this, I am that. But we know. He says, ‘after a few days, I didn’t eat anything but I’m just drinking more and more  and more Zam Zam water.’ And one day, he says, very strong smell of a Rose coming. He was looking around to see where is this smell coming from, it’s coming from his sweat.

So, Alhamdulillah, we are following ahle Jannat. He has been unveiled. Veiled from us and unveiled from the spiritual world. And we are asking him to send us what is necessary for us on this Holy night, on the night of the Mi’raj. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.

InsyaAllah, may Allah make this night blessed for us. Trying to catch up on this night, to clean ourselves up. Maybe whole year you didn’t do nothing, you didn’t pray properly, you didn’t make zikr properly, Allah is giving us Holy days and nights, for us to cash in. So those ones who are saying: no, don’t make this night special, don’t make special prayer, it is bida’at, it is all these kinds of things, tell them to go and take a hike. InsyaAllah, may Allah forgive me and bless you. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi Wabarakatu. Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs), OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York
27 Rajab 1435H

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