‘I am certain of my sins, but I tremble with uncertainty over my good deeds…’


night ofberaat

What do you want? Payment? Allah is what? A businessman with you? You do this much, He is going to pay that much? Muslim, mukmin, murid, this is what a murid is looking for? Payment? This is what our majlis is about?

So Bera’at, what is it that we are looking for in Bera’at? Are we looking for payment, to get blessings? What it means to get blessings? What it means to be forgiven? Huh? Just like American style, you make a mess and you say, ‘I’m sorry. Are you still upset with me? You are still upset with me? Why are you still upset with me? I said I’m sorry.’

‘Okay, you are forgiven.’

Okay. Everything is okay now.

This is it? This is our value? This is how as murids, as mukmin, we are supposed to be to our Lord? So which level you are at now? at the level of kindergarten? At the level of Santa Claus religion, Santa Claus Tarikat, going to Allah and just saying, ‘I want this, I want this, I want this because I’m a good boy.’ Or you are going to start worshipping to Allah swt?How are you going to worship if you don’t remove the veils. What is it now that you are looking for in Bera’at? What did we say in the Khutbah? What did we say in the Khutbah? What words from that Sultan of the Saint, Hasan al-Basri, did we all hear? Was he looking forward to the night of Bera’at, Hasan al-Basri, do we understand who Hasan al-Basri Hz is? That during the time of the Tabi’in, during the time of the Sahaba e-Kiram, he was the only one given permission to speak about religion and spirituality. That Hz Ali says, ‘everyone else, be quiet. Only he is going to speak.’ Because everyone else thinks they know something and they may speak.

Hasan al-Basri, when the night of Bera’at coming, he was not trembling with joy to say, ‘Bera’at is coming, now I’m going to get the blessings.’ Like so many murids, they are just coming last minute, ‘ahh I’m just going to say a couple of ‘Allah’, I’m just going to be there and listen to sohbets. He is shouting so many times. But I don’t like it, but I’m just going to be there.  I’m going to get my blessings. With our without him. With or without the Dergah. Because Allah says, ‘I’m going to bless you,’ right?’ Or did Hasan al-Basri say, ‘I tremble when the night of Bera’at is coming because I’m certain of all my wrong actions and wrong deeds but I’m uncertain of all my good deeds.’ Which mukmin, which of us is near that? That they are taking the Bera’at night to tremble before their Lord because they are opening up their book and they see so many wrong actions that they have in front of them and they say, ‘now, this night of Bera’at, I’m not looking to get the rewards, I’m looking to fix this action. First I’m understanding what those actions, what those intentions, what those words that are said. I understand. I open my book and I’m reading my book.’ Because it is very shameful if they read our book on the Day of Judgment for the whole of creation to see.

So read your book. You know how to read the Quran but you are not reading your book. What good is that? The Quran that you’re just reciting, the faith doesn’t go beyond your throat.

So Bera’at, to look at all your actions. Just like our role model, Hasan al-Basri. So what wrong actions do you see? How many of you are seeing it? Then if you are seeing it, you are going to know that on the night like this, ‘I’m going to watch out. I’m going to be extra vigilant.’ Not just to stay up all night, but to be vigilant. To be awake. Not to be heedless. So you are putting out all your wrong actions, wrong intentions and then you are trying to fix it. How are you going to fix it? How are you going to fix it, you should have thought of that before. Between you and Allah, I’ll leave it to you and Allah. It’s none of my business. Between you and others, what are you doing? Are you trying to do something? Then that night, you are going to calculate. ‘For this thing, I did this.’ ‘For this thing, I tried to finish and to complete with this.’ ‘With this wrong actions, this is what I’m doing.’ Then that night of Bera’at, it’s a night of true accounting that you are going to account for yourself. Naksibendis, we are supposed to do that every night. Not once a year. Every night, before you sleep, you are supposed to sit down and make tafakkur and calculate and look at your day. If you are doing that everyday, if you are doing that once a week, if you are doing that once a month, night of Bera’at, I’m going to see a lot of people who are awake. Because the night of Bera’at comes with certain heaviness too. To see how you are going to be awake.

So what do you want from the night of Bera’at? You want blessings, you’ll get blessing. Or do you want to become better. You want to become better just by saying, ‘I want to become better’? You are hungry and you don’t want to be hungry, you just say, ‘I want to eat,’? It’s just words. Since when? Since when Tarikat, religion, becomes just words that we are going to say. Just words that we are going to say but there is no action. Who is our role model? Look at the Holy Prophet (asws). Did he just speak or did he live his life and sacrifice this life? Look at the Sahaba e-kiram. Look a the Awliya Allah, how did they live? By magic? So many thinking Tarikat is magic. So you are still stuck there, with that level. It’s magic, eh?

Be in Jamaat

Well, we moved away. We moved away from that low level kind of beliefs to a belief of the unseen, that you don’t see but you believe. That is what Holy Prophet (asws) brought the difference between the ummati Muhammad and the ummat of Musa (as). Eh, entry level, maybe you need to see something, then after that, what? What you want? What is going to change you, to give you faith? That you are going to see someone flying? Someone reading your heart? This is going to make you to become a better person? It never makes a person to become better. It just makes a person to completely lose their mind. If you are following someone who is good, it’s good to lose your mind. But these days, so many they are charlatans anyway. That’s why the Awliya Allah, they completely move away from that. Dajjal is going to come to open up so many miracles, so many unusual things. And they’ve prepared the whole world for this. From mainstream television to music to songs to movies to everything they prepared the whole world to believe and to want this kind of magic.

What do we want? What are we looking for? What we want is what Allah wants. We should want what His Prophet wants. We should want what his grandson Hazreti Mahdi (as) wants when he returns. He’s not going to come to establish a magic kingdom. He’s going to come to establish the Divine Law. Are we putting that Divine Law in our lives? Are we putting the Divine Law of the Prophet in our lives?

So, this Night of Bera’at, how are we approaching it? What is it that we want? We want to become better? Do you know what are the areas that you need to become better in? If you don’t know, and you’re just saying you want to become better, it means nothing again, it’s empty again. I don’t see anyone, they fail their test first time, so many doctors around me, second time they want to sit for the examination they don’t try to find out where they’ve gone wrong, which questions that they’ve answered wrongly. I’ve never seen anyone doing that. They must find out, which is right and which is wrong. The ones that are wrong, I have to improve on those ones. Now, the Night of Bera’at is here. If not, year after year, believe me, year after year you’re going to come and go. Same. Same. You come empty, you are going to leave empty. Then Bera’at, Qadr, anything that comes, Holy Nights and Holy Days, it’s just going to be another empty day, empty ritual. You’re just coming, up and down, do couple of things and then go. What do you want to become?  How do you want to improve? Then you need to look.

That time, you don’t need a Prophet to tell you. You don’t need any Saint to tell you. Because you‘re sitting down and you’re reading you own book and you are understanding, you are becoming very sincere between you and your Lord, you’re going to sit and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, You’re watching me. I know myself.’ Oh, isn’t that the point of it all, to know yourself? Because once you know yourself, you what? You know your Lord. The one who knows himself knows his Lord. And the one who knows his Lord, he starts to worship his Lord, not worshipping asking, no. Worshipping because He deserves to be worshipped. But very few of His servants is looking to Allah as Allah Subhana wa ta’ala. Only a handful, Awliya Allah, the rest of us, if He blesses us with something we are so happy, if He punishes us, we become very angry, we become very sad. If we want something, non-stop we worship. Once we get it, we forget. So, where is now the Zikr of Allah? Where is, now, the remembrance of Allah, in the heart? But Allah swt, yes, in His mercy, is saying: Be Jamaat. Be a Jamaat. The blessings they come from a Jamaat, because, in the Jamaat, maybe there is one Friend of Allah, hidden. Because of his relationship to his Lord, because he knows his Lord and his Lord knows him, he asks, his Lord gives. And because you are there with him, in that Jamaat, whatever you are asking, it will be given, for the sake of that one.

So, now, where is our heart going to be? Where is our heart going to be in Holy Days and Nights like this? May our hearts always be with those ones who are in the Divine Presence, Insha’Allah.

If you don’t know your ego, you don’t know yourself, you don’t know yourself, you’ll never know your Lord. You can stay up and worship 24 hours, 365 days a year. Every night you can worship, but you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your ego, you don’t know your Lord. That time, you’re worshipping to your ego. May Allah protect us from that. And make this Bera’at for us to open our eyes, to fix and to ask for help to fix all those shortcomings that we, sincerely, we know we know we have. Not to be arrogant and stubborn, that we know we have, and to become better. Otherwise, if you’re still arrogant and stubborn with it, just like Abu Jahil, just like Abu Lahab, Holy Prophet, Habibullah, can knock at your door and knock at your heart’s door. Forty years, forty years, nothing is going to happen to you, unless you open your heart. The whole key is to know yourself.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. May Allah raise the station of SahibulSaif higher, for us to understand and to become more adult, more responsible, not to become spoiled, selfish individuals, for us to become pillars of this Ummat, for us to understand, and for us to be in that group that is going to bring down Kufr, Batil. Make this intention. In this night of Bera’at, we are going to be rewarded according to our intention. Don’t just be stuck with our own small little lives and small little problems. May Allah forgive me. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum.

night of beraat dua

Sohbet on Leylatul Bera’at  by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
15 Shaban 1436H
June 1st, 2015

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