The True Knowledge : Good Manners as taught by Prophet Muhammad (asws)


Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

 Medet ya Seyyidi Sultan el Evliya Medet.

Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. We are making intention, insya’Allah, to say couple of words that will make differences to those people that they are sincere with their religion, with themselves, with their Lord. If the person is not sincere, you can start speaking now until Judgment Day, it’s not going to do anything. It’s not going to give any effect. But because Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, even if it’s a period of  time that you are taking milk from one sheep, that short time, you will take maybe less than five minutes, because  the believers when they come together to some place, they must sit, one must speak, the rest will listen. The benefit and the rahmat that time, will rain on them. Anyone in  that association, if they are there even for their own egoistic reasons, Allah swt is giving orders to His angels not to put burdens back on them. The burdens for anyone who is sitting in that association will be lifted.

And the angels they’ll ask, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, in this association, this, this, this people, they were not there for Your sake. They were there for different reasoning. What should we do with them?’

And Allah is saying, ‘what  I take, I will not put it back on them. Lift it.’

But they go, right after that association finished, going and getting another loads of  burdens on their neck. This is man who does not follow anyone except for he follows his ego. You can have all the knowledge in the world. You may be the most knowledgeable one in this world, but the knowledge first must teach you who you are, then to know who is  your Lord. All knowledge comes to that. If we are not learning who we are and if we are not learning who our Lord is, that time we become, everyone of us, one Firaun, one Namrud, thinking that we have created this world. And that’s what happen to today’s 21st century people. 21st century people, majority, East, West, North, South, not listening to anything except their ego. And top speed we are running to the end now. End of the road now. We are running towards that. We are not the ummat, we are not the nations that came in the beginning. We are the nation that came in the complete end, ahir, the end of the time. Ahir Zaman. The end of the time, we came. And we are the nations, 21st century people, we are the Ahir of Ahir Zaman. The end of the end.

We don’t have too much left between us and the Judgement Day. And the mankind is falling into very heavy heedless station that they are not waking up. That’s a sad thing, when you are seeing, when you are watching the direction that the man is going and they are suffering. We are saying, ‘turn your direction this way. Allah is making it so easy. Turn it.’ The ego is not letting. Sheytan is not letting.

Whatever you are taking with you, that’s where you are going to go that time. Because Allah swt is giving to everyone freewill. Everyone is very happy with their intelligence, except those who is saying, ‘what I know is not enough. Must be somebody else there. Let me go and find that one to learn more.’ What we know, it is not even a drop in the Ocean that Allah swt has created that we know. That drop, it’s not even a drop of water in that ocean, all our knowledge if we put it together. And all these knowledge that sheytan knows, sheytan knows the world and the Paradises. You hear about Paradises, you believe in the Paradises but you have not witness it physically. Sheytan was in this world and worshipping so much, having so much knowledge and he started rising and entering to the Paradises and becoming one of the teacher in the Paradise, and he saw everything ( in Paradise). So his knowledge was supreme. But he lost his manners. Edep Ya Hu. We are putting in Dergah, everywhere, ‘Edep. Edep. Edep. Edep. Edep,’ you lose your manners, you lose everything. You may know the whole world’s knowledge, but if you lose your manners, it’s gone.


So now, someone may say, ‘oh, we are very modest people.’ That’s true, everyone is modest, according to themselves. Where is our balance now when we say ‘manner’? Who’s teaching us the manners? The Holy Prophet (asws). He says, ‘I have been sent to complete the good manners.’ So if we are not watching the Holy Prophet, if we are not watching his behaviour, if we are not watching to see how he live, how he act, what he did, we are not learning manners according to the way that Allah wants us. We are having manners according to our own ego. And that time when you go to a bar, the person will say to you also, ‘I’m a very modest person.’ That’s right. Topless people dancing, completely naked, and they say, ‘I have good manners.’ What? ‘This is my job. My manners are okay.’ So now, that time, from the prostitute to a gay, to a lesbian, to everyone, saying, ‘I have good manners.’ So where are you balancing your manners? That’s important.

According to you, that one has a good manner. But according to Allah and His Prophet, is it a good manner? Go and check your books now. You have knowledge, go and check your books. Find out. It’s a shame that today’s religious people, even so many priests and the rabbis, they are accepting all these wrong actions that the people they are doing. Because mankind lost their direction. They lost their compass and they are living according to their ego. No matter how much you worship, no matter what you do, if you are living according to your ego, it’s not going to do anything to you.

So we are going back to Holy Prophet (asws), to learn again. One Sahabi came and saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, teach me Quran.’ He (asws) looked at that one and say, ‘yes,’  then saying to another Sahabi, ‘teach Quran to this one.’ And they started learning Quran. Sometime later, Holy Prophet (asws) saw that Sahabi and he asked, ‘how’s your student? Is he learning Quran?’

He said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, he came only one time. I told him something and he said, ‘I’ve learned,’ and then he left and he never come back.’

Then sometime later, Holy Prophet saw the Sahabi and say to him, ‘so what did you do? Did you learn Quran?’

He said, ‘I did Ya Rasulullah.’

‘So fast?’

He said, ‘ya Rasulullah, he teach me the ayat and the ayat is saying: any good deed that you did even if it’s a mustard seed of goodness, you are going to be rewarded. Any bad deed that you did, even if it’s a mustard seed bad, you are going to be punished.’ And he said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, after knowing this, this should be enough for me. I’m watching my behaviour everyday and I’m learning good manner.’

So Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Oh Bedouin, you became a faqih, you became the most knowledgeable one.’ Because now you learn that and if you are living according to that now then you are checking here (Sheykh points to his heart), the test is here, not the ego but the heart has the balance and you are checking: “I am saying this words, does it fit to the law of Allah and the law of His Prophet? Yes. Then I’ll say. I don’t care if the world doesn’t like it.’ ‘I am saying this words, does Allah and His Prophet like it? No. I must stop myself. If the whole world says, ‘yes, you are the greatest, I must say, ‘I must stop.'” This is just a simple way for you and for me to understand how we are going to test ourselves. Otherwise, as we say, we can sit here and talk until Judgement Day. I can sit and talk until Judgment day but you are not going to have time because the world is waiting. Slavery is calling to everyone.  Yes, we’re all escaping. All of you are escaping here for ten minutes, fifteen minutes. Escaping from the sheytan saying, ‘Boss give us ten minutes break, we go for Allah’s sake here.’ Boss calling saying, ‘come. You are my slave. Don’t sit there too long because something may enter in you and you may change and I will have more hard time to fix you back up to my way.’  So, we are not going to sit until Judgment Day.

These words are enough for me and for those who say, ‘I want to change.’ If you have manners, I have no problem with that. I’m not testing anybody’s manners. I’m just saying, if you don’t like these words,  then you can say: ‘Sheykh is speaking to himself, I’m just listening.’ Leave it there. All these words apply to me too. To you and to me. If you like it, take it. If you don’t like it, leave it here. I will be taking it to myself and if you know more better way to teach me manners too, come and teach me. I will learn. If the man doesn’t have manners, he’s not entering into Paradise. Sheytan didn’t have manners. He lost his manners in Divine presence, one time. Not one million times. Calculate how many times a day you are losing your manners. Just to give you a simple understanding, soon as you get angry, you are losing your manners. Finish! Anger, it’s enough for you to lose your manners. You are acting with no manners that time. The anger is coming from sheytan. But some people also now in these days, they are mixing up their own individual egoistic anger and the Sheykh’s Jalal.

looking side

Sheykh’s jalal, that’s a majestic anger that he is showing to you, it’s for you, speaking for you, saying to you, ‘hey! turn this way, you are entering to a fire. Turn this way!’ You are upset. You are angry. Of course. Angry for your sheytan. Sheykh is saying, ‘leave that sheytan! Turn this way! Maybe you wake up.’ They are not waking up and they are challenging the Sheykh now, saying, ‘oh, you are angry too. I am angry.’ Haha. You are angry for your ego. The Sheykh is angry for your self, to fix you, to put you back to the line. It’s not the same.

Once upon a time, one waliullah, he was running, he was so angry, running with a stick in his hand and the sheytan is running top speed away from him. And another wali is watching, saying, ‘sheytan is running away from this one and he is running to catch that one.’ So some times later, he found him and said, “O ya friend of Allah, all these books that I have read, and all these teachers that I have  learned from, they always tell me: ‘if you have anger, sheytan come near to you.’”

That waliullah said, ‘yes.’

‘But I looked that day that you were so angry and the sheytan was running away from you and you were running after him with the anger.’

He said, ‘that’s not anger the way that anger that you think. That is I am running for the sake of Allah and that malum knows if I catch him, I’m going to finish him. That’s why he’s running away. But if you get angry he’s going to put the rein around your neck and he’s going to pull you like animal, worse than animal that time,and he’ll say, ‘come with me. You becoming another sheytan.’

These words are for you and for me. Don’t make no mistake, male and female, especially in these days, females they are running top speed, some males running top speed, majority of females are running top speed saying, ‘we want women’s rights. We want feminism. We want that rights we want this rights. Rights, rights, rights, rights! and they all becoming Firaun too. Because of the weakness of the men, the women now is thinking and ruling the world. May Allah save us from this heedless station, make us to wake up to understand where we are, which direction we are going to. If we are going towards the wrong direction, the end of the road is very dangerous. If we are going to the right direction, even if we are moving slow, it’s okay. You are turning your face to the right direction even if you are not moving, somebody may come along who’s powerful, saying to you, ‘jump on my back!’ and he may carry you. If you are standing on the wrong side of the road and running to wrong direction, the end is disaster.

All Prophets came to give this warning to people. The Prophets, so many times they were angry. Majestic anger. Yes. As we know, Holy Prophet (asws), so many times he was from the majestic anger that his veins right here on the front of his forehead it was glowing, and he’s looking, saying to Sahaba e-kiram, ‘what is this that you are doing? How heedless you are!’ It was not for himself. It was for Sahabi. His relationship between him and his Lord was perfect. He had no reason to be angry with his Lord. If you are angry through your ego, you have problem with your Lord. You are not accepting what He is giving to you. So indirectly you are declaring war to your Lord.

That’s exactly what sheytan did, saying, ‘no, no, no, no. You made a mistake. I’m not accepting this.’ And he became sheytan. With one wrong action he became sheytan and he was kicked away from Divine Presence. And every time, every minute, he is shivering when he’s remembering that this world is coming to an end and he says, ‘when the end is coming, Judgement Day,  that is the time I’m going to be punished severely.’ That’s why he’s running top speed in the end now, he’s not stopping even for a split second. He is running top speed pulling one, and through that one another one, another one, another one, pulling millions in it to be with him. Wake up before it’s too late. Bihurmatil habib, bihurmatil Fatiha.

Our Sheykh (5)

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi (qs) Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs), Osmanli Dergahi NY

September 29, 2007
18 Ramazan 1428


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