Leylatul Bera’at: Everything begins with you and it ends with you



It is obligation to say couple of words. You take it, you win. You leave it, you lose. You go to work, you work, end of the weak, you may get paid. If you don’t know how to use it, before you reach to Monday, you’ll lose everything again.

This is what’s happening. Today’s people, dunya and ahiret, this is what they are doing. Not only ahiret, running for dunya but they are not even knowing how to use the dunya too. Before they turn left and right, everything is finishing. Make sure it doesn’t happen that way in ahiret. We are not that far away from ahiret. It’s only one breath of life away  from ahiret. Don’t make it a big deal. If Azrail hits, you are out. The ahiret life begins.

So, yes, Holy Prophet is saying: Ahir Zaman, in the end of the times, people, they are going to have faith early in the morning. They are going to go out of their house, by evening when they are coming back to the house, they are going to come into their house as an unbeliever. They are going to come to their house as of kafirs. They are going to lose their faith. They are going to think, ‘night time maybe I should have faith again.’ By morning they are going to lose their faith again. Is that how it’s happening? Think. Yes. So many things, people they know. They hear it is no good for them to do, soon as they go out, they are looking around, ‘this one is doing, that one is doing, that one is happening, this one is happening. So what? I am not any better. So what? They are not bad. They are good. they are okay.’ You lose your faith. They come home, sit in front of their sheytan box, that television, ‘Hehehe, Hahaha, Hohoho,’ watching those programes, admiring, liking, the evil actions. They lose their faith again.

So, we are living the worst time but it’s not changing the reality. We have to keep the faith and we have to keep our faith strong.  Especially in these days, because attacks are coming from every side. Imam Hasan Basir (ra) is saying, ‘if you don’t have an Imam, you lost already.’ He said, ‘you are a traveller.  You are travelling on the road of jahannam if you don’t have an Imam.’ Don’t think that he is referring to the Imam like the one who’s going to the Mihrab, everyone reciting one Fatiha, one Ikhlas and becoming Imam. Not that kind of Imam. He says, the Imam that you go and you ask and he tells you something: do this and don’t do this. And you obey those words. Just like Sahabi- e-Kiram.

Today’s people, if you ask them, ‘who do you follow?’ They say, ‘I follow Quran.’ Haha. ‘Who do you follow?’ ‘I follow Prophet.’ Hmm. Liars. Anyone who says that, they are liars. If you follow Quran, check your life. You are living according to the Quran? Check everything. Not things that you like it only. Check what the Quran says. Dos and don’ts.  Check  the lifestyle. Does it fit to be presented to the Holy Prophet, saying, ‘I am following you. This is the lifestyle that I’m living. Definitely not.

So the sheytan is coming. Sheytan is coming from every side. To fool, who? Not the donkeys. Not the animals. Children of Adam. And today’s 21st century children of Adam, became more foolish, more heedless and headless than the animals. Because animals, at least they know where is the fire and they don’t go running into the fire. Any animal you put near to the fire, they never run into the fire. Mankind is running top speed to the fire!

Dunya, the end of dunya, is the fire. The love of this dunya is bringing fire to a man. What are you going to do? We  are living in it. Yes, we are going to live in it. We are going to live according to the laws and the rules of our Lord that He is giving to us. And how do we know that? We don’t. We are going to find somebody who knows and who works against to our ego and he says, ‘do this and don’t do that.’ Cos I’m watching, people they are in the brink, they are ready to destroy their lives with their beliefs, with their actions, with the things that they are preparing to do, yes and we are in the holy month of Shaban. Anyone who wants to make a different, anyone who wants to change, it becomes easier  now.

15 of Shaban, I’m watching so many people making plans, enjoyment, dunya, parties, never ending. What kind of foolishness is this that the believers they are falling into? This is one of the holiest month and the holiest day. Holiest day in Islam. Holiest night in Islam. Instead of preparing yourself, especially in a country like this, that mankind is completely cut off from every kind of activity of Islam, instead of preparing themselves months before to say, ‘I’m going to take three days off. This way, I can rest a little bit and I can sit night time.’ That’s why you have to know the value of the night. That Allah swt is saying, Holy Prophet is saying: Allah swt is going to look down to the earth to those people who’s prepared and asking:

“Where are those ones who are asking Me dunya? I am ready to give to them.”

“Where are those ones who is asking the ahiret? I am giving them the ahiret and dunya together?”

“Where are they that they are in trouble and they are asking help? This is a special night. I’m watching. If they are asking, I will remove their problems away from them.”

Huh! are you believing in Prophet? Are you following Prophet? This is what Prophet (asws) saying to us. Saying this is what Allah is doing to His servants: I’m watching very carefully their action. Watching them, how they are passing that night. Are they getting ready also again, like other nights, sitting watching television, watching in front of internet, later they are getting tired and ,’ahhh, I’m tired,’ and laying down to sleep? Same. Routine. Huh! You are continuing with that routine life, up till following year then your life becomes worse that time. Because you do not make any attempt to change.

You may know all the knowledge but if you are not making any attempt to change, it’s not going to change. Everything it begins with you and it ends with you. Maybe you don’t know the knowledge that time, when you have sincere intention, you run, you find, you try to apply to your life. Otherwise, you will enter to the book of ignorant, arrogant, stubborn, angry, individual. Make sure, that night of Bera’at will not be like that. And in the night of Bera’at, when is it? Should we sit and watch, 24hrs to understand? Today’s people definitely they are not going to understand that.  For that, we say, well even if you don’t do the whole night, start one week, every night at least half an hour, at least 15 minutes, sit and ask what we have just said. We are asking, running, people they are running non-stop killing themselves, killing their body going back and forth, for couple of dollars. I said, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m working very hard.’ ‘What’s the result from that working so hard? What is it?’

Trying to make a living? Only living? Allah, Allah. So the animals they have it more easier than you. Yes, they don’t run that much. So you think that is that hard for us to live? No. It’s not. It’s not. You know and I know, our aim is something else. We have different aims. We are running to make it better. Yeah I have to make it better. Better what? Cars? I have to have a better car. I have to have a better clothes. Better equipments. Better this. Better that. Before you make everything better, Azrail makes it more better. Don’t forget. The last breath, maybe it’s next week. Always remember that. And that is going to be better,  the best. Best for those who’s already prepared. If you are not prepared and if you are running for this dunya, and not thinking about these things, definitely Azrail is going to catch you off guard. And that time you may not even carry your faith with you.

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Isa (as), one day he is saying: Sheytan came to me and I asked him, ‘who do you hate and who do you love among children of Adam?’

Sheytan said, ‘I hate those who has no faith but they are generous.’

‘But they have no faith and yet you hate them?’

‘Yes. I love those that they have faith but they are stingy.’

‘Why is that?’ Of course all this things happened for us to understand.

‘The stingy person, I’m going to hold him. He cannot escape from my hand. I’m waiting and guarding. Before Azrail is coming, I will pull him and I will take the faith away. Most likely. But the generous one, Allah is watching that one. And He opens and creates reasons for that one to have a faith and to go out from this world with the faith.’

So that generosity and stinginess comes not only with worldly things that we have. With our faith too. And if we have a faith, generosity of your faith, you have to run, you have to try, you have to try to reach to some others. If not, you are hiding it inside yourself, you are keeping it yourself, and yes, three hundred millions Americans they are running to find ways. You say, ‘I’m working with them.’ And what? Are you being a good role model? You are not going to be if you are running for dunya, definitely. You are not going to. But if you are not really caring so much for dunya, and if you are able to stand up for your faith, that time you’ll be able to say couple of words and with couple of words, so many people may change today.

So insyaAllah ar-Rahman, this much should be enough for you and for me. In a night like this, this day, the destiny of a man, it will change.  The destiny, what is written is not going to change, but the way that we move, the way that we ask, the way that we prepare ourselves, the way that we believe in this days, if we take it seriously, from this Bera’at up till next Bera’at our life may become better. If we don’t take it seriously, most definitely from this Bera’at to next Bera’at, our life is going to be worse. Don’t think that it is becoming worse, it may happen worse with worldly matters. Worldly you may win more, but you are going to run more far distance from Islam, from the faith, from the obligations. And lose. Lost case. If you may earn the whole world, lost case. If we cannot save our faith to go out from this world with the faith, it’s a loss. InsyaAllah, we will not lose it. Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi el Kibrisi

Bi hurmatil Habib, Bi hurmatil Fatiha
SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani QS

1429 Shaban

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