What can we do for the sake of our ancestors who passed away?


Question: For those of us who came to Islam, what can we do for the sake of our ancestors who passed away and especially cremated out of ignorance?


Destur Ya SahibulSaif

From the teachings of our Sheykh, from the teachings of this lineage, when a situation like that happens, that you come into Islam, first you have to understand that when you come into Islam and especially if you give beyat to a Sheykh, you are under the protection of the Awliya Allah, you are bringing up to seven generations, depending on your connections now to the Awliya, your service that you do to him, seven generations of your ancestors, those who are not Muslims, they will be saved. You will be an intercessor for them on the Day of Judgment, to save them, to intercede for them. Seven generations.  This is the blessing that Allah swt has given to this ummat. Take that seriously.

If you take that seriously, especially those who are coming into Islam, impossible you are not going to feel for this nation. Impossible, because you feel for your ancestors and you look at your own people, and you will pray for them night and day because this is also the mission of the Prophet (asws), and this is the mission that he gave to Hazreti Uwais al-Qarani to pray for his nation especially living in the west. We are living in the west. We are praying for this nation.

Certain things may have happened. Maybe, out of ignorance like you say, you have cremated some of your ancestors. Knowledge that has reached to us, depending on which Sheykh that you are holding on to and if that Sheykh is really strong, you don’t have to do anything, because that Sheykh will be able to intercede for that one as well, right now. Not just in the Day of Judgment. Right now, he may be able to. But I will share to you something that I have seen our Sheykh do. He says, ‘if you can’, because Awliya Allah also knows how weak we are. They don’t give you things to do that they know you cannot carry, because they know the conditions of the faith in this day and the faith fifty years ago or hundred years ago. You cannot bring now the teachings of Tarikat say that a hundred years ago those were still living under a Khilafat to put it here in this world, in this time. This is wisdom. The foundations are there, but they were balancing. So he said, one murid came to Sheykh Effendi SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Kibrisi el-Rabbani, saying, ‘this is what happened. My parents, we cannot do anything, they are not Muslims, but my brothers and sisters who are not Muslims, they took them, and they burned them.’ Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. May Allah protect us from that curse.

It is a curse. It is forbidden in Islam to burn any living things. Even when you are in a war, it is forbidden for you to burn trees down, because the fire, only Allah can use it. It is forbidden for a man to burn animals, to burn ants, and to burn each other. It is forbidden. Because that is a punishment coming from Hell and only Allah has that power, not us, to do that. And now man has become so much tyrants, they have created, not created, Allah is the Creator, they have invented weapons that give such heat it can burn this world ten times over. And this is the curse coming with the Ahir Zaman. And now, the ignorance of the people living in the Ahir Zaman, it is very fashionable now, just to burn. Because they say, ‘it’s very easy. Just go to the house (the funeral house/parlour), they are just going to put in the conveyor belt and it’s going to burn.’

So many times, as we know, it’s all a big scam anyway. It’s not really burning. They see, ahh, fire coming a little bit, they give twenty dollar tissue box, people wiping (their tears). After that, they go and they eat something. They wear nice designer clothes, and that is a funeral. It is not to remember death at all. They say: ‘don’t remember death! We are here to celebrate life.’  Breh! The person is dead, how are you celebrating life?

So many times, they are not even burning. They burn a little bit and they just throw it in a corner. And so many times, we are hearing in different parts of the world, they have a new way, they say: ‘we like to burn our dead.’ Astarghfirullah. And they put such high heat that it burns not only the flesh and everything, it even burns the bones and they say, ‘we pay extra money for higher heat,’ that the bones it turns into a crystal and they take the crystal and they shaped them to look like necklace and they wear around their neck and they say, ‘this is my grandmother. I feel very close to her.’ The curse coming. This is very big business. It is a business. Everything in this world is a business. And Islam is forbidding all of that.

Our Sheykh said to that person who has cremated his family out of control, because now, especially in this country everything is according to the law. If you don’t have the right then you cannot say anything, according to the law. He is saying, ‘now you sit somewhere, if you can, make ‘La illaha ilallah.’ Make it, ten thousand times. Hundred thousand times. Depending. Make and once you finish making, say one hundred thousand times, let me know. We’ll present it. In this way, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, those ones in authority, those ones who has power that Allah has given them, they may come to the judgment place with a new body. You understand? It will be given to them. Otherwise they will be in very big trouble.’

People are burning their families, keeping the ashes. So much sheytan circling around. They like to keep it in their homes. Putting it in a jar, urn, in their own living room, or they say, go to ocean, spread it. Go to Disneyland spread it. Go to…and that one, suffering has begun even before he entered into the grave. His suffering will continue to judgment day.

So you may do that. InsyaAllah. This is what has been taught to us, and that time, the Awliya Allah, they will do the rest. Allah has given them that authority. It is very easy for them. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may it be easy for you. SelamAleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Shaban 1436H
May 22, 2015

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