The anger of Allah rains down in this month of Rahmat


month of shaban

This is the first Zikr of this month of Shaban, the month of the Holy Prophet (asws) that he has said in a Hadiths e-Sherif: ‘Rajab is the month of Allah. Give water, cultivate it, let it to grow in the month of Shaban and take the harvest in the month of Ramazan.’ Ramazan is not the time of planting. Ramazan is not the time suddenly you are going to cut yourself off from everything and try to worship. It is a time for harvesting. You ever see anyone in the time of harvest then they plant? What are you going to get that time?

Foolish muslims, 21st century muslims, they have so much knowledge, but their wisdom is completely zero. Real knowledge is zero. Book knowledge they have, but when it comes to putting that knowledge into an experience into real knowledge, they don’t have. This is the month of the Holy Prophet (asws). This is the month of Rahmat. Yet we see non-stop, the anger of Allah is raining down in this world. Non-stop you see mankind, this ummat in this ahir zaman being a tyrant to each other. From individuals to families to governments. From murids to muslims to mukmins. Imams, alims becoming tyrant to each other. Men and women, being tyrant to each other. This is they time of tyranny. But we see this is supposed to be the month of the Holy Prophet (asws). This is supposed  to be the month of mercy, that the Prophet (asws) is a mercy to the Universes. But we see, from individuals to government, they are not being merciful. So what happen to this Mercy? Are we saying that Holy Prophet (asws) is withholding his mercy? Impossible. Prophet (asws) never withholds anything.

It’s like rain that is coming down, but it’s not affecting the ummat, it’s not affecting this world. Why? Not because there’s no rain. But because we are running to be under the shelter of sheytan, not under the shelter of Rahman. So that rahmat, it is not reaching to us, and it is showing. It is showing from individuals, to government. There’s no rahmat anymore. There’s no mercy. Men and women, no mercy to each other. Children and adults. Parents. No mercy. Everyone is being selfish, looking out to say: ‘what I want. This is what I want. This is what I like. This is what I desire.’

Allah swt He is Sattar. That in this month, which is the month of rahmat, that there’s so many wrong things that is happening 24 hrs, still we are getting the air to breath, still the sun is shining. Still we have enough to keep us alive. Because Allah swt, He is Sattar. He is covering. What do you think He covers with if it’s not with Mercy?

The Holy Prophet (asws), he is not just a prophet from Allah to us. But he is a prophet from us to Allah. He is a messenger not only from Allah to us, but he is a messenger bringing what it is that we need to Allah swt. This is ahle sunnat Akidah. And in these times when everything is breaking down, when you don’t see muslims even being merciful to each other, they are seeing group of people, nations, suffering, but mercy is not reaching. Because everyone is just running to collect more of the dunya and to say, ‘I have this much. If I give to others, I’m going to have less then.’ This is kafir thinking. This is unbelievers, this is how they think.

And Allah is saying, ‘don’t think your charity is going to make you to become poor,’ through the mouth of His Holy Prophet (asws), teaching us,  don’t think that when you become charitable, that when you give, you become generous, you are going to be poor. The most generous one is Allah swt. In His generosity, does He have less? Hasha astarghfirullah. And He gives, that quality of generosity to His Prophet (asws). Nabil e-Kerim, isn’t he? That when he gives to his nation, you think that he’s going to have less or he’s going to have more?

So why is the nation behaving in this most generous month, that is the month of the Prophet (asws), why are individuals and nations of this ummat becoming stingy? Awliya Allah, they are reminding us that Allah, He loves that unbeliever who is generous better than a believer who is stingy. But believers are stingy. They don’t even smile at each other anymore. They don’t give salams from their heart anymore. Wives don’t smile at their husbands. Husbands don’t smile at their wives. No one is smiling, no one. Very stingy. And the smiling is a charity. No one is giving from their heart anymore. Which is why, even when you have the wealth and the treasures of this whole world, it will not be enough. You will never be satisfied, because you are not giving a Syukur and you are not sharing.

This is a very important part of our faith that it is the fourth pillar of our faith: to give Zakat. To understand that whatever that we have in this world, it is not because of us. It is because of Allah. It is not because we go to school that we get a good job. So many people go to school, they don’t have a good job. It is not because you work that you earn the money. So many people they work and they don’t earn money. And so many they don’t work and they earn money. It is because we have broken our relationship to the One who is Razzaq. To the One who is the most Generous. To the One who is Kerim. And we are making the hidden shirk to say: ‘because I’m doing this, I will get this.’ Our relationship then to our Lord is just like unbelievers, their relationship to their illahs, to their idols: ‘If I do this, you are going to give me this. If I give you some oranges, you are going to give me some gold. If I sacrifice one sheep for you, you are going to give me so much more gold.’

So it’s give and take. ‘If I make you happy, you are going to reward me. I’m very scared to make you upset, so let me sacrifice two goats.’ This is our relationship to Allah subhana wa ta’ala jala wa’ala? Doesn’t He deserve to be worshipped?

Allah deserves to be worshipped. And our charity, our generosity is part of our worship. And in this generous month, if we are not practising the generosity, what you think we are going to reap, we are going to harvest in the month of Ramazan? Maybe you  plant in the month of Rajab, you are doing things, you are doing ibadat, but in this month now, because you are not putting it from your heart, you are not putting generosity, you are not putting charity,  you are not putting in kindness, you are not putting in all the  good qualities of Mercy into it, what do you think will happen to that plant? Instead of giving a good fruit, maybe it gives a bitter fruit. But you still think it is growing. Sometimes, it’s not even bitter. It’s poisonous. Because you are giving it poison water.

The believer, is very careful. The believer must be very careful because the believer looks to the heart of Allah. And the believer is very careful because the believer loves Allah. And the believer knows, that everything he does must  make his Lord happy. He doesn’t ignore his Lord to say, ‘I’m praying five times a day. So who cares,’ the rest of the 24hrs, 23 hrs these days people are praying really, just two minutes and they pray, finish. And they accuse us of praying fast. They are praying their farz, just left and right and they run from the masjid as if the masjid is filled with sheytans. They are running away from the masjid, into the dunya, especially in this wahabbi way of praying the Jummah, they are coming last minute, right after the Imam gives selams and they run out  as if the masjid is filled with sheytans. Instead of running from sheytan into the house of Allah.

So now, we have to be very careful what we are going to give in this month, what we are going to put in this month. Because the believer is careful. We say we love the Prophet (asws), what relationship do you have with him? Especially in this month? What relationship do you have? To say: if I do this, my Prophet is going to be very upset with me. Let me drink my water this way (Sunnah way). If I do that my Prophet is happy with me. Let me not drink like unbelievers. Let me not think like unbelievers. Let me not speak like unbelievers. Because now the religion just became like that, going up and down. Robotic action. There is no spirit anymore.

In this Holy month, we are asking Allah to give us more spirit, of the love of the Prophet (asws) to put into our lives. For us to water the plant that we have planted in the month of Rajab, to give it the best, with good intentions and good actions that is pleasing to our Lord, Allah swt. So that we may be able to harvest what is pleasing to Allah, to our Lord, in the month of Ramazan.

May Allah protect us and save us and keep us away from fitnah, keep us away from test. Keep us away from the sheytan and from this Dajjalic system, from our hearts and from our surrounding. To make us strong. insyaAllah  ar-Rahman. For the sake of Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi Wabarakatu.

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Shaban 1436H
May 21, 2015

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