Shaykh Mawlana is saying that unless the Ottomans come back the unbelievers will never be brought to their knees. How can we be one of those who Sultan of Evliya is referring to?


Question:  In an old sohbet, Shaykh Mawlana is saying that unless the Ottomans come back the unbelievers will never be brought to their knees. How can we be one of those who Sultan of Evliya is referring to?

Sheykh lokman

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur Medet Ya SahibulSaif

For me, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I may suggest to you what our Sheykh is telling us to do and telling his jamaat to do. We are calling ourselves, no, we are not calling ourselves, Allah is calling us, Prophet is calling us, SultanulAwliya, SahibulSaif is calling us the Osmanli Dergah, Osmanli Naksibendis. So, we are putting the Ottomans, our ancestors, their teachings, their understanding, their spirits, and the Ottoman from beginning to end they have extreme discipline and extreme love from that discipline of the Prohet (asws), of the Awliya Allah that they are able to pull from that discipline, hundreds of different nationalities who otherwise they would be fighting and eating each other, to make everyone to become brothers, and to live next to each other and to build a civilisation.

Come to the Osmanli Dergah. Take what is for you. Don’t take what is for someone else. Don’t take what is so huge that you cannot digest. Take what is for you. Go step by step. We are not claiming that we are Ottomans. We want to be Ottomans. It is more than dressing up. Dressing up means nothing. It’s more than declaring this and that, it’s nothing. It’s more than marching through the streets saying, ‘we want it to come back!’ So what?

The Ottomans are only going to come back with who? With Hz Mahdi (as). With the return of Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. That’s the only time the Ottomans are going to come back. So, if you are preparing yourself for the Ottomans to come back, prepare yourself for Mahdi (as). To prepare yourself for Mahdi (as) is not just to sit and to say, ‘I love you Mahdi.’ It is to have that discipline. It is to have those manners. It’s to be able to serve. It is to have protocol. That time, you are preparing yourself to be there. This is what our Sheykh, taking from the teachings of Sheykh Maulana is teaching us, getting ourselves to be ready for the appearances of Mahdi (as) and the Ottomans. Are we understanding?

If we are not going to go through this discipline, if you don’t go through this boot camp, impossible that time, no matter how high your rank  is, you are claiming to be, they are even going to give you a rifle to shoot. Because you don’t have that discipline. Don’t worry, this is more than boot camp, what we are going through.

Go around. Watch, see. Yeah, subhanaAllah. Everytime I remember a riwayat, everytime I remember a hadiths, everytime I remember a story, a narrations about the Sahabi e-Kiram and how they relate, respond to the Prophet (asws), it is always with discipline. Always. Isn’t it? That the delegations coming, ambassadors coming from great Empires, from Kings, from Kisras and they come and they were impressed not because of the show of love of the sahabis that say, ‘I love you Ya Rasulullah.’ But because of what? Respect and discipline. They will not even look at his face, Holy Prophet (asws)’s face. They have so much love and discipline. When they hear him speak, they will not even move a muscle. That a bird can land on their heads thinking that they are statues. That they are listening to the order of the Prophet (asw) llike when you pull an arrow and the arrow is ready to be let go. They are that discipline to respond. Isn’t it?

That’s what we hear. Everytime. So, may Allah forgive us. SelamAleykum.

 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
19 Rajab 1436H
May 8, 2015


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