Prepare yourself. Don’t let these holy days and nights pass in emptiness


holy nights

If you are putting the veils of stubbornness, or ghaflat, or  laziness, or arrogance, then that time like I’ve said before, every night can be Laylatul Qadar, because you are putting so many veils between you and Allah, those nights will not benefit you at all. Nothing. But you cannot enter into those nights and those days and those holy months without preparing yourself for that. There is no excitement  anymore. Thursday night, there is no excitement coming for the zikr. There is no excitement to hear the Sohbet. Because your heart, you are busy just 24 hours with this dunya. You are excited about something else.

You are excited tonight, subhanaAllah, it’s a  Holy night,  I wonder which Holy ones is going to visit us? Not my business to see or to witness but they are definitely going to be there. If they are there, which they are definitely coming, I have to be ready because they are going to check me out too. I cannot wait. I’m excited. Let me prepare myself for the zikr, let me prepare myself for the sohbet. No preparation. It becomes a routine. It becomes a habit. It becomes a ritual. Then it’s dead, then there’s no benefit. You are not fighting against to yourself, there’s no benefit.

This is the last Thursday night, the last Juma night of the month of Allah. How many of us are thinking that way: this is my last chance, collect as much as I can for this Holy month that is coming. To plant as much. Maybe the whole month I’m not doing as much as I think I should. I’m not doing as much as I think I must be doing. But at least, let me catch myself in this last night. Let me put a little bit more effort. Let me put a little bit more life. Let me put a little bit more heart, a little bit more edep into a couple of minutes of zikr, couple of minutes of sohbet. But no, hearts are dead. Because the sheytan is blowing on one ear, ‘relax. Same thing. Just be there physically, who cares?’ Ego is whispering into the other ear, ‘you had a very hard day. Same thing last week. Same thing is going to come next week.’ If you are not fighting against your ego and against to sheytan, then what are you fighting against? Definitely that time you are fighting against Allah and you are fighting against his Prophet. You are fighting against your Sheykh. Because Sheykh Effendi is not just sending us once a week, twice a week. He is sending everyday. He is sending every moment. He is sending. As much as you are connected, he is sending.

This is the last Friday, Friday night, Juma night for the month of Allah. Like this or like that, if Allah gives us long life and bless us, we are going to enter into the Holy month of the Prophet (asws). Isn’t it? And next Friday, if Allah gives us time and life, next Thursday night we are going to be here. That is our intention. Week to week, our intention, next week my intention is to remember Allah. My intention is to worship. My intention to wake up is to worship Allah. My intention to go to sleep is to wake up to worship Allah. If you are making your intention according to this goals, impossible your heart is not going to be connected. Impossible that you are not going to find ways out of your problems and  sinking into your same mistakes that your heart is dead that it’s not going to wake up. Impossible. It will wake up. You will sit and you will listen. Something will come to you.

This is the last Friday night, may Allah forgive us for this month that we have wasted, for this month that the ummat of Muhammad (asws) they have definitely wasted. For this Holy month that this whole muslims and everyone, murids, that we are not putting our hearts and we are not putting our energy into remembering Allah and giving value to this Holy Month.

Allah swt, one of His purpose, like our Sheykh Effendi is saying, that He is giving us holy days and months, holy nights and holy times, it is for us to catch up, that maybe we are not putting so much effort into extra ibadat to catch our ego, then this holy night, extra blessings coming that we may catch and we may win what we didn’t win through the whole year. This is important for us to believe and important for us to run after. Otherwise, what are we running after? What are we getting excited over? This is a matter of belief. What is moving us to get us up in the morning? What is making us to go to sleep? What is the last thought that enters into our mind when we go to sleep? What are we thinking? For whom are we thinking?

If you are running for the way of Allah, be happy but understand it is not enough. Run more.  You are running to do a service, you are running maybe whole day, going up and down to the barn, working here, working there, don’t think that the work that we are putting in, it is perfect, it is 100%. It’s not even close. Make intention to become better. You are doing it good, you are running, what about your ibadah? What about your zikr? If I ask how many of you are keeping your daily wird, I’m going to see very very few hands. It is our responsibility, of every murid. That is one of the thing that makes us to be ready for Thursday night. That makes us to be ready for holy nights. That is what is putting the gas into our cylinder, that when it comes to the holy nights, all we have to do is to turn on the key then we are going to feel something, you are going to collect something. The week that you are going to have ahead, whole world can fall on your shoulder, you are going to stand up, it’s not going to crush you. But you have no gas in  your tank, then on Holy days you want to fly?

No. this whole world, our whole existence is to prepare us. Everything that we are doing right now, it is preparation. If we are not preparing through the regular days for a Thursday night, Thursday night is going to be empty. You come empty, you are going to go. If you are not preparing your days and nights for the Holy nights, that holy nights are going to come, you are not going to feel nothing. You are not going to experience. You are not going to see, you are not going to collect. You are going to find, your energy, instead of going up, it’s going to go low and down and the problems that you are going to have, instead of finding solutions, you are going to fight with yourself, because the problems never going away. It’s still staying there. Small things piling up one after another. Before you know it, you are going to get very fed up.

We are here to prepare ourselves for the return of our Sheykh. That is major part of our work, of our mission now. We are preparing  ourselves for that big war that is coming. We are preparing ourselves for the appearances of Sultanul Awliya, appearances of Mahdi (as) and the appearances of Isa (as). How many of you are keeping that alive? Or the days and the weeks and the months is just taking you hostage and it’s making you to be busy with the routine? The signs that the Holy Prophet (asws) has spoken about has already been shown. What bigger signs that we know this world is coming to an end, all the events going to come one after another, what bigger signs do we want than Sultanul Awliya leaving, SahibulSaif being veiled from this world. That means the time, it is very very close. It is very near. And we have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish. Yes, you have to run and you have to serve. You have to sit and you have to make zikr. you have to listen to the sohbet, that time, your work even if they multiplied by one hundred times, you are going to find the support. And with that kind of work, you are going to get stronger, stronger in faith, stronger in health, stronger in intelligence and understanding. Otherwise, very small things is just going to make us to be crushed.

These words are for me, first. Then for all those who are listening. We are here to prepare ourselves. Make sure that these days and nights, they don’t pass empty like that. Anyone of you finding some benefits from these words, it is because of our Sheykh. If you like it, take it. If you don’t like it, leave it. I’ll take it. It will benefit me. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi Wabarakatu.

month of forgiveness

After Zikr Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs), OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York
26 Rajab 1436H
May 15, 2015

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