I Find Myself Making Mistakes In Shaban. What Is The Reason For This?


Question: As I try to show the proper respect for the month of Shaban, I find myself making mistakes and being in heedlessness. What is the reason for this and would you please offer your advice?

shaban mubarak 1

The month of Shaban is the month of the Prophet (asws). So many people, they lose steam in this month. They start strong with Rajab, then in the month of Shaban they start to lose steam. That’s what happens, mostly people are. They are doing that.

You are making mistakes and you are in heedless station because the energy, the fire is not there. That’s why the month of Shaban has, right in the middle of the month, is the Laylatul Bara’at. So at least you have, right in the centre of the month, something to work towards so that you are not going to let go, you are not going to be in heedlessness. But what is it that you have to do? Now is the time that you have to find yourself in jamaat. You have to find yourself, now you can even be on live broadcast, this is a jamaat isn’t it?We are here, we are listening to what our Sheykh has to say, we are making the zikr, we are praying together and we are listening to some words of advice and we feel stronger, we feel more refresh.

But if you are alone, you feel weak, and you are not going to find a jamaat to recharge yourself. That’s the time you are not going to get better. Because it is the job of the ego to trick you. You trick the ego maybe in Rajab, but now it’s calm and the ego is tricking you. In the month of Shaban, so many we are seeing, they are getting weak too. Holy days and Holy nights, they are not understanding or they are just being swayed. Suddenly you have no will? This is the time you are going to use your will, you are going to put your will, you are going to say, ‘No! At least I’m going to make this amount of prayer. At least I’m going to say this much salawat. At least I’m going to be on time. At least I’m not going to go out so much.’ Something. But, if you are just going to say, ‘oh, I’m just going to submit myself to whatever Allah is going to send me. I’m just going to sit here. If He wants me to worship, I’m going to worship.’ Then that’s the time you are just playing games with yourself. Because Allah always wants us to put our will, to show our strength, and Allah swt will love you if you step on your ego.

So, I don’t offer advice.  The Prophets, they give advice. We don’t make sohbets too. The Sheykhs, they give sohbets. We are speaking couple of things and these things, reminder for  you and for me. I am not exempt from this too. But if there are certain things that  you are doing every week, every month, don’t drop it. Continue with that. At least, that will make you to hold on to something. If every week you are catching a zikr, then don’t drop that. If you feel, ‘arghh…I don’t really feel like it. I don’t feel nothing.’ Who cares what  you feel?

Who cares what you feel. Anybody ask you? No. It’s obligation. So do it. And if you really don’t like to do it and you are forcing yourself, that’s the time Allah will love you more. That’s the time sheytan will hate you more. That’s the time you can catch your ego. Because you are going against to your ego. InsyaAllah, you’ll understand this one day. May Allah make it easy for you. Fatiha.

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs)  OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

June 20, 2013

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