The Holy Month of Shaban: Turn back to the Sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws)


Shaban is the Holy month that Allah Jala wa’ala has given, granting blessings to the highest one that He has created, the most blessed one in Divine Presence. Doesn’t matter if you are accepting or not. Doesn’t matter if Christian world, Jewish world, unbeliever world, they are accepting that Prophet. Allah is saying, ‘I am accepting you. Doesn’t matter if none of you are accepting. Those who’s not accepting you, I’m not accepting them.’ Simple.

They are not accepting the Prophet, and the Rabbis and the Pope  they are getting up making some speeches sometimes, trying to touch to Prophet, not directly because they know that they are going to get bombardment, hence they are trying to touch how Islam is cruelty, Islam brought this, Islam brought that. Islam brought the sword. Yes. Against to your ego. What did you do? Jesus said to you, ‘ If somebody smack you to the right cheek turn (to give) the left one.’ What did you do? You build the atomic bomb. And, it’s not only you build it, you used it! And, didn’t you see the damage that you made? Speaking to them past and now. Did you see the damage that you make to the world? To innocent people?

Yes you did. It’s there. You have the videos more than anybody else. You taped them into the videos too. While you were bombarding, while you were destroying, you taped them into the video. Put it, watch it and say it to yourself. Say, you did watch and say, ‘am I a human?  No I’m not. I cannot be. I cannot be a human while I’m destroying another human.’ This is one individual, destroying hundreds of thousands instantly. Now you made it better. You made better bombs. That’s true. To destroy the whole mankind. And you are calling yourself a human? And I’m not understanding this empty head muslims. They are running, the Iran, running saying, ‘we got to build the atomic bomb.’ The Pakistani they are very honored by saying, ‘National republic of Islamic Pakistani and we have atomic bomb.’ Thuuh! To you. Who are you following? The unbelievers.

What are you going to do when they are going to use it on you? You are going to use it on them? You don’t feel shame of yourself that Allah is looking at you? Huh? And that’s exactly what the ayat is saying to you and me: ‘After becoming believers, are you turning to become unbelievers.’ Meaning are you turning to live like unbelievers again? Under the name of claiming that you are believers, and you are living like unbelievers?

Just like Holy Prophet is saying: In ahir zaman, time is going to come, people they are going to enter to Islam just like the arrow, entering to an animal from one side and coming out from the other side. They are going to enter to Islam. And their life is going to be just like unbelievers. But they are going to claim that they are the best ones in Islam.

Check yourself. You and I. Those who’s hearing. Those who’s calling themselves muslims, check your daily life. Check yourself to see how you are living. Check yourself. Did you get up in the morning to make sejdah to your Lord because you promise to live for Him? Did you get up in the morning, to make sejdah to your Lord to say, ‘ I keep my promise today. I want to live under your guidance.’

So wake up to yourselves. This is a warning to you and to me. This is the month of Shaban. In the month of Shaban there has never been sohbets like this before in 1400 years. In this last 100 years it has to be like that because Islam, the Muslims are running toward the wrong direction. They are not running toward Islam. They are not running toward the Prophet (asws). They are not connected to the Prophet (asws). Their love to the Prophet (sws) is a lie. You love the Prophet (sws)? How many Salawats are you giving a day? Count the words that you speak that are malayani, nonsense and curse words and tell me that they are not more than the Salawat that you are giving to the Prophet (asws) and you are going to find that it is more and I am going to call you a liar, not loving the Prophet (asws) because you are speaking words that Allah and His Prophet (asws) has banned you, has forbidden you.

So wake up to yourselves. This is the month of Shaban. You should have felt. If you have so much love for the Prophet (asws), you should have felt the pain that the Prophet (asws) is going through. So you will not, you should not be happy about it. Yes. You should have felt when the Holy Prophet (sws) is looking at this Nation 24 hours a day and he is seeing that this Nation is running 24 hours a day into the darkness, you should have felt. But you don’t. So you are just fooling yourselves. Not here, you can say it there, you can go to the Prophet’s (asws) tomb, you can open the tomb and enter in it if you want, you don’t see it that way. You have to feel it here (in the heart).


So wake up to yourselves. The month of Shaban is always coming with so much blessings and Rahmat. Which ones are you taking? Think and understand. Fool the whole world but don’t fool your own self. We just passed the night of Miraj some days ago and understand what the Prophet (asws) said. He just went to Miraj and he came back and when he came back he said what he had seen in the Miraj. And he was crying for this Nation but you are not crying for your own selves because you became Firauns. You don’t feel anything. How are you going to cry?

You are not feeling anything. You became a stone. Your hearts became just like stone. Your love disappeared. There is no love. Love will make you cry. Love to Allah and His Prophet (asws). Yes. Then you look at every living creature with different eyes, different love, to every living creature. So wake up to yourselves. We are living the last days. Either be a problem or be the solution of the problem. You can do only one thing. Yes. Run and ask forgiveness. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are. It doesn’t matter how much you know. Say, ‘astaghfirullah‘. Say astaghfirullah because the Bera’at is very near. We are in Shaban. The holiest month. Say, ‘astaghfirullah Ya Rasulullah. I broke my promise to you’. Say, ‘Yes, I broke my promise to you. I broke my promise to Allah. And under the name of Allah and His Prophet (asws), under the name of religion I am just making confusion 24 hours a day.’ Say. Otherwise, in your Bera’at the pen is writing something else. So you have one year that they may lock you in and you may become worse. But you don’t have that much luxury. Who knows what’s happening this Muharram, who knows what’s happening this Hajj, who knows what’s happening? Awliya knows. We don’t know. But if you have a drop of knowledge in Islam then your heart must sense something. Yes. And something great, big is about to happen.

Everyday now are holy days and holy nights but there are special nights. We passed the Miraj and another holy night is waiting for us. InshaAllah Leylat-ul Berat, coming Saturday night (the night from Saturday to Sunday) We are intending again to be here and inshaAllah this time we are intending as Holy Prophet (asws) is saying,”Try to sacrifice that night only for Allah. Try to worship more that night.”

Now you know. You have almost two weeks to prepare yourselves for that night. Try to prepare. If you do then you will win. If you don’t then one day you may say, “Why didn’t I do?” Because every holy night and day is coming with their own blessings. Even if you reached all the other nights of Berat before, this time it’s coming with something new. So inshaAllah this is what we must prepare for. That way we will always take the Heavenly Orders high and we will run after our Akhirat. Then the world will start running after us.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us, teaching us, when Rajab, Shaaban and Ramazan is entering, his dua, his prayer is, ‘Ya Rabbi, give me the barakat of the Rajab and the Shaban and make me to reach to Ramazan.’   Prophet (asws) is doing and he is advising us to do. If we want safety, if we want barakat, if we want the Rahmat, we are going to turn our face to our Lord. We are going to open our hands and we are going to ask. Yes we are going to cry.

People, for foolish things, they cry to each other, saying, ‘ know what problems I have…’ they sit in front of each other and started crying. Yes. Sit on your sejadah (prayer mat) during night time, when everything’s asleep, get up and cry that time. Look how fast, it’s going to reach to you. But if you are not doing that, that means your faith, your belief, it is in the lowest place.

dua is weapon

This Rajab is finish. And we are entering to Shaban. If you know what came down and when,  and if you know, you sit down and calculate yourself, how much time you have spent with this Rajab. You will feel shame of yourself that time. Saying, ‘this Rajab came, Rajab is the month of Allah and I didn’t give value to that month?’ Did we lose?

Eh, another month is approaching in front of us, Shaban.  Shaban is the holy month of the Holy Prophet (asws).  Another rahmat. Big rahmat coming down. InshaAllah during this month if we make intention to change ourselves and our behavior, then we may enter Ramazan strongly and during the Ramazan time we may catch our ego.  But we must be careful. Shaban has the night of Berat, night of calculation, that everything that you did from last year, up till this year,  it is going to come for calculation and it is going to be brought to the presence of the Lord, Allah swt.

‘ My destiny, I cannot change my destiny.’

Of course you can. You can change it this way. What the pen is writing, it is not changing. But the pen writes the way that you move, the way that you speak, the way that you do your actions. The Pen is writing everything. 24hrs , it is writing. Right side, left side angels putting everything in accounting and they are looking from last Shaban to this Shaban, night of Berat, last Shaban (15 of Shaban) and this Shaban, how this servant of Allah is moving? Is he trying to move forward to Allah or is he trying to move towards dunya? How much he was trying to the way of Allah? How much he was trying to the way of dunya?

Everything comes for calculation. And it is coming to the presence of Allah swt. Allah is asking, ‘what is My servant doing?’ Angels will say, ‘Ya Rabbi, You know, it is known to You, he was trying his best in Your way but because of previous year, so many barricades was in front of him and it was impossible for him to go.’ Allah said, ‘and what did he do?’ Angels answered, “he’s saying, ‘I don’t care.’”

21st century ignorant and arrogant stubborn people saying, ‘I don’t care.’ You will be caring. They will make you to care. Allah is not playing games. You will be caring. And Allah is asking, ‘is My servant patiently waiting, patiently forcing, patiently trying to find the right way and to run away from the troubles of this dunya?’

‘Yes Ya Rabbi.’

‘Make it easier for that one now. Open a short cut.’

You will see that that year, you enter to a better world.

‘What is my servant doing?’

‘He was on the right way, he was on the right track. He was with the right people, but he was still following his ego. He wasn’t having any pleasure and rahmat because he was in trouble but he was still trying to find ways for dunya. For that one existing amongst the other ones, it was not because of Allah, but because there’s no other way.’

‘Good, open way for that one for dunya,’ and you look that you cannot change now.

In the following year,what He is preparing for you, it is in your hand. You have fifteen days. Fifteen Shaaban, to sit and to understand, to calculate, to put your actions, your thoughts, your thinking, everything in front of  you. For the good things that you did, you have to understand, to look at it and to say, ‘why was I doing this good things? Is this for the sake of Allah? Or is this for my own personal gain somewhere, somehow.’ Check it out correctly. You don’t have to say anything to anyone. You don’t have to lie and cheat. Don’t lie to your own self. Sit down, calculate, understand, go deep and say to yourself, ‘Yes. This I did it for Allah’s sake. This I did for my own ego.’

Don’t  lie to your own self. You are not going to give accounting to nobody. Give it to yourself. Understand, sit over there and say, ‘Astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi. I’m a weak servant. I know I didn’t do it for You. For Your sake. But if I did, I wouldn’t be in this trouble today.’ Anything that you are doing for Allah’s sake, definitely you will not be in trouble. Definitely in the following  year, every year is bringing better situation to you. Every year has to bring you something better.

We still have some days inshaAllah ar-Rahman. Intelligent believers, they should sit, they should ask. You know and I know what kind of trouble everyone is in. And you know and I know that no one is lifting, no one is taking the trouble away from you except Allah swt. Turn back to Allah swt sincerely the way that the Holy Prophet (asws) has left it to us, not the way your ego wants it, not the way that the unbelievers are preparing some kind of lifestyle for the Muslims. Turn back to your own realities, turn back to your own traditions.

Keep your Islamic traditions. Turn back to the Sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws). There is no other safety except that. As the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘In Ahir Zaman, to carry the Sunnat of the Rasul (asws) is going to be just like carrying fire in your hand.’ That’s how it’s happening. But it doesn’t matter even if it’s a fire. You have to change it from one hand to another hand. If you drop it then you lose your faith.

Wa min Allahu taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib. Bihurmatil Fatiha.

 SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani (Hz)

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