If a murid has been hurt countless time despite trying their very best to be a part of this way, how does one find strength to carry on this way?


 Question: If a murid has been hurt countless time despite trying their very best to be a part of this way, how does one find strength to carry on this way?

Hoja and murid

You connect yourself to the Sheykh. You’ve been hurt countless times by whom? If you’ve been hurt countless times by people around you, you are not there in Tarikat, in this way for the people around you. You are not there to have social club, social activities. You are not there to have anything, any friendship with each other if it is not because your Sheykh, because of the Prophet, because of Allah swt that is going to glue you together. You understand?

It is for that reason people will hurt you, but you say: ‘what is the reason? Is the reason for Allah sake?’ That becomes your jihad. That becomes your struggle. Maybe there is something there for you, for you to overcome, for you to understand. Still, people are people. The Tarikat, it’s not Paradise. It is a hospital. Sick people come to get cure. You’ve been hurt many times by other people, don’t be there for other people. Be there for the sake of Allah. You’ve been hurt, maybe, many times by the Sheykh, that is a blessing to you. If you are hurt by the Sheykh, he’s scrubbing you. He is polishing you.

If you are shown a piece of diamond in its raw form, almost all of you will think that it is nothing but  worthless glass. But that diamond, to be fit to be worn on a King’s crown or a head or on your finger, that diamond now has to be cut and has to be polished and has to go through so much hardship, to find its fitra. You understand? What Allah, the beauty that is inside, the fire that is inside the diamond, it has to be cut into very precise ways. Thousands of cuts, the fire comes, it becomes alive, the value rises. A little bit of a wrong cut, because that they move a little bit, the value decreases. You want to become useful? You have to go through.

The wheat has to go through so much to become the bread. To be a bread that is useful and beneficial for mankind. And the murid, the sufi,  Sheykh Effendi has always talk about this, it’s just like that wheat. First, make yourself to be zero. When you are zero, Allah is One. Together you are ten. Make yourself to be zero. How? One of the things that they do in Tarikat, especially in this Holy Months, is to go through what? Seclusion. Isn’t it? Take that wheat and you bury one piece. Bury it.  It is dead. ‘I don’t want to die. I have so much life to live.’ Life as a what? As a piece of wheat inside it’s shell that if you leave it there, it’s no good for nothing? You want to be good for something, you have to be dead. You have to be buried. It’s dead, but it comes to a new life. Now it gives seven branches. And every branch it gives ten seeds. Still you want it to be something, you take it, it has to be cut, it has to be threshed, it has to be pounded. You pound it. It turns into a flour. Still it is no good for nothing yet. You have to put water in it and other things and you have to beat it and you have to knead it. Then you have to put it to the fire to burn it. Then it becomes a bread.  But the bread, it comes from the wheat, it went through all these transformation to come to a thing of value, it is still nothing if it is not eaten. Isn’t it? So now, this bread, it has to be torn into smaller pieces, not cut, Islamic ways is not really to cut, it’s to tear.  The Christians, they know, you break bread you don’t cut the bread. There’s a different secret in that. Don’t be a tyrant to the bread. Take the bread, still you have to eat it. And the bread will disappear. That is a believer. That is a Sufi.

If you are going through so much hardship and you don’t understand, you want to understand, in this way, in our way, in our jamaat, it is still pretty easy and open. You can still be here. You can speak to us. You can consult. We are not ones who have hundreds and thousands of murids, we don’t know who they are, we forget whoever it is. You can come, we may speak. You may understand why certain things have to happen. This is your struggle and in Islam, the greater that you struggle, the more power that is given to you. The struggle is not going to make you weak. You struggle for the sake of Allah, it’s going to make you strong. Consult. Understand. SelamAleykum.

 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Rajab 1436H
May 15, 2015

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