May we harvest good fruits in the month of Ramazan



Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin. We are asking support from our Sheykh, insya’Allah, to send us something that is going to give us benefit dunya and ahirat. The days of Ramazan is fast approaching. Alhamdulillah. Like this and like that, in a few weeks, less than two weeks we are going to welcome. The month of the Prophet, that is going to pass then we are going to welcome the month of the ummat, the month of the Nation of the Prophet (asws).

We are asking Allah swt to lengthen our life, insya’Allah, to welcome the Ramazan and to be able to worship properly and to fast properly, to think properly, and to be in the Dergah to be worshipping sincerely. Last few days of the month of the Prophet (asws), we have to be careful. Because the Ramazan, it is the month of harvesting. You are going to harvest what you planted. The month of Rajab is when you plant it. The month of Shaban is when you give it water and you cultivate it. And the Ramazan is when you see the results.  How are you going to see the results? Look where you are with the fasting. Look where you are with the prayers. Look where you are with the zikr and your worship. That is one part of the fasting. Isn’t it?

Worship. The fasting is worship. But the fasting itself, the action of the fasting, it is not going up and down. Is it? The fasting itself it is an act of worship. But it is not like namaz. Which means that majority are looking for the month of Ramazan, that they are going to make extra worship, extra prayers, extra zikr, nafila ibadat, reading of the Quran, everything. Majority, they are concentrating on this but they are not concentrating on fasting. What it means to be concentrating on fasting? Then you have to ask, what is the fasting? It’s to stay away from food and water? That is fasting? Majority are taking fasting to be like this, isn’t it?

How many times we hear Sheykh Effendi speaking about the edep of the fasting? What are you fasting from? It’s easy to stay away from food and drinks. He says, ‘tie a dog there and don’t give it food and drink. It’s also fasting.’ So many they are staying away from food and water. That is also fasting, but their intention is to lose weight, to be healthy, to be this, to be that. That is not fasting. Now then what is the fasting that we have to look into? Yes, we are not going to go so much into, say, oh fasting of the normal people, fasting of this, fasting of that. No. This is for everyone. It concerns us. It is easy now to fast because especially those who are keeping the fast of Rajab and Sha’aban, we are fasting in those months, then entering into the month of Ramazan, it is very easy. It is not going to be such a shock to your system or to your mind or to your understanding, or to your body. But what it means now, the fasting in this month of Ramazan?

It is not the fasting of an animal. Now, it is the fasting, it is the control, it is the stepping on the most major part of yourself, which is what? It is our ego now we are talking about. Because so many they are fasting and they are worshiping night time, but they become the most angry people when they are fasting. They become the most impatient people when they are fasting. So when you are fasting just staying away from food and water, it is very easy and other kinds of activities, it is very easy. But the whole point of the fasting, it is to step on your ego. To say to your ego, ‘now I have control over you,’ the ego that wants to eat and to drink anytime that it wants, the ego that wants to engage in other kinds of things anytime that it wants, the eyes that want to see anything that it wants, the ear that hears anything, the tongue that taste anything that it wants, speaking anything that it wants. Now, the month of Ramazan coming, so now, you start thinking that that fasting should not just be about food and drink. It is to purify everything that is in you. Purify your eyes and your ears, your tongue and your hands and your feet. Purify your body. Purify your intentions. Then you are going to say, ‘in other days, my ego is getting upset as it likes. Fasting, you should not be. It gets jealous for no reason. The month of Ramazan, you are fasting, you are going to take a step back.’ Other kinds of characteristics, the arrogance especially and the stubbornness,  and the jealousy, now you are going to look. That time, that fasting becomes a worship. That fasting is not just staying away from food and water and it is separate from the worship, it becomes a worship.

Welcoming Ramadan the Osmanli way

Welcoming Ramadan the Osmanli way

We are coming into the month of Ramazan. That’s why we are speaking like this. Because now, whatever that we have planted in the month of Rajab that is growing now, we want it to give a good fruit so that now, our fasting in the month of Ramazan will become a worship. It is not just a physical activity that we are doing. Insya’Allah, may we enter strong and insya’Allah ar-Rahman, may the blessings of all these three Holy months stay with us during Ramazan and after Ramazan, to sustain us until the year.

We look, people are very knowledgeable about their whole calendar, this illusion and delusion calendar. But they are not looking at the  whole calendar of Islam and how Allah swt  has put all these Holy days and nights. Just as you are going, you are finishing one Holy night and your energy is so high, then it gets a little bit lower and lower and lower, before it hits too low, there’s another holy event that is happening and it gives you another opportunity now to come closer to Allah swt and your faith now increases.  Ramazan we are about to enter, because Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramazan now, everything is concentrated. It’s going to collect and it’s going to peak. After Ramazan is finished, before three months, we are going to have what? The Qurban. That is going to happen. Another time now, we are going to enter a very holy season that is going to keep us now prepared, it’s going to keep us prepared.

Fasting in the month of Ramazan complete one huge obligation in our religion. Then the Hajj, another huge obligation. And the Hajj, of course Eid ul Fitr with the zakat it’s also connected, now we are looking at fulfilling very quickly the majority of our what? Obligations in Islam. You finish the Qurban, before you know it, left and right you are turning and you enter into the new year of Muharram. Then you enter into the Holy time of Ashura. So believers should look. After this, alhamdulillah, after this is Ramazan. After Ramazan, it’s going to be Eid. After Eid, it’s going to be this, it’s going to be this. So, you are looking forward to something. You are not looking forward to what is after Christmas season, then you are going to have Valentine’s day. Okay after Valentine’s day, what are you going to have? Easter. Then after easter, what do you have? Memorial day. Memorial day, then you enter into the summer. Then  they are teaching us this schedule and we are arranging ourselves according to this schedule, in this dunya, whether we like it or we don’t, isn’t it? But we are putting the schedule of Allah very far away from us. We shouldn’t insya’Allah.

May Allah keep us  to be the ones who are holding and  giving value to time and not to waste it, and to put it high, insya’Allah, to make us to become, better ones. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

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 Sohbet after Zikr by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
17 Shaban 1436H
June 4, 2015

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