Leylatul Bera’at: Allah has the power to change you. But you have to ask.


SE on Beraat

Holy Prophet is saying in one Hadiths: ‘when the 15 of Sha’ban is approaching, you must keep  yourself busy with Allah. Keep your daytime fasting, and your night time worshipping.’ Allah swt, He is addressing to His servants in certain time in the night, after mid-night, He is asking, saying, ‘is there any servant who wants to be forgiven? Is there any servant who is asking from this world and Ahiret? Is there any servant who is running towards to Me?’ He is looking down and He is asking. And if the man is ready that time and he is asking, responding to the call of his Lord, immediately he gets it.

Difficulties, 21st centuries especially, it’s never ending. People they finished the difficulties of the worldly matter, then they start with a different difficulties. All this is because the man is far away from his Lord. And this is one of the special time that mankind can catch up with so many loss that he has made during the year, or other years, or in his lifetime. It is easy to catch up during this time. All it takes is sincere intention and to force yourself a little bit more than the regular days. If it’s any kind of party that  you are going to, no matter how tired the man is, he is still running to the party. They are saying 12 o’clock midnight we are going to party, big party! We are going to have some celebration and we are giving away something for free. So many are going to run to that party. Doesn’t matter midnight or morning, they are giving something. Are you understanding what Allah is giving? Are we understanding what Allah is asking? Are we understanding who is asking? If man understands that, then all the problems finish immediately. ‘Allah is asking something from me? Let me stand there right away.’

Right away, because the intention becomes pure and clean and sincere, all problems will be lifted. There’s not only that night, He is looking down now too. He is looking into the hearts of the people. So everything is moving according to the way we move. The best thing is He doesn’t change what He has written for you, it is going to happen, but the pen writes according to the way that you move. According to the way that you do things, according to the way that your intention is.

So this is the night that they recalculate and they put new ways, or easy access, or more difficulties on the ways of the people. If we take that seriously, we must move forward and we must ask from our Lord to remove the difficulties away from us. For this following year, if the life is given to us, and that pen is going to write everything, every activity that is going to happen in the world from this 15 Sha’ban up till next 15 Sha’ban, it is going to be written down: how many people is going to be born, how many is going to die, how many female, how many male is coming, who is dying, where he is dying, when he is dying, how he is dying, everything is taken down for calculation. How much Rizq for this one, how much Rizq for that one, how much is prepared for all these servants. Who is going to reach what is for them, who is going to become lazy and not to be able to reach up to the following Sha’ban. Everything is written. Whatever comes to you, it will be written. Are you going on the right direction, or you are going to turn to the wrong direction?

It will be written now according to your intention. You may have done so many wrong things during this year, you must make the intention to come closer to Allah swt and to His orders. Then it will be written maybe, more easier and more better roads will be shown from where you are to the main road. That time, difficulties will be removed. Allah remove the difficulties. That is the meaning of ‘Allah removes difficulties; Allah opens the way.’ Allah opens the way, according to the way that your intention is and the way that  you move. Check yourself. Calculate. Look, what you did during last year. Don’t look to count to say I did good deeds, these good deeds and that good deeds. Check it out and look how many bad and how many wrong deeds you did and sincerely look and ask yourself, ‘Can I change this? I cannot. Let me ask Allah swt to change it for me.’ That time, you will find ease this coming year for you to reach to your destiny.

For instance if the man is smoking and if he is saying, ‘I cannot stop myself from smoking,’ make the intention this time saying, ‘with Your help I’m going to stop. I am making the intention.’ Maybe that pen will write for you to stop. If you are doing so many other wrong things, that’s what you’ve got to do. You have to know what you are doing and are you sincere to come out from that mistakes and the mess that  you are in? If you are, it’s time to ask from Allah swt and if you are asking sincerely, I don’t think that there is any doubt that Allah is going to say ‘No’ to you. He will fix it. He gives order to His Angels saying, ‘fix this one’s way to come closer.’ If the man is insisting with his arrogance and his wrong doing, same thing goes to that one. He will say to His Angels, ‘open his way more into the mess. More into troubles. More into miseries and his sour lifestyles.’


So, no one has the right, here or anywhere in the world to say, ‘I cannot,’ or ‘I am a weak servant and I cannot do nothing. This is my destiny. Oh, this is how it is supposed to be happening and it happened.’ Of course, how it is supposed to be happening is going to happen the way the pen is going to write. But the pen is going to write according to your intention. Check yourself. Check your sincerity. Check to see how much you really want things to change. If you look and if you find, before next year you are going to find comfort in your heart, and you are going to know that instantly, things are going to change. because you make the intention and because Allah keeps His promise.  He is promising us saying, ‘Ask. I will give to  you.’

So, it will be easy to do during this night, during this day, because this is the month of Sha’ban, the month of the Prophet (asws). The Shafa’at was given to the Holy Prophet (asws) in three different periods and during the beginning of Sha’ban, He is giving one-third, one-third, one-third, and the complete shafa’at is given to the Holy Prophet on the 14th of Sha’ban.  Allah has given that to His Prophet and he (asws) will make intercession to his Ummat, to his nation, to believers, to those who believes in him and who follows his sunnahs, who tries to follow his sunnahs. For the intercessions, it is not only hereafter but it is also in this dunya. In this dunya, if we are asking from Allah swt, using our Holy Prophet, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, for the behalf of that one, we are asking.’ Or for murids, using our Sheykh and saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, for the most beloved one in Your presence, for the sake of our Sheykh, we are asking You to forgive us, we are asking to give this to us.’ It will come. It will come that time.

So, first is faith. You must be correcting your faith. You must remove all kinds of unnecessary wrong thoughts and ideas and the whispering that is coming from sheytan, to say if this happens or not. Remove everything away. Be sincere. Turn your face to Allah swt. Ask. That time, it will happen. That time, if it doesn’t happen, you may not be responsible. But now, we are responsible. We are responsible to ask. We may say up till that day, up till today, ‘but I cannot change.’ So many people, I asked them, ‘why are you doing this?’ They said, ‘I cannot change. I cannot. I tried but I still cannot change.’ Good. You cannot? Make intention today and tomorrow and look if you cannot change tomorrow or the next day. Make your intention sincere. Don’t come to me next year again to say, ‘I cannot change.’ Don’t say, ‘I cannot change coming to prayer on time.’ Don’t’ say that. That time, you will be a liar. Allah is saying to us, ‘if you want to change, ask Me. I’m going to change you.’ The pen is going to write. It’s going to make it easier for you. Hmm, correct your intention.

So, for instance. Just one example, there’s so many other example; a person is saying, ‘This is how it is. I got used to it.’ Yes you may get use to it like that for fifty year. On that fifty one year, Allah is going to change. Allah has the power to change you. But you have to ask. You have to make the intention. Correct intention and asking. That time, you will change.

So insyaAllah ar-Rahman, tomorrow night is the night of Bera’at. It is also a hundred raka’at of prayer that Holy Prophet (asws) advice us strongly to do. He was praying all night long. So the Awliya Allah, they put that on record and say, ‘read one thousand Ikhlas. Each raka’at, you make one fatiha, ten ikhlas. And in every two raka’ats you give selams.’ And this is accepted. So, we don’t know what kind of rewards and blessings are coming with it. It is calculated days and nights. Don’t be lazy. Move a little bit. Put your worldy work to second and put Allah first class and the worshipness. That time, everywhere you turn, the doors may open up. It is hard for you to ask to a man. It is very easy to Allah. We are asking from Allah through the intercession of Holy Prophet and through the intercession of those Holy ones that He loves. That time, if your intention is sincere, there is no doubt that it is not going to be accepted in Divine Presence.

So let’s make our intention sincere for today, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, that we may change it for next year to become better ones. If you are saying, ‘why is it that I have to change? I’m doing everything good.’ Then you are in big trouble that time. That means you cannot make your intention sincerely. Check yourself, and you will find not one, but one thousand wrong doings, doesn’t matter if it’s the 21st century, exception is Sheykh Maulana, I don’t think that any person is going to say, ‘I am a hundred percent good.’ If it’s one percent wrong, you may say, ‘I am wrong. Ya Rabbi fix me.’ And Allah swt likes that. Because Allah is saying, ‘if you are not committing a sin, I will take you away and I will create new ones who commits sins and who turns around and who ask forgiveness.’ So we are asking forgiveness. You cannot say you are not committing sins. It’s open. Our sins are open.

So now, one thing we have to do, we may ask forgiveness and these are the special days, and special nights for asking forgiveness and insyaAllah, we will be receiving the blessings. If you believe in this, by next year this time, you will turn around and look, and you will say, ‘Yes it really makes a different.’ You will check your period of time from last year to this year and this year to next year and to understand how much you have changed that time. Then you will know, ‘ohh, it was so difficult for me to do these things, but this year it became so easy.’ Because the pen will write according to that and the Angels will make more easy roads for you in that  planning and you may reach to whatever is your good intention is for. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. May Allah forgive you and forgive me and open our way.  Amin. Wa minAllahu Taufiq. 


Bi hurmatil Habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha
SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani QS
1426 Sha’ban

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