Leylatul Bera’at: Did you make your calculation?


Dua-for-Rajab (3)

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us, teaching us, when  Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan is entering, his dua, his prayer is: ‘ Ya Rabbi give me the barakat of the Rajab and the Shaban and make me to reach Ramazan.’ Three words, four words, Prophet is doing, advising to us to do.

Holy Bera'at

We are entering, we are going out, finishing, not remembering nothing. Children of Adam, turn to become complete heedless. 21st century saying, ‘I have troubles.’ End is coming on the way, because you enter into the trouble, you didn’t listen to the Prophet (asws). You didn’t listen to Allah swt. If the man starts listening to Allah and His Prophet in early ages, definitely he will not be in trouble. He’s not going to get into trouble. Eh, what are we going to do? ‘What we are going to do is finishing this trouble and later turning to Allah.’ You cannot. Impossible for you to finish your trouble. You make trouble to yourself because of the disobedience. And when you are thinking that ‘I’m going to finish all my troubles and then I will turn back to Allah,’ that’s continuous disobedience. And everyday its bringing another trouble. Everyday it’s coming with their own identity, with their own secret. Allah swt is sending it to us. ‘Take it, which one do you want,’ He is saying, ‘the good things that I’m sending it or the other ones. Choose what is for you.’

21st century man running to choose the wrong side. And all that happens because he is not listening to Him (swt). He is listening to the ego, ‘My ego is the best. It gives me direction. I know. I know. I know…’ and continuously knowing, knowing, road is continuing and finding itself in front of the door of the Hell instead of Paradise. Yes, that’s what happens. Because the world, it is a test place and we have been created for a reason. What is the reason? To be troubled by the world? No. 21st century people, they are in trouble with the world. All the trouble is because of the world. Nothing else. There is no trouble there is when the man is with Allah and His Prophet. There will be no trouble. Even if the man is crippled or sick or whatever it is, there will be no trouble. But, endless trouble, for today’s 21st century man. Yes.

So, Holy Prophet is praying, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, give me the barakat of the Rajab and the Shaban. Make me to reach to Ramazan.’ Why he want that? Why he’s asking that from Allah swt? It is because of him that Allah swt created everything. He is awal and ahir. Everything that he’s doing, he didn’t do anything wrong, but everything he did is forgiven. He is asking for us, making us to understand that yes, if we want safety, if we want barakat, if we want the rahmat, we are going to turn our face to our Lord. We are going to open our hands and we are going to ask. Yes, we are going to cry. People, for foolish things, they cry to each other. ‘Oh, you know what problems I have…huuh..huuh..(crying)…’ They sit in front of each other and start crying. Sit in your sejadah. Move, night time, when everything is asleep, get up and cry that time. Look how fast it’s going to reach to you. But if you are not doing that, that means your faith, your belief, it is in the very lowest place. Soon as you are finding dunya little bit, Allah is saying to us, ‘little bit that I’m opening this dunya, you are forgetting right away again. Little bit that I’m tying you, right away you running to it (dunya).’

Make your shukr, continuous shukr. Not a shukr that when you are in trouble to come to Allah. Continuously, non-stop. Because the reasons of your creation, it is to know Allah, it is to worship Allah. It’s nothing else. You are making all other troubles to yourself, the reasons for your creation is for you to know Allah and to worship Allah. If you know Allah and if you worship Allah,  you are an obedient servant. Everything surrounding you is going to be obedient to you. ‘Ohh, everything around me is disobedient to me. Nobody is listening to me.’ You are not listening to Allah, that’s why nothing is listening to you. 21st century people they are only listening to their ego, not to Allah. And saying they are claiming, ‘I am this one and I am that one. I have this much wealth. I have this much health.’ Everything is going to come down.

This Rajab is finishing. We are entering to Shaban. If you know what came down and when, and if you know, you’ll sit down and calculate yourself how much time you have spent with this Rajab, you will feel shame of yourself that time, saying, ‘this Rajab came, Rajab is the month of Allah, and I didn’t give value to that month.’ Yes. So, did we lose?

Eh, another month is approaching in front of us: Shaban. Another rahmat, big rahmat coming down. But you must be careful. Shaban has the night of Bera’at, night of Calculation. That everything that you did from last year up till this year, it’s going to come for calculation and it’s going to be brought to the presence of the Lord Allah swt. ‘My destiny. I cannot change my destiny.’ Of course you can. You can change it this way. What the pen is writing, it’s not changing. But the pen writes the way that you move, the way that you speak, the way that you do your actions. Pen is writing everything. 24hrs it’s writing. Right side, left side angels putting everything in accounting. And they are looking from last Shaban to this Shaban, night of Bera’at last Shaban, 15 of Shaban and this Shaban, how this servant of Allah he was moving? He was trying to move towards to Allah or he’s  trying to move for dunya? How much he was trying to the way of Allah? How much he was trying to the way of Dunya?

Everything comes for calculation. And it’s coming to the presence of Allah swt. Allah is asking, ‘what is My servant doing?’

Angels is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, You know, it is known to you, he was trying his best in your way but because of previous year, so much barricades in front of him, it was impossible for him to go.’ 

‘And what did he do? Is he saying: I don’t care?’ 21st century ignorant, arrogant, stubborn people, they say, ‘I don’t care.’ You will be caring. They will make you to care. Allah is not playing games. You will be caring.

‘And is My servant patiently waiting? Patiently forcing? Patiently trying to find the right way and running away from the troubles of this dunya?’

‘Yes Ya Rabbi.

‘Make it easier for that one now. Open a short cut.’ You will see that that year you enter to a better road.

‘What was My servant doing?’

‘He was on the right way. He was on the right track. He was with the right people. But he was still following his ego. He wasn’t having any pleasure and rahmat because he was in trouble but he was still trying to find way for dunya. For that one existing amongst the other ones, it was not because of Allah but because there’s no other way.’

‘So, good. Open way to that one for dunya. And you’ll look.’  That you cannot change now. Following year now what He’s preparing for you, it is in your hand. you sit down, yes, we are reminding you earlier, you and myself. We have fifteen days. Fifteen Shaban. To sit and to understand. To calculate. To put your actions, your thoughts, your thinking, everything in front of you. Things that you did good, to understand and look at it, to say, ‘why I was doing these things. Is this work for the sake of Allah? or is this work for my own gain someway, somehow.’ Check it out correctly. You don’t have to say thank you to anyone. You don’t have to lie and cheat. Don’t lie to your own self. Sit down, calculate. Understand. Go deep and say to yourself, ‘yes, this I did it for Allah’s sake. This I did it for my ego.’


So don’t lie to yourself. You are not going to go giving accounting to nobody. Give it to yourself. Understand and say, sit over there and say, ‘astarghfirullah ya Rabbi. I’m a weak servant. I did this. I know I didn’t do it for You. For Your sake. But if I did it, I won’t be in this trouble today.’ Anything that you are doing for Allah’s sake, definitely you will not be in trouble. Definitely following year, every year is bringing better situation to you. Every year has to bring you something better. Allah is promising to us: your Ahiret, your ahir, must be better. Holy Prophet is saying: the believers today has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow must be better than today.’ He is saying, ‘if you are a believer, that believer that Allah and His Prophet showing ways and guidance, your today has to be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today.’ Must be. there is no other way.

So check yourself. Watch out. Put your accounting in front of you. Make your calculation. The test is coming. People they go to school for a whole year, end of the year, they go for a test. During the year time, so many of them running, jumping, showing their happiness, saying, ‘I am number one. I am this, I am that.’ It will be known at the end of the test, who’s number one, who’s number two. Not running here, running there,  making show. No. The test result is going  to show who is better and who is worse. Yes, you cannot escape that time. But so many children, they have another sicknesses. They enter into a test, they know they are not going to do good because definitely they know that they didn’t study. They don’t know anything. They finish the test, they come out and they say, ‘that teacher doesn’t like me. I know I’m not going to pass.’ If you are saying this in this way, then now you are attacking Allah and His Prophet.

Yes. That Teacher likes you and loves you. And the teacher that is appointed to you loves you  too. But no mercy. Because you are going to pass the test. You are going to run to give the test out. No copying. You are going to sit. You are going to calculate your own self. you are going to want to check. You are going to say, ‘I did this and I did that. Yes Ya Rabbi. This was wrong. This was wrong.  This was wrong. I thought this was right. But it was wrong again.’ Find out. Sit down. Calculate yourself.

15 Shaban. Night of Bera’at, the destiny for next year, year that is standing in front of you, if we are going to reach, if we are going to stay another year in this life, that night, everything will be drawing again to us. That pen, you cannot change it that time. So you enter, before you know, ‘oh, I thought it was better. Now I am worse.’  Yes, so many is going to cry for that. So many is going to cry to say, ‘Sheykh, last year was better. This year is worse.’ Did you make your calculation? I say to them. ‘I did.’ You are lying. You are a liar. You didn’t. You lie and cheat and you went to the test and you lose. Yes, now, you are paying the price.

All those test coming for accounting from the time of the maturity age until the grave. That is the book that is going to be given to you in the Judgment Day. And you are going to sit in the presence of your Lord, and you are going to read all those things that you are hiding and lying and cheating. You are going to read in front of the Lord, Allah swt and everyone is going to watch you saying, ‘you manage to hide yourself in this dunya.’ Yes. Maybe. Some, they think they are clever. They are not accepting things saying that time too, maybe they’ll turn to become better. But there, He (swt) says: there, on the Judgement Day, I’m going to open you in front of everyone. And we are asking safety from that day, that in that day, there’s no mercy too because that day we go to the judgement place with whatever we did in this life.

These are the small test that is coming every year (on the night of Bera’at). That (in the Judgment Place) is the test that is all fixed. It’s not going to change. This now we may make it to change. That student, end of the classes, running, pushing, studying, even if he doesn’t pass,  the teacher is looking, ‘this student is trying. Last minute he walked out. Let me give him the passing grades and he will pass.’

This is how it is with our life. If we take it, if we treat this month properly, if we treat this Shaban properly, now we have Ramazan approaching. Ramazan is not the month that you are going to stay hungry. We are going to stay hungry for a period of time. But it’s not because of that, just to be forced to fast. No, we have to fast correctly to understand our existence why we are here, to understand our Lord existence. To understand that in that night, that Ramazan, is also another night that is coming, that Allah swt  telling us: in the presence of your Lord, it is better than one thousand months, which equals to eighty years of life. Eighty years, one thousand months that there is no Qadr, Laylatul Qadr inside.

Yes. So, we know this. If you don’t know, you are going to read, you are going to find out, you are going to ask, you are going to learn. Leave foolishness aside, stupidity to put it aside, it’s about time to turn back to yourself. It’s about time to leave every foolish talk and to turn back to yourself to understand that yes, you are in the Siratul Mustaqim, you have to make progress. You have to study. You have to know. You have to ask. You have to learn. There’s no other way. If not, we enter to this world, we are going to go out from this world. We cannot escape from that. Whatever you build to yourself, that’s what you are going to find in Ahiret. This breath of life is given to us now, it may be taken, little bit later, away. It is not in your hand.  It is not in my hand. You have to be ready for that, all the time.

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

Bi hurmatil Habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha
SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani QS

Friday 29 Rajab 1429

August 1, 2008

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