Holy Month Of Shaban: Wake Up The Dead Hearts


Holy Shaban

What are we making our days to be different, as believers? The days are coming and passing, I’m seeing believers are treating everyday the same. What is different is when they get their paycheck. What is different is when they have to pay their taxes. What is different is when they go shopping. That is different. This is not the behaviour  of believers. Forget about making everyday different. Every day is the same. Forget about making everyday better than yesterday. How do you make everyday better?

For the man who wakes up and he is like a robot to the system, everyday is the same. The system is just extension of the ego. That’s all. Don’t think the system is different; we are so good and the system is  so bad. No. This world did not have this system. This world, once upon a time, not too long ago, had the system of Allah, because there were Rijalullah, there were man of Allah that was incharge of running this world. Let’s talk zahir level, let’s not talk batin level. This is not association we are going to talk about Qutubaktab, muktub and all these things,and what they are doing is none of our business. When we reach that level, definitely you don’t talk about it because those are secrets. You ever hear the ministers they tell everyone what they are doing? You ever hear the secretaries, to the Presidents, they tell everyone or even the press that they say we have a right to know what they are doing, what their plans are? Why should these ones who control the universe, go on YouTube, or Google, or Yahoo?

We talk about the zahir. Because this is what concerns us. Because this was what was concerning the Holy Prophet (asws). Yes, he came over 1400 years ago to reform, to make the man to turn away from this dunya and turn to Mawla. To remind mankind, because we have forgotten. It’s not to bring a new religion. Don’t be following those ideas that the unbelievers are putting to Islam and to Muslims and we believe, we say, ‘yeah, Islam came 1400 years ago.’ Islam did not come 1400 years ago. ‘Islam came with one Shepherd, camel herder, who heard voices in a cave.’ It is not like that. They are telling our story for us. We have our own story. Prophet (asws) is Sayyid al-Awalin wa ‘l-ahikirin Are they going to put that? That he was there from the beginning up till the end? No. Are they going to put that the Prophet (asws), he says, ‘I was a Prophet when Adam (as) was between  water and clay.’ No. Are they going to say that Islam was brought not by the Holy Prophet (asws), but it was brought by all 124 000 Prophets, all came to bring Islam? Of course they are not going to.

So now, we have our history, we have our identity, and we need to go back to our identity, because that identity is inside of us and the Prophets they came to remind us. Because we have forgotten. The Zikr is to remind us because we have forgotten. And the friends of Allah they have come to remind us what the Prophets they brought. So this month, this is the Holy Month of Shaban. It is the Holy month of Shaban that so many events happened in Islam. Because when Islam came, the world was in darkness. The tyranny was everywhere. The ignorance it was everywhere. And the Prophet (asws) came, one man in the desert with a handful of followers, especially in the beginning, who are they from? The rich? The powerful? The influential? No.  they were the masakin, the miskin people. The fakirs, the orphans, those who had no power. And later, the Holy Prophet (asws), when the message of Islam started to spread and those, their faith is awaken and they had the power of this world, Islam came to be established then, to bring balance back to this world.

For fourteen hundred years, this world is not a Paradise. Islam did not come to teach us to make this world into a Paradise. It came to teach us what is the reality of this world, to have a reflection of that order from the Heavens, because if we turn this world into a Paradise, no one wants to leave. We say, ‘we want to live forever,’ Isn’t it?

world is not paradise

The sign that Allah does not love His servant, the Holy Prophet (asws)  says, is when he does not even give that servant a toothache to remind him of his Lord. Look at yourself. You are so worried about so many things, occupying your heart and your mind, but once you are sick, suddenly you become occupied by your own sickness and you start remembering Allah and you remembering your death. Now all these other problems, they go to the background and the more sick that you become, the more closer you are to death, the more closer you feel that you are to your Lord Allah swt. So it is a blessing now.

So this world, it has come off balance. And this balance, insyaAllah ar-rahman, can only be established when Hazreti Mahdi (as) comes, to bring the Shariat of the Holy Prophet (asws). InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, the way that we are conducting ourselves in this month of Shaban, in the month of Ramazan, in every month, and in every day, it will prepare us for those days, so that we will not be fooled by the fitnah of dajjal that is going to happen, that the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘dajjal is going to fool everyone, he is going to test everyone, that even those ones who are in the graves they are going to be tested. It is a very big confusion.’ Alhamdulillah, our intention is to stay out from that confusion and to take whatever religion that we have and to practice it clean, to take two sheep to go up to the mountains and to wait till Sahibul Zaman appears. This is the promise and this is the order of the Holy Prophet (asws) for us in the last days. InsyaAllah.

We are not happy with the condition of this world. We are not here escaping from the world and thinking that this world is Paradise either. We are not. We understand what is happening. And we observed and we watched because we have to be busy with what the ummat is doing, which direction the ummat is going. Because this is the job of the Prophets.  The day that we are only going to be busy about ourselves or our family, then completely you’ve disconnected. The day that you are only going to be busy with your nationality, then you go back into tribalism. This is what happens in the first Jahiliyyah, you lost touch with the whole ummat, you don’t feel, you become very selfish. You are not understanding wrong things that are happening and not liking it. You are not understanding right things and you are encouraging it. You have forgotten the basics of a religion. What is that? Encouraging what is good and forbidding what is evil.

The Imams on the Mihrabs, on the Mimbars, they have fear from speaking such things. Wrong things happening, they say, ‘no, we cannot judge. We cannot say anything.’ Then why are you having that authority? Are you there to warn people? Are you there to forbid what is evil and to encourage what is good? Are you there to encourage what is evil? These days, from the Imams to the parents, when they see their children becoming a little bit religious, immediately they say, ‘Oh! you become terrorist. ‘you become ISIS.’ You become all these things that the media is putting there to destroy the ummat from the inside and you fall to become a victim of their own traps that they have set for us and use it against to this ummat and against to this religion. But if they see their kids running around in night clubs, and drinking and having girlfriends and boyfriends, the say, ‘ohh, it’s okay. It’s normal.’

There is a Hadiths the Holy Prophet (asws) related, it is a Hadiths e-Qudsi, ‘Allah swt is commanding an Angel to send the laknat to a city. And the angel says, ‘it is known to you Ya Rabbi, but there is a person who worships much,’ I’m not going to say he’s holy, ‘a person who worships much in that city. If we are not saving him Ya Rabbi, he’s going to fall under the curse too.’ Allah is saying, ‘put the curse on that one ten times more. Because his face did not darken. He did not get unhappy when he sees the things that is happening around him that is making Me to be angry.’ Meaning that one is worshipping a lot, he is doing so many good things, he’s not doing bad things, but when he sees evil around him, nothing moves in his heart to say that, ‘this is making our Lord angry. I should be angry.’ But very tolerant. Very understanding. Becoming buddies with that system. And Allah is saying, ‘that one is under more punishment.’

Our hands are tied. We cannot do anything in these days. Without a Khalifah, we cannot do anything. We understand that. What can we do at least in our heart, we have to say, ‘we don’t like this Ya Rabbi. This is wrong Ya Rabbi. This is evil. This is making You to be upset. This is making Your Prophet to be angry. This is making the Awliya Allah, the Rijalullah, to be angry. Do not punish us. Although we are in the same city, we are not liking it.’ That is the lowest level of faith. When you see something that you don’t like and you change it not with your hands, not with your tongue, but with your heart, that is a lowest level of faith. Now, the heads of religion, Imams and Alims and Sheykhs, they are not coming forward to say this is wrong and this is right. So where is now the basis of our religion? Where is it now that when there is no Haqq and there is no Batil, and there is no clarity between Haqq and Batil? Now we have entered into the age of dajjal, of black is white and white is black.

Although I said we are here, we are pulling ourselves away, we cannot separate ourselves from this society. We are knowing what is happening here and happening across the world. And we must be interested, we must look, we must understand. The newspapers and the news is to make us to grow in our faith and to understand why Allah swt is making this nation to go through this, this group of people to go through this, this whole ummat to go through. And our hearts must bleed. We must feel something.

Where is the feeling? We feel only when it concerns us? When it touches our family? We are not feeling then for what is happening to other nations. Don’t enter so much, to say whether that nation deserves it or not. Everyone deserves. We deserve. Don’t say, ‘oh that nation is being punished because they betrayed.’ We didn’t betray? Look at our actions and our intentions everyday, every month and every year and see how much we have betrayed Allah and His Prophet. So that time, we must at least have a heart because the believer is one body. And the Holy Prophet (asws) came to save his ummat. And Hz Mahdi (as) is coming not to save his family, not to save the ahlil Beyat, not just to save the Muslims, but to save the entire ummat. The entire ummats are Muslims, they are Christians, they are Jews, they are Buddhists, they are believers and they are unbelievers.

InsyaAllah, we are asking Allah swt in this Holy month to make us to wake up, to make us to feel, to make our hearts to feel, not to be dead. To feel. It is so easy now, that I’m going to sit down here, I’m going to give you one sohbet about the love of the Prophet (asws). All the alims and imams they do that. ‘Love of Prophet,’ I can speak, I can make people to cry. How is it going to change us? Are we loving whom Prophet loves? Prophet is putting who first? His family? Or his ummat? When he was born, he says, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah and I bear witness that I am Rasulullah. Ummati. Ummati.’ When he passed from this world, when he was veiled from this world he says, ‘Ummati. Ummati.’ My ummat. His love for his ummat is more than the love of a mother or a father for the children. And Believers, we are saying that we are in Tarikat, we are following Awliya Allah, and our hearts are not moving?

It must move. We must love what Holy Prophet (asws) loves. Yes. That’s the time you are going to make now the connection of the love of the Prophet. And how to love him? With the surroundings, with this world. Otherwise you are going to be disconnected. Then that time, so many cannot make the connection because once they make the connection, they are going to say, ‘oh, this system, it is evil.’ They have to speak out against it.’ They cannot. Because now, once they do, those ones are going to say: you shut your mouth and don’t speak. The power we give you, the tens of thousands of murids that we give you,  everything is we make you, we give you the power to stand up. You better speak according to how we want you to speak. If they speak the truth, tomorrow they are going to shut us down. Don’t look to see who can gather so many. Those who are gathering thousands, Mega Maulids and this and that, they can gather hundreds and thousands of people, tens of  thousands of people, huh! And you are making a maulid and you are asking, begging the Prophet. What are you begging him for? What are you begging him for? No one is asking for the return of Justice to this world. No one is asking for the appearances of Mahdi (as). If you do that, you are not going to see any changes? Impossible. That means the intention is different.

May Allah give protection to us. We are here not to fight against anyone. Not to fight against the system. We are here, we are inside the system. And especially where we are now, Alhamdulillah, with the knowledge and with the wisdom that this country especially have taken from the Ottomans, we are able to breath at least a little bit better. So many Muslim countries, we cannot even gather to make a zikr. The government is going to knock on the door and arrest us. Here, at least they are living us alone. Where are they taking that justice from, to say that every religion must be treated equally, if it’s not the Ottomans. Who? The French? The British? The Russian? If it’s not the Ottomans who say that everyone, you have your religion and you have the right to practise your religion, and no one is going to make fitnah with the other religion. Leave them alone for their culture, their language, everything. The Ottomans did that and alhamdulillah certain countries they are taking that and we are seeing the benefits of that even after so many hundreds of years. And the Ottomans took it from the justice of the Holy Prophet (asws).

And in this month, may Allah make us to wake up, our hearts to wake up to understand, and to bring Mahdi (as) soon and to make us to be prepared, insyaAllah. May Allah forgive us. We are weak creatures. May all the sincere ones everywhere be gathering around truth, insyaAllah. Wa minAllahu taufiq. AlFatiha. Amin.


Sohbet after Jummah by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Shaban 1436H
May 22, 2015

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